Instagram has more than 300 million users monthly (that is more than Twitter!) and more companies are making efforts to improve their instagram marketing strategies. This makes instagram the most popular platform when comes to photo sharing and visual marketing.

However, number are just numbers at the end of the day as it fluctuates from time to time. It is still hard to monitor making conclusions basically unofficial. This also makes planning and strategizing a bit harder than what digital marketers usually anticipates. It is not that important, it’s the people who are using instagram.

If you are lucky enough get to post the right images, consumers will go directly to you. You will no longer need to pitch or exert extra effort on hard selling your brand. Shoppers turn to social media networks for references. This summarizes the story behind instagram’s success: it turns passive clients into unexpected shoppers.

If you are a newbie or you are someone who haven’t tried using instagram before, it’s not a problem. We’ve got you fully covered, let’s start exploring these strategies to boost up your sales.

1. Set Up an Optimized Business Account

Before anything else, you have to understand that you have a target market and these people are not you. This being said, you have to set up an account separate from your personal account. Unnecessary selfies not related to your business best stays in your personal account. Instead, expose your products more and again, not your face.

Including a link to your profile can also make a lot of difference. In instagram you only have one opportunity to directly lead a customer to click over your website. Your bio is where your link can be clickable, always include this in this spot so people will be able to see it instantly.

Your BIO also plays a vital role in this area as an interesting bio never fails to capture followers. Just like a compelling pitch, no one can ever turn down a good offer. Before people can hit on the follow button, they will first see your profile. This is actually the only chance you will get to convince them to follow you making this area a bit challenging.

The key is just to let your bio very light, specific, honest and professional. Remember that you are offering and selling and these two depends on your credibility and skills. Once a potential lead concludes you are not credible, that is an instant loss for the business.

2. Create Posts That You Would Want to Follow

Putting yourself in a customer’s shoes, would you hit follow for someone you do not want to follow? I certainly wont. They key to organically gaining followers and leads are posting the right content. There is no other way around to accomplish this stage.

A good content easily gains a following, making it sociable in an instant. For analyst, they credit the booming popularity of instagram to its image centric platform. In fact, 90 % of the information we receive and transmit to our brain are all visual.

3. Boost Engagement on Instagram

This is to simply strengthen your relationship with your customers. By closing your gap to them, instagram offers a great extra opportunities to enhance your client care services. It is no news as by simply sharing something on your account you can already keep in touch with them.

Try asking questions online, or simply run a contest for them. This is a bit traditional but we assure you that this is still kicking well. People love to comment and share things that they like and contests are not bad at all. Then while you conceptualize for your next contest, practice as well the art of captioning or creating blurbs.

Your content and your strategies are just as important as your brand. Just keep in mind of these three and soon, your clients will be the one hunting you! Happy instagramming!!

Catherine is president & executive director of 20four7va, a global eCommerce virtual assistance service provider. She is into strategic planning, product development, brand management, and digital marketing.|