The evolution of social media marketing has raised new opportunities for modern businesses to expand their growth in a much effective and efficient manner. Being a business owner, you always look for a platform where you can promote your brand, convey your messages and grow your customer’s reach within a short time span.

This is where social networking platforms come into play. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc to market your brand using shareable content like images, videos, or a piece of text related to your product or service.

When it comes to creative social media marketing in today’s era, you can’t overlook Instagram. With more than 500 million active users, Instagram has become one of the most trending marketing platforms across the web. It is a great way to reach potential customers from all around the world.

This means improving marketing strategies on Instagram can help you drive more web customers towards your brand, which in turn, maximizes your ROI as well as revenues. However, boosting visibility on this social networking site is not at all easy. There are lots of factors you will need to consider while promoting your business on Instagram.

Below are some of the most compelling marketing tactics that will help you grow your business on Instagram at a free of cost.

1. Use Free Instagram Tools

Instagram goes beyond posting trending images and videos. You can leverage their inbuilt tools to promote your business to the targeted social media audience. The platform has just started to introduce business profiles, which include contact details, call-to-action, and other information to let users email, call or message the business according to their requirement.

Apart from this, your business profile can also access the analytics to track the action and behavior of their end users in real-time.

In order to use these options, you will need to transform your personal Instagram profile into a business profile. This will help you understand what your end-visitors expect from you so that you can give them more reasons to explore your brand.

2. Carefully publish your Instagram Post

If you want to attract more social media visitors towards your business, make sure you post relevant and engaging content but following a schedule. You don’t need to post frequently to establish your unique position. Your followers may get irritated if you post more often. They even unfollow you if you constantly frustrate them.

So, make sure you carefully use your marketing strategies while promoting your brand on Instagram. For effective results, you will need to know how your audience responds to your Instagram posts. On that basis, you can post either twice a week, or alternative times of the day to find when you get maximum user engagement.

3. Promote your Instagram Posts on other Social networking sites

You can encourage those web users who already follows you on other social platforms such Facebook or Twitter to follow you on Instagram as well. You can invite them to follow your Instagram profile so that they will get another platform from where they can socially connect to your brand.

While this is a great way to boost your social media presence, you may find difficulties in connecting loyal followers to your Instagram profile instantly. So, create a robust strategy while cross promoting your Instagram posts – give them enough reasons to follow you on this social media platform as well.

4. Use engaging, grabbing and share-able content

You can’t achieve successful results if you don’t have creative, engaging and shareable content. Since Instagram is all about posting engaging images and videos, make sure you promote your brand or products in the same way so that you will get more visibility and popularity among targeted Instagram users.

Also, ensure that your content is relevant to your business – as this will help you achieve your determined goals with ease.

In case you don’t get time to create fresh content, you can repurpose content from other related Instagram accounts. Just make sure you give them credit in your post by tagging their profile or by adding their name in the caption.

5. Boost Creative Ideas

Posting images to promote your brand won’t be enough for you. To leverage your marketing tactics, you can use creative ideas to get more attraction from your followers. Your Images should reflect what you do, how you do and why keeps you ahead of your competitors.

You can even post short video to display your unique brand value to your instagram followers. These innovative things help you get more exposure on such creative social media platforms.

6. Use Interactive Hashtags

If you want to boost your user engagement, you should use interactive hashtags for your Instagram posts. But ensure that you properly use them in order to generate the best possible result. You can create a hashtag that your customers use to tag images of them with your products (that they have purchased).

For instance, create a hashtag that you can use to re-post your pictures of your existing customers with your product. This will help you build trust among new customers and also let you set up unique brand awareness across the web world. It will also help you generate more followers on Instagram quickly and efficiently.

This means adding relevant hashtags can bring more people towards your brand or your products in a cost-effective manner.


7. Interact with your followers

Don’t forget to interact with your Instagram followers if you want to take your marketing efforts to the next level. If a user leaves a comment on your post, make sure you send them a reply to say thank you. This way you can give them rich experience on your Instagram profile, which will help you build a solid customer base of loyal customers.


Social media marketing via Instagram can help you achieve your targeted business goals with ease. All you need to do is to follow these tactics carefully. These marketing tips will grow your business standards and encourage more people to become a part of your brand.

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