The speculation around whether or not the tech mogul Elon Musk purchased Instagram has been a topic of discussion for some time.

With a net worth estimated to be around 183.2 billion USD, it’s no wonder so many people have wondered if perhaps he would use his money to acquire the popular social media platform.

While rumors and speculation have spread, the answer to this question is an emphatic no, Elon Musk did not buy Instagram.

To better understand why this isn’t true, it’s essential to look at when the rumor started and if Elon Musk has an Instagram account himself. You need to know who owns Instagram and what other social media platforms Elon Musk owns.

Lastly, could Elon Musk potentially be interested in purchasing Instagram in the future? We will address all of these questions and more as we explore further into this intriguing topic.

When Was the Rumor Started That Elon Musk Bought Instagram?

Elon Musk Buy Instagram

The rumor that Elon Musk had bought Instagram first began in April 2022 when a video was released by an unknown source.

This video contains clips of an interview that Musk had given while appearing at the TED2022 conference. He seemed to suggest he was buying the company Meta and, with it, Facebook and Instagram.

However, upon closer inspection, it became evident that the footage had been digitally altered to make it seem like this was what Musk had said. In reality, he never mentioned Meta, nor did he intend to buy them or any other company.

This false information quickly spread around the internet, generating a lot of buzz on social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit.

Many people were eager to believe that this could be true, despite there being no evidence to back up the claim whatsoever. This helped further fuel speculation about what would happen if one of the world’s wealthiest individuals were to buy Instagram.

However, soon enough, these rumors were debunked by several reliable sources who stated that Musk did not actually express any interest in acquiring Meta or its subsidiaries.

Despite this clarification from reputable sources, many people remained convinced that the rumors were true.

In addition, they kept sharing their opinions on social media without evidence. This caused confusion among many audiences who weren’t sure whether they should trust this information or not.

Does Elon Musk Have an Instagram Account?

Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has had an Instagram account since at least 2013. His profile, @elonmusk, is extremely popular, with over 670k followers, and he posts content related to his business ventures and personal life.

Musk usually posts photos of new developments within his businesses, such as new product unveilings and advancements in space exploration. He also frequently posts updates about his family life, such as family vacations or photos of his children.

As a result of Musk’s Instagram account, fans and entrepreneurs alike can get a glimpse into both his personal and professional lives.

It lets people follow Musk’s journey in building these groundbreaking companies that changed our perception of technology and transportation.

The posts also provide a humanizing point of view into Elon Musk’s life outside of work which gives another layer to this already fascinating individual.

Elon Musk’s Instagram account has been pivotal in helping him to promote both himself and his businesses by reaching out directly to consumers through social media platforms like Instagram.

This form of marketing proves beneficial for gaining exposure as well as building relationships with potential customers or even partners. It lets him reach audiences he wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach.

Who Is Instagram Owned By?

Instagram owner

Facebook, Inc. now owns Instagram Since April 9, 2012, when the company was acquired in a billion-dollar deal, Facebook has been the sole owner of all intellectual property associated with Instagram.

In addition to the purchase price of $1 billion in cash and stock options, Facebook also gave its new acquisition a commitment to keep it independently managed.

Seizing the moment, Facebook pounced on their chance to purchase Instagram.

This strategically savvy move proved triumphant as they walked away with one of the most coveted photo-sharing apps in history, boasting over 2 billion active users. The acquisition allowed them to bolster their user base and extend their influence across social media networks.

In addition to increasing its user base and expanding its market share, Facebook also got access to Instagram’s powerful advertising platform.

Facebook could now offer sophisticated advertising solutions with advanced targeting that could be tailored specifically to each client.

This enabled them to rapidly grow their revenues through improved ad performance and better targeting capabilities than any other social media platform at the time.

What Social Media Does Elon Musk Own?

Elon Musk Social Media

In April 2022, Elon Musk ignited a series of share purchases that led to his acquisition of Twitter Inc., the renowned social media company.

After buying more and more shares throughout the year, he finally clinched a remarkable 9.1% majority stake this October, making him the largest shareholder in one of our go-to destinations for online conversations.

Will Elon Musk Be Interested In Buying Instagram In the Future?

It is unlikely that Elon Musk will be willing to buy Instagram. Instagram is currently owned by Facebook and given their long-standing ownership of the platform, they would unlikely sell it.

Musk has not made any public statements suggesting his interest in purchasing Instagram either, indicating that even if Facebook were willing to part with the social media company, he would not be an interested buyer.

Also, Musk’s current focus seems to be on developing his technology companies, SpaceX and Tesla, rather than investing in other businesses.

For these reasons, it does not appear likely that Elon Musk would consider attempting to purchase Instagram at this time or in the foreseeable future.

Elon Musk Misses Out on Insta, but Twitter’s in His Pocket

All the buzz about Elon Musk buying Instagram was just an internet rumor. To set things straight, Facebook Inc has taken it over and owns it now.

However, while he wasn’t able to get his hands on Insta this time around, we can’t forget that in the past, Mr. Musk did purchase Twitter.

So don’t be surprised if one day you see him making a splash with another big tech buy like IG or some other popular social media app/site. Though Elon Musk has not indicated any interest in buying Instagram at this time.


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