The social media sphere is a magnet for various people with several attractions and persuasions. That social networks have become a huge convergence of people from all walks of life, throws up numerous opportunities to be explored.

To have your audience captivated by your ads on social media, you need to do things differently from the myriad of marketers online. For your ads to be successful on social media, it has to draw users’ attention and entice them to listen, watch or click on the links.

The best practice on social media advertising is dynamic and always evolving. This shows the need to have experts handle this aspect of your business if you do not have a fully-manned social media department.

Moving Out of the Rut

The emerging practice of banner blindness means that fewer ads are grabbing users’ attention unlike before. The way out of the rut is to show imaginativeness and creativity with new ads.

You need to look past the easy paths and try something new. In this regard, an overused formula can give your ad poor attention and fewer clicks.

Using the example of social media ads on mobile, one report highlighted that when a test class got exposed to a Facebook feed, the outcome was poor. Not up to 20 percent of outlined stories that was created for the specific study, sparked interest in the viewers. There was no sponsored story that caught the attention of anyone in the class.

Free Content Download

Everyone in the class of business to business and business to end users have an item of interest to offer that will garner attention. Anyone who offers content for download that covers interesting subjects can be assured of thousands of hits. Topics like marriage, raising a child, picking a career, DIY themes are a hit online.

Best holiday destinations, best places to retire among others, are also sought after. If you already have a blog, you only need to look through your posts and identify the most popular among the lot. The content that attracts the best engagement is such that needs to be built on and consider offering as a free download feature.

Since no one exists in a vacuum, it will be helpful to also review your competitors and take a cue from them. Consider the content type that they have on offer and scrutinize how you can improve on it for better outcomes.

When your content is ready for users, you need to consider some marketing effort and get it out on social media. Use aggregator sites like Reddit or even a traffic splurge like Taboola.

Add a Touch of Humor

Humor sells across the globe and you only need to consider the sphere of your influence and deploy memes that fit the foray. This is not to say that you can throw in any form of sarcasm and humor at any time. You need to look at using a slant that suits the brand voice that you have cultivated so far and unleash it.

When humor comes to play, it will help to boost engagement as it is one crucial means to explore the emotions of your audience and get the desired lift. Do not set out with a rival in mind to target but an industry-wide meme can help get the job done without ruffling any feathers.

A little contemplation should also be used here so that you can strike a chord that resonates with the target audience. When you hit the mark, you have a linchpin that could go viral and give your brand the needed boost. If you miss it, it can be a social media setback.

The Video Trick

GIFs can grab attention easily although they are easy and cheap to produce. Several tools are available online that you can use to get a desired GIF out there to boost your brand.

The fact that Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are supportive of videos and GIFs is a huge SMM boost. Users of social media want to see creativeness and when you can show it, you will be rewarded. Several clicks, brand boost and conversions can be the end result of such decisiveness.

instagram video trick

Your ads need to be fashioned to meet the test of quality and to ensure that the images are clean and crisp is the way to go. The audio needs to be clear and where possible, run subtitles on the screen. Quality has a way of snapping people out of their listlessness. And when you get this right, you will accomplish more than you could possibly fathom.

An interesting ad is one of the tips on how to get Instagram followers. If you are shooting solely for Instagram, remember to go straight to the catch and do not waste time on avoidable intros. The time limit on Instagram videos makes it necessary to optimize every shoot you intend to put on the platform. Creativity is also called up here: to make the most of the time with well-thought out ideas.

One other nugget to bear in mind with video ads for social media is that it spurs excitement. A mix of still imagery with active shots will spur more excitement than storytelling. You need to work on your strategy and come up with the best concept that tells your story effectively. Do not shy away from incorporating some funny aside and lightheartedness in your ad. You can also make use of to expand your follower count with in a very short time.

Explore Twitter Image Ads

Twitter has been optimized for video and images along with other improvements that have shown up on the channel of late. Do not forget that Twitter has a remarkable following with some 300 million Plus users. In other words, if there was a country called Twitter, it will be about the size of the United States of America in terms of population count.

While twitter has a character limitation in terms of content you can post, the use of URL shorteners, takes the burden off you. Anyone who is considering exploring social media for business advancement has to be deliberate. Identifying the right mix of options will help strike the social media marketing gold.

twitter ads

An ad with the right, crisp and catching image is sure to do well on Twitter whether you already have an appreciable followership base or not. Since ads are served to suit the interest of users, it will provide a good chance to attain your social media ad goals if it is well scripted.

The best combination to throw in here will be matching text and a fitting imagery that accentuates your brand. This is not much of a challenge that cannot be overcome as you only need to get your concept and approach right.

On Twitter, it is easy to put tweets in the spotlight and this means a few retweets by your followers and those engaged will get the job done. As more people see your ads, more interest is galvanized and your brand is given a boost. This increases the chances of getting more hits to your product page and converting leads to sales.