Instagram is growing like crazy all over the world for both personal and business use. With over 150 million users as of now, the platform has the potential to spread your word across your audience and bring you the attention and a loyal community that you need. However, it’s not always easy!

If you are operating an Instagram account for your business, then your biggest wish would be to get Instagram followers who are active and ready to promote your brand for you. While some brands rise from ashes in no time on their social media accounts, others just stand still and don’t get Instagram followers even after months of efforts. The difference is between the approach and strategy. The digital world is no different than the analog which means you need real plans and hand-written strategies to achieve your online marketing goals.

To have a significant number of followers on your Instagram account, you have to make dedicated efforts and adopt a solid strategy. You will not see immediate results or a magical increase in your community overnight, but consistent efforts with engaging content will get you where you want.

One of the most critical yet undervalued elements for success on Instagram is AWESOME PHOTOS.

Awesome Photos- Why They Matter To Get Instagram Followers

Visual Apps to Enhance Your Instagram Posts

Different social media platforms have different preferences and functionality. The core purpose of Instagram is to share your story through your photos. As the logo suggests the platform helps you narrate your experiences and build your identity through the use of engaging photos. The point is to get Instagram followers, you need unique and rich content including both the text and imagery. If you keep on reposting the same old stuff, users will drive away from your feed. If you lack ideas for unique photos you can consider one of these:

  1. Product photos: if you have a product to sell like shoes, food, apparel, fitness equipment etc. then you should take high-quality photos of your products and tag relative influencers in your niche. Consider editing the photos to give it a better appeal. More on how to edit photos to get Instagram followers later.
  2. Employees: Everyone enjoys a bit of sneak peek into your company. Uploading photos of your employees during work or break hours gives a human touch to your brand and brings your company out as personable and reliable.
  3. Behind the scene: You can also upload, behind the scene photos as they are really intriguing. Remember watching the movie and waiting for the behind the scenes section because it gives an insight to the actors and characters behind the set.
  4. Tagging products: If you wish to get Instagram followers by using the fan ship of another brand, you can upload their product photos and tag them. Using popular hashtags of the brand can also help.

These are just a few ideas to get you started for your photo library. Don’t forget to get creative with your photos and ideas. You might have noticed some brands or influencers getting thousands of likes on the similar photos as you without any significant difference. Well, it’s the little things that matter. Maybe they are using a better range of hashtags or maybe they are using a software to edit their pics and give them a better visibility. It doesn’t cost much to have a good tool to edit your photos before you post them on Instagram. Some of these pic editing tools might be paid but the return they will have for you is much greater than the cost. Think critically because if the ROI is great, then as a business owner you should not hesitate to make the purchase.

5 Visual Apps To Enhance Your Instagram Photos

To make it easier, we have created a list of the top 5 visual apps that will enhance your Instagram photos. Since the platform is a visual showcase of your brand, it is critical to have all the focus on picture quality and engagement. You may even use a phone camera in your smartphone to take pictures but it’s the overlays, the texture and the highlights that ignite your posts. Use one of these tools to boost your post reach and have AWESOME PHOTOS ready to be shared.

1. Camera+ – $1.99
Just one cent minus $2. The cost is nothing as compared to the benefit this tool can provide you. The camera plus comes with a variety of options like shutter speed, digital zoom, ISO and white balance etc. These features add a DSLR effect to your photos. The app also allows you focus separately on objects and scene through exposure feature. This allows you to choose the amount of light or darkness you wish to have on your photo. One of the best tools to use for product photos that people look at and want to buy.


2. Snapseed- FREE
One of the most used apps out there for editing photos to upload on social media networks. The best part is that Snapseed is free to download and doesn’t even cost you a dime. You can go straight to the app store and download it on your phone or tab. The app has sliders in real-time which is super friendly for the users. You can control the exposure, contrast, light and zoom effects on your own. What makes this app stand out from the rest is that it enables you to individually edit certain sections of the same photo. You can keep editing unless your picture gets to perfection.


3. Vscocam- Free
Recommended by almost all the instagrammers, VSCOCAM is one of the most powerful tools for photo editing. The best part is that the app is extremely user-friendly. A layman can take photos up to the level of a professional photographer. The app aids your creativity through various filters and presets that take your pictures to the next level. One of the most commonly used filters is the T1 which adds a fade effect to pictures.

4. Afterlight- $0.99
When it comes to phone photography, Afterlight has no comparisons. The reason being its easy interface, super adjustment tools and a large collection of presets. Unlike other tools mentioned on the list, Afterlight lets you crop your photos in different shapes like square, heart, circle etc.

5. Squaready- FREE
Squaready as the name suggests, Is a powerful app to adjust your photos without having to crop them into perfect squares. Sometimes you take a photo and you want it to stay just the same in height and width. Instagram has a set ratio of 1:1 for all of its feed. The app allows you to post entire photos without having to crop them. Adding light borders using this app can give a bright look to your posts. Picking the right color contrasts is essential to make photos stand out among millions of others.

That’s all Insta-folks. If you feel there’s a tool that I have missed, please feel free to mention it in the comments. What tool are you using to enhance your photos for Instagram and why do you think it’s the best one out there? Don’t forget to share your views with us. Also, if you are wondering about getting social media followers, then you can make use of good tools like iDigic.