Give Your Business A Breakthrough With These 4 Instagram Analytics Tools

Managing a social media platform can be tricky, especially if you are new to that platform. You have to understand what is “hot” right now and be up to date with the news, memes, Internet culture, etc. You must be a “guru” and try to control how your followers think and behave. After all, you must make them want your product.

There are ways you can achieve just that. By using your social media platforms and a couple of tools, you can analyze information regarding your followers, the most popular posts, their reach, etc.

Why Analytics Tools Are So Important for Your Business?

To answer that, you should do a simple math calculation. For example: if you have 100,000 followers on your Instagram account, how many of them do you think are really following you? How many do you think are interested in your product or at least engaged in what you have to say or show?

Sure, you can start by counting the number of comments and views, but that doesn’t give you any straight information. At most, you will get a fraction of your total number of followers that might be interested in your product or at least in what you post.

You may come to a false conclusion that your product doesn’t deserve to be advertised on this platform or that your product isn’t that great.

The answer to all these issues is to get some analytics tools to analyze the impact that your posts are making, your target audience, the number of comments and so on. Seriously, it’s like a secretary for your business, but it helps you with your Instagram data instead.

Analytics Tools Are So Important for Business

How Can These Tools Help My Business?

You might be doing great, but that comes from your perspective. But cold, hard data doesn’t lie. So, you will need extreme accuracy when it comes to advertising. With these tools, you will find the best times to post and discover what style gets the most engagement from your followers.

You will gain new insights and you will be more competitive towards other businesses a.k.a. your competition. With these tools, your will find your exact audience, what type of posts works best for your business and how your campaign is performing on Instagram.

You will also see what doesn’t work for your business or what performs poorly. All you need is patience and some testing. Do this until you craft your style of advertising and get the most out of your audience.

What Are the Main Instagram Analytics Tools I Could Use for My Business?

There are many analytics tools you can use. We selected the best we could find, four to be more precise. We will present each of them in the following paragraphs and we will discuss their pros and cons. Let’s begin:

Instagram Insights

No need for a third party application when the social platform where you advertise your business can offer a great tool. With this tool, you will find the necessary data regarding your followers. You will discover your highest engaging posts and when most of your followers are online. PS: That’s when your posts make the biggest impact.

Anyway, with this tool, you will get the basic information about the kind of content you need to create. The more information you get, the better your content will be and the better it will resonate with your audience. After a couple of great posts, your business may see a boost in sales, and you will know exactly why.

Insights can be accessed only from a business profile. Just tap on the chart icon seen at the top right corner of the app. On the screen, you will see last week’s insights. Still, you can also see statistics from the week before so that you can compare data. You can also check your reach, profile views, total impressions, and clicks.

By using Insights, you can also check your stats and top posts of your Instagram Stories from the last twenty-four hours. Swipe right to check your reach and swipe right again to see the number of website clicks.


The Instagram Analyser by Locowise will give you the accuracy you need. There are two versions of it, the free version and the paid one. For a more complete and extensive data sheet, the paid version is recommended.

It comes with a simple yet effective interface. The application will show you if the number of followers is increasing or decreasing. You can also check the engagement status.



Squarelovin Instagram Analytics Tool

If too much data isn’t your thing and it doesn’t justify the costs, Squarelovin might be the best third party application for you. This app will show information about your top posts and posts’ history by day, month or year. Likes and comments are also displayed.

You can check the top liked post plus the best and the worst times to post on Instagram. It is a very simple, yet useful tool. Don’t skip on it.




This application gained some popularity among Instagram users. It’s a free program that can help you decide which hashtag to use and what content needs to be posted less or more. With this software, you can also find out which is the best time to post, and you can check your top followers.

It will also remind you to engage with your top followers. Just visit the software’s web page, create an account and click on the “Start Your Checkup” for a free checkup.

We recommend searching for other applications as well. Use two or three applications to get an idea of how you are doing in terms of engagement, followers, and other data. You don’t need fancy servers or expensive software to analyze how your business is doing on social platforms.


So, these are the Instagram analytics tools that we consider to work best for businesses. If you couple them with other analytics and graph apps, and take into consideration all that data, your business will bloom in no time. Speaking of business blooming, you can also buy Instagram followers for an improved promotion of your product.