Expand Your Presence in 2017 with this 7 Step Instagram Marketing Strategy

Everyone can relate to wanting more Instagram likes and followers without having to buy Instagram followers or likes. In 2017, get started by marketing on your Instagram. Whether you are trying to sell a product or are branding yourself, Instagram is an incredibly helpful way to do that.

Now it is not hard to get started and it really is not difficult to market on Instagram, but by following my most effective tips, you can gain a lot of interest and buzz around your brand.

1. Plan Your Brand

I cannot stress this enough. Planning is so essential when trying to carry out a marketing strategy. Before going through with marketing your brand on Instagram, really develop a good sense of what you’re trying to accomplish. You definitely want to make the most out of your Instagram and also your followers attention span, so planning how you want to present your brand and how you want your photos to look is a great first step in the right direction!

You want to be thoughtful about what you put out there so take so time to get inspired and create!

Plan Your Brand

2. Develop a Signature Look

You do not have to add a watermark to your photos, but it is helpful for some photos. However, developing a signature look goes beyond just adding your Instagram name to a photo. It offers you recognition by your followers even when the content isn’t generated off of your page or when it is reposted! Having a specific color theme is great, too, for when you want to post a quote of the day or to do a flatlay of your outfit.

Whatever signature look you decide on, follow through with it and make sure that it adds to your brand story, as well.

3. Think About the Hashtags You Want to Use

Hashtagging is totally underrated. Just like you want to develop a signature look, figuring out what hashtags you want to use is essential for great marketing. Developing a signature hashtag such as your brand name or slogan you use is a great way for other followers to find you on the explore page. Also, it is a neat way to get user-generated content, as well!

Use Hashtags

4. Engage with Your Followers

Users love it when you engage with them. They will keep coming back to your page to like and comment on things if you are sincere about your engagement with them, as well. It can range from writing out a thoughtful response to their question or comment. Or it can be as simple as liking their comment on your photo (thank you, Instagram for making it easier!). I would suggest mixing it up and offering a range of interactions with your followers. Engage them in different ways and be creative.

If you would like, you can also offer a contest or giveaway from time to time. This gets your followers pumped about your brand and who doesn’t love free? This is a great way to also amp up user-generated content. Maybe ask the winner to post an unboxing video with certain hashtags or see if they can leave a review on how they liked the product! You can then do a repost of their photo or video which people appreciate and love even more. Seeing a user outside of the brand rave about your product will really help drive sales.

Another way to engage users is to plan an event or schedule a meetup. You can even create a specific hashtag for the event to make it easier to find through the explore tab. Events help you network and really get the word out for yourself. There are so many different ways to interact and engage with your followers, you just gotta keep at it. Some people happen to buy Instagram followers, but if you develop engagement with your followers you won’t have to! And your impressions will be that much better.

5. Use Your Bio

Take time to come up with a well thought out bio. You can even put in your own personalized hashtag to let people know they can use it. Your bio is one of the first things that other users see so be thoughtful about it and make sure it really showcases your brand. Adding fun emojis is a great touch, too. It is also a great way to display your brand slogan or things that make you unique.

Lastly, you want to utilize the bio space to put up your web page link. This drives traffic to your website by having easy access!

6. Tag, You’re It

Tagging other accounts in your photos when it is relevant is a great way to direct traffic to your account through the tagged photo. It is another way to ramp up the engagement with your followers. You can also tag other brands you’re affiliated with or what other products you were using in the photo. Tagging is another way of networking with the Instagram users.

tag photos

7. Keep It Scheduled

Not only is it important to be consistent with your brand’s image, you should also be consistent about your posting. You want to remain relevant and to also remain at the top of your follower’s feed. Keeping a schedule of what you are going to post is important so that you can generate content more easily and readily. Also if you want to set up a backlog of content to post, that will make it that much easier on you when keeping a schedule.

Of course, you want to take some time to yourself, as well. So keep the schedule reasonable. Also, don’t overdo it so that things are always fresh and you’re able to look at it with your best eye!

Those were all my steps on how to strategize marketing through Instagram. Let me know how it worked out for you! Maybe I’ll even find your feed through Instagram.