So you’ve added Instagram to your marketing campaign mix? That’s a great idea! Especially since there are over 500 million active users on this social media platform. You could create appealing Instagram content using different quality services, but what is the point of it all if you don’t add the right hashtag, use contests or grow your followers with your marketing efforts? Don’t worry, we’ve rounded up these 10 tools that will improve your Instagram marketing for you.


Olapic is a marketing software that helps you curate the best content for your brand. In fact, it focuses on “earned content” where users take pictures and videos of your brand if they want to. You can then find images by real people that suit your brand. The software helps you to check for permission, rights to usage from these Instagram users. The software analyses your content and recognizes your best influencers, among other statistics.


As a marketer, there comes a point when you need to start using content other than your own. This is to increase your authority on your niche or to promote others. Either way, the repost app makes it easy for you to #repost images or videos of other people. You can give credit to the original creator too.


This tool is part of the Instagram family. It is a great application that lets you add 2-9 images in one frame! You need this tool if your business deals with real estate or make-up etc. This is because you can compile many pictures in a single frame, such as rooms in a new house you want to sell or rent. For maximum engagement with your audience, use this tool.


Do you handle multiple Instagram accounts? Do you handle many brands and clients at the same time? Do you have planned campaigns? If yes, then this is one tool that you really need. It will make all that scheduling easier for you. You can upload images and videos from your computer and post them directly. Or schedule your posts for later, on the dates you need them to be published. If you have a team of marketers, then you can even add multiple users and collaborate using this tool. You can see who makes the posts so it’s easy on accountability too.


This is an important tool for Instagram marketing. Iconosquare gives you a measurement of your marketing campaigns. So you get a graph that gives you an instant measure of how many followers you’ve gained, how many lost for content posted for a given period. This tool has other important features such as multi-account management, the feature to track comments and even UGC monitoring. The photo and video contest feature is very useful for marketing campaigns.


This is a tool to help you manage your Instagram followers. This tool helps you identify your unfollowers and also, users who’ve been inactive. This knowledge can help you unfollow these accounts if you want to and focus all your efforts on your active user database, instead.


We all know the power of using the right hashtags for any marketing campaign, right? All you have to do is type your keyword on the Tagboard search bar and it will give you results. You can personalize further by creating your own tagboard. Give it a title and a description. Sharing the link of your tagboard will enable users to see any updates. This is an important tool to do your keyword research as well. In fact, all the results you get for a hashtag, you could use them as part of your content curation strategy.

WishpondInstagram Contest

Running a hashtag contest became easier with the Wishpond app. All you need to do is feed in your hashtag and this tool will collate all the images and videos with the hashtag. You can also narrow down the search by adding a specification of the photo required for the hashtag. You can use this tool to run contests from your mobile as well. There are two ways you can use the built-in vote buttons, by email-confirmation or just a simple like-button. You can add contest features such as following your Instagram account and capture email addresses of voters for your database.


This is an easy and effortless tool that helps you edit your images with filters and also resize the images. The resizing feature is especially important as Instagram can bite parts off your original image to fit it with the app’s requirement.


Here is a great tool to enable your audience to buy from Instagram! You can build revenue and traffic in the most uncomplicated way. According to the stats provided on the website, the links referred by Like2Buy has people browsing your website 32% more than an average mobile consumer.


Alice Clarke is a content strategist and a passionate writer from TopAussieWriters. She loves hitchhiking and exploring new places for writing catching pieces.