How Instagram Likes Can Help Your Business

While setting up a business might be tedious, what is even more difficult is trying to compete with established brands that have been around while you weren’t. While it might have been impossible earlier, it is definitely doable now if you have the motivation and the right tools.

One such force-multiplier is the social media platform. Earlier, it was used for keeping in touch with people who were geographically far away from each other, now has become a veritable powerhouse for various brands looking to compete.

Rise of Instagram marketing for business

Of the numerous social media platforms that are available currently, Instagram has emerged one of the most successful tools businesses have used to great effect marketing-wise. Being an image-centric platform, Instagram lends itself to increased exposure through captivating imagery and creative use of text as a descriptor.

As of now, Instagram is a platform that has 800 million subscribers on it currently. This number, 800 million people, is greater than the population of the United States, Indonesia, and Brazil, combined.

Instagram gives brands the reach across these many millions of people. If your brand has an interesting social media profile and if you play your cards right, social media websites like Instagram can help you hit the jackpot when it comes to getting more people aware of your brand.

Social media endorsements

Every social media has means by which users can react to the posted content – some way to let the poster know. This form of social endorsement is the new metric for social proof. If your brand has a lot of likes, it means that a lot of people approve of it and so it will generally tend to draw a positive reaction from the crowd.

The most popular names in the business have a huge number of likes because people in their niche endorse their content. If you are going to compete with the likes of them, you need to up your content creation game.

So, let’s go ahead and see how you can get more likes on Instagram and improve your business in the process.

Focus on quality instead of quantity

Focus on quality

There are a lot of people posting images on Instagram. To make yours stand out, you need to make sure that they are of high quality as well as aesthetically pleasing. While a lot of people use their mobiles to snap pictures for Instagram uploads, if you actually want to be taken seriously as a brand, you need to utilize better devices for capturing photos. For example, DSLRs can give you a completely new perspective when it comes to detail and depth compared to a mobile camera.

Caption game on point

A big part of engagement on Instagram comes not just from pictures, but also from captions. Interesting taglines and hashtags add that much more to images and do get shared around a lot as well. The ideal combination to get the most engagement would be great imagery and a creative bit of captioning to go along with it.

Keeping the look consistent

If you are looking at creating a brand-centric Instagram profile, you should formulate a theme your Instagram account is going to use. This aspect can range from choosing a few colors from a palette for your look and feel to selecting a particular filter type to your images. All your followers will begin to identify the combination of colors and filters with your brand.

Expand your audience

Expand your audience

A mistake that a lot of brands on Instagram commit is that they shoehorn themselves into a really small niche with no ways to expand outward from it. What you need to do is find creative ways to approach your marketing on social media. Take for instance Airbnb’s #WeAccept campaign. They came up with a unique campaign that had nothing to do with the election campaign or the new immigration policy, but through this campaign, they managed to get a lot of people interested in their Instagram account.

Feature follower images

People like to be recognized for their efforts, so make sure you do just that. If you think a particular image or caption deserves more love from you, go ahead and feature it on your feed. You could also try this with a contest – asking people to post images and choosing one of them to feature. People love it when their favorite brands interact with them, and this could go a long way towards getting more people on your Instagram feed.

Humor your audience

Humor is a huge part of improving customer interactivity and getting more engagement from people. People on Instagram are a light-hearted lot, and they definitely would share things that can make them laugh. Make sure that you are drawing from good vibes when it comes to humor and stay away from sensitive issues.

Watch for trending hashtags

A good part of getting good engagement from people who aren’t on your followers list is picking the right trending hashtag that goes well with your niche. Trending hashtags get a lot of coverage, and this means you need to make use of it so that you can get better exposure. For example, #avocado is a really popular hashtag and gets a lot of features across several niches.

Get an influencer on your roster

Influencers are people who have considerable social clout in your niche followers-wise as well as bankability. Reach out to relevant people in your niche and try getting them to endorse your product. You’ll stand to gain a lot of credit for your efforts as well as a portion of their follower numbers.


It is not easy to get noticed among the hundreds of brands that are on Instagram right now without needing a bit of help with social endorsements. iDigic can give you that boost with your brand’s social reputation and get more people interested in what you have to offer. A better social media outlook to your brand can have a positive effect on your revenue.