5 Apps To Get Maximum Instagram Engagement This Year

Instagram has become one of the most used and popular social media platforms ever, and all for the right reasons. Studies have shown that the potential for a brand or an individual to grow and expand using Instagram is definitely massive and a lot faster than other forms of digital marketing. Marketing gurus believe that Instagram has revolutionized digital marketing and turned it into a very dynamic and receptive market.¬†Right from getting more Instagram views and followers to increasing engagement, brands and individuals understand the power of the platform. There’s no doubt that Instagram is a game-changer, and now, there are a bunch of tools and apps available to further enhance the results that Instagram marketing can produce.

Why is it important to increase engagement?

Engagement is the collective term for the number of views, likes and comments your Instagram posts receive. The more the engagement, the greater the reach, and also the greater the benefits for your brand. After all, promotion, in general, is all about reaching more people in a quicker span of time. Engagement helps you gauge how well your content is performing with your audience, and also helps you assess whether or not you need to make changes to your content approach.

Just like Facebook tools and extensions which help with tracking and improvising content, Instagram has a list of tools to which help with various aspects of this.

Let’s look at 5 such apps/tools which can really help your brand or page get maximum engagement this year:

Instagram Engagement Apps

1. Prime

Making posts at the right time, using strategic planning and analysis is quite essential. It helps with reaching your target audience at the right time and also generating maximum visibility for each of your posts. Now, creating a strategy all by yourself can be a task, and might not get you the most accurate results either. That’s where an app like Prime swoops in and makes your job a whole lot easier.

It uses a powerful, carefully constructed algorithm to take hundreds of data points and analysis of your audience, post reach, previous activity logs and so on into consideration. With careful deduction, it’s able to come up with a schedule to determine when you should make a post in order to get maximum engagement.

And when does such a schedule come most in handy?

A tool like Prime would be useful when you’re posting high-quality content which particularly requires traffic for the brand’s benefit.

Another very similar app to Prime is WhenToPost, which basically does the same job.

The only drawback with Prime is that it is available only on iOS devices, but it is very much a free app.

2. InShot video editor

Research shows that good video content can do a lot of good for any brand, whether it’s original or reposted from somewhere else. Either way, good visual content can create enough necessary engagement on a post to help a brand reach its targets.

The InShot video editor is fairly easy and simple to use. You can put a string of images together to create a video, or take an existing video and add perks to it like filters, trimming, text on video and so on. The app also has a direct share-to-Instagram option and optimizes the video to fit in the square dimensions that work best on Instagram.

3. Repost app

Is it okay to recycle and repost popular content? Absolutely! The dynamics of your followers and also people who find you on the Instagram “explore” tab is constantly changing, so reposting content that you know will do well with your audience is a smart move. Now, this content could be your own past content or a post from another Instagram account.

The Repost app makes this process of reposting content extremely easy and quick and removes any delays in the process. Just one click and it has reposted whatever you want onto your account, and you can definitely get some valuable engagement on your repost too. Even if you’re trying to give a shoutout to another Instagram brand, this is a quick and simple tool. And, it’s absolutely free!

4. Kira Kira

The swiftness with which this particular app has gained popularity is the reason why it had to have a mention on this list. It’s no secret that thousands of fashion and grooming brands and accounts on Instagram gather huge volumes of engagement, on a daily basis. Fashion enthusiasts have given this app a big thumbs up, and even many Insta-famous celebrities have taken to it.

This app, released by a Korean developer, has an inbuilt camera and also an option to add filters to images and videos. Basically, it adds “bling” or glitter to your choice of content and makes it look extremely fancy, something which has clearly appealed to audiences on social media.
This is a paid app, but if it’s up your alley and will appeal to your audience, it’s about time you join the party!

5. Layout

Collages can look very attractive, especially if you’re trying to showcase multiple pictures at once. It definitely has a greater impact and also adds a delightful twist to just posting singular content.

Layout is a seamless app that makes this process extremely simple, and also has a large variety of collage layouts and measurements to choose from. Layout comes as a separate app and also as an extension that can be added directly to Instagram. Which means that you can quickly create a collage from within the Instagram app itself, and the process is an effortless one. You can also add borders and frames to your collage, and the app is free for both iOS and Android!

Creating engagement is directly correlated to posting good, attention-worthy content. New apps and tools are being released almost on a daily basis, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that all of them would be suitable to boost your brand’s engagement. The smartest thing to do is to choose the right tool according to your content and target audience so that you make the most and best use of their advantages!