Instagram Experts Round-up – Getting Better Engagement On Instagram

Thanks to these social media experts, we have now a comprehensive collection of one-stop resources that people can use to instantly improve their Instagram footprint and get more engagement numbers than they thought possible.

While summarizing their thoughts, we find that most of them have echoed factors they feel are critical to getting more out of your Instagram feed. Let’s get the rundown on this, shall we?

Having A Pre-Loaded Strategy

When it comes to starting a campaign, most of us agree on the fact that planning is critical. Ivana, Dinis and Ali feel that you need to set a concrete approach before you start planning for your business to break into social media. Planning includes highlighting the focus of your Instagram feed, the demographic you need to engage, times of the day or how often you are going to post among a lot of other things.

You need to create a strategy and stick with it through a period of time before you bring in new changes. Work to create an image that people associate with your brand.

31 Social Media Experts Reveal Their Secrets For Increasing Engagement On Instagram

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Provide Value To People

You need to provide substance for your followers to keep them interested. What this means is that just posting pictures which do not align with your brand image or needlessly updating your feed just because you have to will have an adverse effect on your Instagram followers.

Sean, Pam, Jonathan and Sergio share the opinion that you need to offer your feed something that they can use before you are going to make them your ardent followers.

Communicate With Your Followers

Phil, Mike, Sandi and Ciaran tell us that the most critical point of the whole engagement exercise is… if you engage your followers first! You need to provide an outlet for them to interact with you on an equal platform. There are a lot of things you can do which involves your brand and your followers. One of the few ways is to run simple Instagram contests.

Contests are great for building up the rapport between people who are following you. You can even reward them for their engagement efforts!

Geoff tells us that you can also approach other like-minded people right on Instagram and increase engagement. Commenting and sharing photos from other Instagrammers is a good start.

Relevant Hashtags Are Critical

Hashtags are highly functional and useful in Instagram for connecting with your target audience. Just peppering your whole feed/post with hashtags is never good for your brand. Instead, treat hashtags as a strategic add-on to your feed and use them appropriately.

Mitt, Katie, Leye, and Michael all encourage you to spend time and narrow down the appropriate hashtags which you can then use on your feed. Certain powerful hashtags that identify with your brand can be used on a relatively consistent basis.

Build A Sense Of Community

It is very important to show the followers that they feel a sense of belonging and identify with your brand. To this end what you might do is re’Gram (repost) their pictures which shows them that you are willing to engage them if they provide meaningful or value added images you can share.

Dan, Krista, and Brent feel that a community that is fostered by your brand is one that will stand by it. You need to reply to their comments, interact with them and generally make them feel that you are invested in growing your community as well rather than using your feed as a simple broadcasting tool.

Unique Environment

There are many social networks out there and each one has something different to offer. If you are on multiple social media platforms, treat them independent of the other for best results.

Jason feels that if your brand has multiple social accounts, you need to take the time and effort to make them stand out from each other and tweak it so they offer completely different things to their respective audiences.

The Personal Touch

Your Instagram should be chock-full of content that totally relates to you and your brand. This gives it the personal touch that ultimately reflects your attitude towards your followers.

Larry tells us that you have to make it interesting enough so that your followers will wonder about the person behind it and hop on to visit your Instagram profile.

To Sum It Up

There are a myriad ways by which you can bring more engagement to your Instagram feed. Here is some of the best advice you can get online without signing up for an online session or two with other social media experts who are willing to share their knowledge with you.

These people have gone through the grind and were kind enough to share their experiences of brand building and increasing engagement on Instagram with us. This will save us the time and effort of barking up the wrong tree.