Since its launch, Instagram is spreading like a wildfire in almost every niche and industry. To elaborate it with facts, here are some mind-blowing stats about Instagram

Active users: 150 million
Likes per day: 1.2 billion
Photos per day: 55 million
Total photos posted: 60 billion

If you are not using Instagram for your brand, you should leave everything you are doing right away and create an account for your business. If you wish to intentionally miss out thousands of users, you are not making a smart business decision.

But wait. Maybe you already have an Instagram account but it’s not yielding desired results for you. You want to grow your brand but you don’t know how to get more followers on Instagram. Here’s the thing,

  1. You are not consistent
  2. You are not targeting the right audience
  3. You don’t use hashtags
  4. You do not have a business strategy for Instagram
  5. You are unaware of the benefits

Whether you wish to have active Instagram followers for the sake of acknowledgment or praise or you want to use these followers to grow your business, Instagram is one of the best platforms out there to build a community of people who rely on you and value your posts. Even though most of the social media networks are a great support for brand development and awareness but Instagram has the edge of no spam and an excellent interface.

Businesses that use Instagram effectively experience a boost in sales and have high repeat customers. Instagram really works, if you know how to make it work. To make it work for you and your business, here are six awesome ways that tell you how to get more Instagram followers.

6 Awesome Ways to Get More Followers on Instagram

1. Never compromise on photos

One thing you cannot do without on Instagram is “Awesome photos”.

Pictures are the only way users communicate with each other on Instagram. Businesses and photographers tell their complete story only by using carefully positioned and nicely shot photos. If you can manage to get unique photos, you have a plus. Instead of reposting the same old stuff from google images and stock photography, take up your smartphone and start shooting. You will get a good variety that you can filter and edit later.

If you are lacking ideas for photos, consider these suggestions

  1. Pictures of your products
  2. Your employees
  3. Your workspace
  4. The location/state you are operating in
  5. #tbt Throwback Thursday- this is an Instagram trend to share old memories.

Here is a photo from a female fitness network that they posted on Instagram. They have played with the photo and text in a way that it seems engaging to the users.

When adding pictures, make sure you add relevant descriptions and hook to get more responses, tags or shares from your followers.

One key element to remember here is that if your pictures are not engaging, users may scroll down without noticing or stopping at them. You can use photo editors to enhance your pictures if you think they are too dull.

There are plenty of tools that people use for editing their photos for Instagram like VSCO Cam or PicsArt.

2. Hashtags ###

Not using hashtags on your Instagram posts is the biggest mistake you will ever make. When you add popular hashtags to your posts, you get more likes and engage more users. However, make sure you don’t overdo it. Only add relevant hashtags in your posts. For example, in a picture for landscape, it is useless to tag #food. Never use popular hashtags if they are not relevant to your post or niche.


One approach businesses adopt for their Instagram posts is that they add their own hashtags. It is only helpful if your business is well known and your brand is already recognized for those tags. If you don’t have well-developed hashtags, just use the ones that are already popular in your niche. Some generic hashtags that can be used for every niche are #tbh #photooftheday #follow etc. Here is a list of the post popular Instagram hashtags by Webstagram:

  1. #follow
  2. #love
  3. #instagood
  4. #me
  5. #like
  6. #followme
  7. #photooftheday
  8. #tbt
  9. #tagsforlikes
  10. #contest

If you need more information, find the top 100 hashtags on this link: TOP 100 TAGS

Make a list of the popular and relevant hashtags and use them before you add your post to Instagram.

3. Target the right audience

It is one thing to keep posting quality content and another to post directed to a specific audience. Before you create your strategy, you must know who is your audience and what are their preferences. Get as much information about your audience as you can. Develop user personas and think of the problems and concerns they face. If you really want to know how to get more Instagram followers, study your followers using statigram. This gives you an idea of when and what to post.

Here is a snapshot of the chart showing user engagement against posting habits. You can use similar charts to create directed marketing efforts.

4. Pick the top profiles in your niche

In the online world, you have to move alongside your competitors instead of against them. Pick out the most influential Instagram profiles in your niche and collaborate with them. You won’t get responses from all of them in your first attempt, however, if you stay patient and consistent, you will build fruitful relationships in your network.

Whether you are launching a new company or you already have one on Instagram, it is a good practice to connect with high authority people that your users already follow and trust. Here is what you should do:

  1. Build a list of influential people including designers, public speakers, bloggers, fans and brands in your niche.
  2. Follow them, like their posts, share and comment on the stuff they publish
  3. Strike up a conversation and provide valuable feedback
  4. After a general introduction, send them a detailed email about your company and how it can benefit them to collaborate with you.
  5. Send them valuable gifts and exclusive content so that they feel valued. The golden rule of business is to give and then get.
  6. If they like your product or business, they will share it with their followers on Instagram and you will get more exposure.

This is a sure way of how to get more Instagram followers if followed in the right manner. However, if you skip the first steps of connection building and jump straight to a giveaway, they will not know who is it from and your effort will be wasted. Here is an example from a fitness guru:

5. Share across multiple platforms

This should be obvious.

Whenever you post something on Instagram, make sure you share it across your other social media profiles like Facebook, twitter, google plus, Pinterest, and LinkedIn etc. Be sure to post on your business accounts if you have a separate business and personal account. This is a proven way to get more visibility for your post and brand.

Share across multiple platforms

Let your Facebook fans know about your Instagram account and ask them to follow you there. To make it clear, provide your username so that they can easily find you. Do the same for your other social media networks because Instagram isn’t the only choice you have for promoting your business on social media.

6. Contests

Contests are a great way to get people talking about your company. All you have to do is pick a hashtag or theme and spread it among your fans in return for a nice offer. You can ask them to use a specific hashtag in their photos, or follow a theme for uploading photos or re-post your photo on their accounts.

At the end of the contest, you pick a winner. This is simple yet effective. If you search the word #contest on Instagram, you will find thousands of related results.

Apart from these, you can also make use of tools like to increase your follower count within a very short time.