You have an Instagram account, so naturally your biggest wish would be, how to get more Instagram followers. Whether you run a business account or have a personal profile, having more followers makes it easy for you to share your message and narrate your story.

This post shows you how to get more Instagram followers and elevate your content.

1. Hashtag
Hashtags are the king for Instagram if done right. However, if you stuff hashtags more than necessary, you will be rather abusing them. Stuffing everything into one post does not give a good impact to your community. Hashtags are meant to show relevancy and should not be used else wise. To make it easier for you, here are the do’s and don’ts when adding hashtags

instagram hashtags


  • Be specific and relevant
  • Remember each social media network has a different set of hashtags
  • Create relevant hashtags that are not branded


  • Don’t overdo them
  • Never put more hashtags than the words
  • Don’t hashtag every possible thing

Both unbranded and branded hashtags play a vital role if used properly. People who wonder how to increase Instagram followers should learn from the right use of hashtags. If you have a business that has a developed brand identity and associated hashtags, then you can sure incorporate them into your posts. However, if your brand is comparatively new and you don’t have any recognition in the community, then you should better use already popular hashtags that are relevant to your niche and product.

2. Takeovers
No, it’s not the business merger or the military takeover in your war games. A takeover on Instagram is an interesting way to increase brand awareness, engage the community and keep your feed alive. What happens is that you invite an influencer, ambassador or an active member of the Instagram community to take over your feed for a day. This helps you boost engagement, get more followers or create a strong brand voice.
Here is what you should do in order to carry out a successful take over:

  1. Create a list of potential candidates for the takeover.
  2. Follow them, start commenting on their posts, like their photos and share their message to get a sense of what they are about and to let them know that you are following them.
  3. Take photos with their products or promote their services in your posts to get the attention.
  4. Make connections and reach out people that you have developed some relation with. Do not go out and start adding random people with loads of followers. Rather reach out to people that you already know either in real life or on the social media networks.
  5. Make sure you communicate your brand message properly but also let them be original and have their own voice.
  6. Check their community and consider if this is a good match for your audience and your brand
  7. If all goes well, you are good to go with the takeover. However, if the person’s community, voice or ideas do not match with yours, you do not necessarily have to say yes. Just explain to them that it’s not a good fit and you appreciate their time.

3. Contests are fun
Who doesn’t love free stuff? No one. The golden rule of business is to give your customers before you can get something out of them. Even though you might not like the idea of free giveaways but you need to critically evaluate your decision. The price is nothing as compared to the buzz and engagement a contest can create for you. Contests are great marketing tools that save you hours of effort for creating and spreading content. One contest can create the engagement equal to a hundred content posts.

The idea works well for existing followers as well as generates an opportunity to attract potential customers on your brand page. A good way to engage new followers is to have a contest that involves tagging friends in comments. If you are short of ideas for a contest, you should consider these:

  • Like and win – This is the type of contest where participants enter by liking your photos and you pick a winner at the end.
  • Comment contests- The name is self-explanatory. Users comment to enter the contest.
  • Ask your audience to generate content on your page by uploading their photos following a certain theme.
  • Get user generated content by asking them to use a certain hashtag in their uploads. This allows you to build a community and engage with them based on the hashtag.

4. Pick an ambassador for your brand
Brand ambassadors are exactly the same on Instagram like they are in real world. You pick a celebrity or an influential personality to endorse your products and services. They also depict your brand voice through body language and social appearances. Think of the people that are a good fit and have a good following. Do not aim very high and reach out to people who you can practically engage for your brand.

Brand ambassadors not only increase your Instagram followers but they boost your overall social reach. They build your online reputation, for instance, you are a new company and no one knows you. People will be unsure of buying from you if they don’t have a face to the brand. However, if you have an ambassador then you humanize your brand and users feel a personal connection to. Ambassadors give a personable touch to your brand and company and therefore increase traffic and sales.

5. Community matters
There are 400 million active users on the internet, which means you can find your relative audience. It might not be easy in the beginning but if you follow a few steps and stick to your brand message, you will soon build a community of loyal users. Whether you are about fashion, fitness, shoes, apparel, IT or food, you will find like-minded people who are interested in your products and services.

Before you go ahead and build your community, here are the few steps that you should take:

Identify the relevant communities to your brand

Look for the top influencers in that community

Observe the most popular hashtags used by the influencers and the community

Observe the audience and understand their behaviors. Determine whether they respond well to informative posts, comic or question posts? Each audience is different so you have to study yours carefully. This is critical because these are the people that will empower your brand in the future so make sure you understand who they are and what they want.

Once you have a clear idea about the audience, develop user personas and create your Instagram strategy. This should aid you in deciding what to post and when to post and for who to post.

6. Video content

The purpose of Instagram is to be able to tell your story through your posts. This is where video plays the best role. In the past 2 years, we have seen videos taking over the digital marketing like nothing in the world. Videos have a higher engagement rate and people who watch your videos are more likely to convert to your buyers.

On Instagram, the videos have double the engagement level as compared to photos. Make sure your videos are creative and interesting. Go ahead and experiment. Weird is better than boring when it comes to marketing. Create videos that have a fun element or a strong message so that people are more likely to share them. Also, you can make use of tools like to increase video views and follower count.