5 Apps to Draw Incredible Engagement Numbers from Your Instagram Followers

If you’ve been promoting your brand on Instagram for awhile, you know that it can be frustrating. Growing your audience, engaging them, generating leads and making sales using this platform can be difficult and may seem impossible at times. To make things worse, Instagram is coming down hard on automated engagement tools like Mass Planner and Instagress.

The overall engagement levels of most brand accounts have lessened due to the introduction of feed algorithms. The key is to get real Instagram followers for your brand and increase reputation. Here are 5 apps you can use to gain followers and draw incredible engagement.

1. Layout

Layout is an app that helps you remix your photos to create collages. The app is easy to use and gives you complete creative control. You will be able to edit your pictures and see them laid out in various combinations. This way you can create unique collages that are attractive and make an impact.

The app allows you to use up to 9 photos at a time, which can be combined to create one collage. You can preview these before posting them on Instagram. This app is perfect for anyone who is looking to showcase before and after images like hairdressers, interior decorators, hotel renovations and even cleaning products. You can use it to showcase behind the scenes shots of events, put up high-quality user-generated content, or highlight a series of new product releases. This app is free for iOS and Android.

2. Hootsuite Campaigns App

Hootsuite Campaigns appIf you are an enterprising business owner or social media manager, chances are that you’ve conducted a few contests or sweepstakes to promote your brand. According to a recent survey, 70% of Instagram users have taken part in an Instagram contest at least once or would be willing to if given the opportunity. This is where the Hootsuite Campaigns app comes in. It offers clients the ability to manage sweepstakes and concerts from within the Hootsuite dashboard. By using this app, you can select content for Twitter and Instagram Galleries, approve or decline photos and videos, filter comments left on your posts and check out analytics and participant data.

For instance, you could run a gallery contest on Instagram through the Hootsuite Campaigns app. An added advantage is that you can gather user-generated that shows your brand in a positive light. Using the app, you can also check out entries via @mention or hashtags and track campaign and participant data. It will even give you useful tips on how to run an Instagram contest and allows you enable commenting and voting on posts to improve engagement. It can be downloaded from the Hootsuite app directory and is free to use.

3. Captiona

Captiona app

People are 70% more likely to follow you if they have a strong positive reaction to your content. One way of making this happen is through the right Instagram captions. If you’re struggling to come up with funny or witty captions that have the potential to engage your audience, the Captiona app can help.

It is straightforward to use. All you need to do is enter a keyword that’s related to the post you plan on putting up, such as “travel” or “hotel.” The app will then generate an extensive set of results including catchphrases, quotes, and relevant sayings. The next step is equally simple. Just tap to copy the caption you like best and past it in the description bar of your Image. The key is to select the right caption that will drive engagement with your brand. The app is not free but costs only $0.99 on iOS.

4. Prime for Instagram

When it comes to Instagram posts, timing is critical. Fortunately, the app Prime for Instagram can suggest ideal times for users to post on Instagram. It makes use of a powerful algorithm to determine when your followers are online by processing thousands of data points. It can also give you useful information on their activity and engagement levels. Ultimately it will provide you with a comprehensive idea of the times to be posting on Instagram.

It will help you ensure that the maximum number of followers possible view your post. This is particularly useful when you have a high-quality post you want to showcase, a post containing important information like store hours or a new product announcement. It can also help you correctly time any high-level or time-sensitive statements that you want to share on Instagram. The Prime app will give you recommendations on the times that work best so you can meet your business and brand goals. It is free for iOS.

5. Later’s Visual Instagram Planner

Later's visual instagram plannerLater’s Visual Instagram Planner gives you a preview of the appearance of your Instagram feed with the posts you’re planning to put up. This way you can schedule posts taking the look of your feed into account. You can easily swap or rearrange photos to discover the ideal balance of posts for your page on Instagram. It gives you the flexibility to design and plan exactly what you want your feed to look like.

It is easy to use. All you need to do is drag and drop your photos into the Visual Instagram Planner. You can then rearrange them and get a preview of how they’ll look on your feed. Save your layout, schedule your posts and you’re done! This app is now available on phones as well, so you can plan your Instagram activity while you’re on the go.

Final Thoughts

Instagram is used by over 5 million businesses around the world to promote their products and services. With the insane level of competition involved, you need to find new ways for your brand to stand out. Fortunately, the Instagram apps mentioned about can make a massive difference to your engagement levels. Busy social media marketers can use these to build an audience, provide relevant content and engage with their followers effectively. They can save you tons of time while boosting the quality of your Instagram content.