There are millions of Instagrammers around the world.  Because of its huge numbers and popularity, you should consider capitalizing on their results in-order to grow your business.

Overviewing Instagram Marketing

  1. Optimize
    Maximize the potential of your Instagram profile to drive more viewers to it and value from it. Edit your description per your brand image and add a profile picture that best illustrates your core message visually. Don’t forget to add an external link to your corporate blog. This will have the result of creating a blog access point for your viewers to be able to find out more about you, your brand and the products or services that you offer.
  1. Have a Content Strategy
    Good quality content is at the heart of your success on Instagram. Seeing as how there are so many videos and photos being shared, it follows that you need to create and share the best kind of content possible.
    To this end, think about focusing on what you offer. Additionally, connect with your clients/followers on an individual basis. These one-on-one connections and interactions will go a long way in helping you make more sales and attract more followers.
    Of course, you should also have a content theme that will bring everything together into a concrete content plan. The plan should, thereafter, help you define the aesthetic feel and style of your posts – as well as show you how frequently you ought to post on your Instagram profile.
    Your content plan should also encompass a color palette as well as great fonts on your photos/videos, filters, captions, and hashtags.
  2. Follow Best Practices
    To maximize your chances of succeeding on Instagram, you need to follow some best practices and unique data tips. Consistency is key on this platform, as with every other one on the internet.
    In the same way, your publishing frequency will help your audience know when they should expect fresh content from you. of course, you also need to keep a consistent schedule to maximize your engagement without hitting any stretches or lulls that encompass an absence of status updates and / or social sharing.
    Most brands, to this end, prefer posting daily. The study also found that there was no correlation between lower engagement and increased frequency. Therefore, posting more than twice a day will not negatively affect your engagement.
    With regards to timing, remember that Instagram has changed to an algorithmic timeline. Therefore, you should be careful that you only post at those times when the content is more likely to attract the greatest engagement.
    Use the Instagram algorithm to determine the time when your post will appear.  This information is placed at the very top of most your followers’ feeds.  Monitor these results so you know what needs to be done.

    Consider These Best Instagram Practices

    a) Timing
    Mondays and Thursdays tend to drive the greatest engagement; the best time to post is between 8:00 and 9:00 AM EST.
    b) Consistency
    After determining your frequency and content themes, stick to the strategy by creating a content calendar to track which posts to share and at what time. The API on Instagram does not allow scheduling now. However, you can use a schedule reminder such as Buffer for these purposes.
    c) Embrace User Content
    Users on Instagram provide great potential content that you can rework to your benefit. Curating content posted by other people will help you build an engaged and vibrant community. The content can also incentivize the audience to share in their own creative ways.  Thus, you can find clients and customers beginning to interact with you and your company.d) Use Faces
    A Georgia Tech study found that posts with human faces get 38% more likes as well as 32% more comments. Therefore, you should consider including faces in your posts.e) Share to Facebook
    Posting your Instagram photos to your Facebook will give you greater engagement.

So, there you have it – the guide that will help you market your brand, company, products, and/or services on Instagram in a truly profound way. Get started with it today! Making a profitable business impact using Instagram and other social media platforms is often easier than people think.  Just create a plan and stick to it in-order to see the fruit of your labors begin to rise.


Wendy Williams is an experienced online marketer and a regular trade show attendee. She enjoys helping brands make their mark on the digital world and the real one. You can find her online: @williams_wendy1