The social media provides an opportunity for you to boost your brand and is such an easy way to connect with customers. The channels to use can be any of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest. Using the right approach will help you maximize the leads you desperately need for your business growth.

Lead generation on the social media is judged as cost-effective since it only requires assent from a contact to get on your mailing list. It does not come to the same thing as over-the-counter sales but can be more strategic for data gathering.


Your Social Media Guide

Appropriate Content

When using social media as a tool to gather leads, it will be efficient if you have a blog that serves as a catch. When your leads get to your landing page, there should be something worth the time and effort to get their attention. Apart from interesting tidbits, there should be content that meets their need.

What content does is to provide a basis for continuing engagement or it can as well be a turn-off. If you have optimized content, you can be sure that your leads will become customers faster than you think.

The point that needs to be understood about social media and its attraction for lead generation is that there is no ‘best fit’ method to get it done. Continuous efforts, reviews, and evaluation will help you get it right.

Use SlideShare

SlideShare presents a robust platform that can be utilized by content marketers on the B2B front. You can get your content reformatted and works so well for list posts of any description.

The opportunities for cross-channel promotion are also huge since it is compatible with several other social sharing tools. If you are keen to pick up analytics, you can track your followership and views using the Leadshare. This will give you a lead generation edge.

Use Landing Pages

It is a common error to pack your links with homepage URLs instead of giving a consideration to actual product or service pages. Using this approach makes it a lot easier for your leads to find specific information that could get their attention.

Never forget that the web provides millions of options for everyone. You need to make the use of any link page you are directing the lead to at any time. This will optimize your sales potential.


Webinars and Hangouts

You can also give a thought to putting forward your best foot by hosting a webinar in your area of expertise. You can use Google+ hangout since it is easy and requires no setup whatsoever to be functional. You only need to add the contacts who are interested and let them know when you will be on- air.

The edge of using this mode of lead generation is that anyone who accepts your invite already signifies an interest. Whether people register in advance or you notify them from your contact list, the attraction of a live hangout is huge.

When your invitation specifies the theme or subject you will be addressing, you can be sure that anyone who accepts your invite is interested. If ultimately the turnout comes up fewer than your invites, accept it as a good start. A targeted effort is better than building castles in the air.

Remember to upload your content to YouTube when the webinar is completed. You can embed the links to your product page with descriptions on the YouTube presentation.

You can put up a PR appeal by sending an appreciation message to all those who made it to the hangout. You can add more links that can be of interest to them and offer to answer any questions they might have thereafter. This gesture can help you with more lead –to- sales conversion than you expect.

Run a Contest

A business can explore the attraction of a contest to generate leads and increase the sales count. When you open up a contest, you have a chance to turn your social media following into a new crop of email subscribers.

The expanding wave of contests is compatible with Twitter, Facebook as well as Instagram and Pinterest. This is one sure way to get free Instagram followers with ease. You can also get followers from trusted providers like iDigic. The way to design your contest is up to you and it can vary from the simple to the aesthetic. Answering a few questions or posting unique images are two of the common approaches used across the web.

Contests have a chance for success when they are run on the platform where you have a wide following so that a high response rate can be guaranteed. No one will respond to a contest if they are not sure who you are and what you are into.

Consider the Gated Content Approach

Any content is referred to as gated when there is an action that has to taken before access is ensured. You might have to confirm your email, fill a form or repost an image to be successful. If it is a repost, the condition might be that out of your last ten posts, only one should be of promotional nature.

To explore the gated content properly, make sure you have a clear idea as to the best time that gives you the optimal post engagement. Once you have determined this, publish your gated content link at such a time.
When your posts are made at a time when engagement is most assured, you are likely to get more results. So consider this approach each time you have scheduling any post.

Establish a Reputation in Niche Sites

If you establish your reputation in niche websites and forums, it is easier for other users to see you as a subject matter expert. This explains why people utilize acclaimed sites like warrior forum, LinkedIn and Quora to grow their reputation.

If you have a product or service that tallies with the segment that you have established a reputation, chances are that any link you promote will get more hits. This will provide a lead generation platform that can boost sales and enhance your business PR.

Use Vimeo, YouTube and Metacafe

Some people are probably yet to understand that YouTube, Vimeo and associated websites are channels to explore in social media as well. Having such high page rank and search visibility makes them a regular hit in search results.

YouTube can be utilized in driving traffic to your business product or service page and if well configured, you can reap several leads. Include your URLs in the video description sections and you can be sure of more hits.


Explore Pinterest

Pinterest has been described as an aggregate of exciting links that you can expect on cuisines, fashion and lifestyle. This platform has become a lead generation boost that many businesses are exploring to date.

All your exciting posts and ideas can get huge acclaim when trumpeted on Pinterest and this is a smart move. Apart from the high page ranking and search visibility that this platform enjoys, many users go here for vital insights.

If you publish regular newsletters or e-journals, you can transform them into infographics and showcase them here. You can also develop a live archive of your materials on this website so that they can serve an enduring reference and lead generation purpose.