From the very beginning, social media app marketing has turned out to be one of the most important marketing tools available. Earlier, when the platform was fussy, many people insisted that it was not a feasible and trustworthy marketing strategy. But, now we are witnessing an era where there is an array of useful advertising options and free opportunities for making the content public. However, the world of the social media keeps on changing with varied new platforms being introduced every year. As a result, many companies make use of these latest features and modernization in order to stay ahead in the competition.

One of the major platforms that is gaining a huge popularity in this context is Facebook. With an estimated million users, it is undoubtedly the largest social network on the planet and has also become the most appealing platform for the businesses to market their products and services. For this purpose, Facebook app marketing has come up with a stunning advertising platform that allows the company to create their digital assets on Facebook in order to drive traffic to their website. Thus, considering this factor, having a Facebook app can be highly beneficial. With the help of the app, businesses can carry out any activity on their Facebook page without writing any code.

What knowledge you should have regarding Facebook apps

Having a Facebook app allows you to perform any kind of task on your Facebook page without the necessity for any code. You can easily import your blog, run promotions and contests, provide customer support and many others with the help of the apps.

You can easily install 11 apps at on time on your page, but only four apps are seen in the thumbnail images below your cover photo. Though photos will always be seen as the first app, you can simply select which apps you need to show in the rest of the three spots. Any additional app can be seen by clicking the arrow to the right of the app images.

There might be some users who may not be knowing how to go to the remaining apps so ensure that you put the essential apps in the top most row of visibility. This is important in case of any promotion that is going on in your page and you wish to highlight any specific app for that tenure. If the apps receive less visibility in the current Facebook design then you can also make use of the cover photo in order to draw attention to them.

Is their any need of hiring Facebook app developers?

Generally, the answer for such question would be no. But, hiring the preferred marketing developer would be highly beneficial if you are on verge of running any contests, promotions and excellent marketing campaigns. These developers make use of the latest technology and ensure that you are following all the Facebook’s guidelines and getting the maximum result of this platform.

Requirement of users to like page for viewing apps

Earlier, when timeline was not into existence, the default landing tab with a “like gate” or “fan gate,” restricted the users to see any content of your page without clicking the like button. However, now the users can easily view your complete timeline before even liking your page which is definitely a matter of concern.

These days, almost all the app providers enable you to apply the fan gate feature which can turn out to be an effective tool for driving more likes. But, ensure that you have a foolproof plan for engaging the new fans who have recently liked your page.

Distinct ways to utilize your Facebook apps

Merge other social media channels:

There are many companies that think of their varied social channels distinctly, but Facebook page is one of the perfect place for cross-promoting the content from your Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest feeds. Apart from posting the images directly on your timeline, you can make use of some stunning free apps that helps you in pulling the Instagram photos into a Page tab.

Publicize your content on Facebook:

If you maintain a blog but aren’t posting them on Facebook timeline, then trust me you should. You can easily share all your new posts in the newsfeed and make an archive of your blog posts on your Page.

Addition of Email subscribers:

People who often visit your Facebook page may or may not ‘Like’ your Page. In case they ‘Like’ your page, they would wish to get all the latest update regarding your services. Adding email subscriber facility to your timeline will help you to communicate with them directly via email.

Allow e-commerce:

Those who sell their products online can easily promote or sell their products through their Facebook Page also. As Facebook is used by a huge number of people, it will help you promote the products to a wider audience.

Superior customer support:

In today’s time, social media is a popular avenue where people vent their frustrations with the concerned brand or product. As a result, if you are having a fully dedicated customer support services, you can add it to your Facebook page.


Facebook apps have a treasure trove of advantages that helps you in promoting your business on a larger scale. These apps allow you to understand the growing requirement of your customers and offer them the product and services they wish. In order to learn more about your customers, engage the audience with your Facebook page and extend your brand reach. Hope you like the post and feel free to share your views in the comments below.

Author’s Bio:

This write-up has been written by Ashni Sharma who is working as an app developer with AppsChopper from last few years. Having immense knowledge in the app development and designing process, he loves to pen down his thoughts and share with everyone.