Creating a quality PR hub for your company is never an easy task. Think about it this way – the effects of PR are the face of your company, they are the first things anyone sees when they hear about you, your brand or potentially even the first time they explore your business niche. What this means is that a large portion of your clients will see your PR as your entire company. Now, there are many ways in which you can try and improve it, but none of them is so interesting, so innovative and even so rewarding as resorting to Instagram. With just a bit of knowledge and some effort on your side, you can easily turn Instagram into your company’s PR hub. Here are some general guidelines that may help you in doing so.

Presenting Your Staff

When you think about it, your company isn’t the product that you sell, it is not your logo or even your brand name. Your company are the people around you, your staff and with this knowledge you need to step forward. Probably the first thing you want to do in order to transform your Instagram profile into a proper PR hub is to present your employees. A group photo of entire company would be nice, but if you have separate teams their group pictures will do as well. Furthermore, this is also one of the ways in which you can make your employees feel appreciated. Finally, every time you have an addition to your company, your Instagram (like a true PR officer) needs to know about this first.

Presenting Your Products

Next thing you need to know is how to do is present your product (or service) online. Now, this is not nearly as difficult as it may seem and it is extremely effective. After all, they say that every picture is worth a thousand words, so finding a right way to showcase your product can be deal breaking. Of course, even though the visual aspect is paramount, this doesn’t mean that you should completely neglect the caption. Use this caption to either clarify what is in the picture, try to appeal to visual stimuli in another form or just to make a witty remark your visitors will know how to appreciate. Finally, not every side of product placement or brand design in general are as simple as it may seem. It often might be for the best if you were to outreach for some professional aid or even just advice.

Getting Involved

Another thing you want is for everyone to realize that you can see further than your paycheck, so make sure to take up a worthy cause on your PR Instagram page. There is abundance of relevant day-to-day issues that could use your help and this demonstration of your care may resound strongly amongst your target audience. Raising awareness about the fragility of our eco system and endangerment of certain species over your Instagram page is probably the easiest way to achieve this. Simply find the right artistic Instagram photo to post, be sensible and honest about the caption and there you have it. Simple, elegant yet relevant!

Important Moments

Last but not least, you also need to use your Instagram in order to mark some important moments in your company’s history into mementos. For starters, you can use this social network to announce any awards that you might have received or to give a feedback from events organized in your company, or participated by your employees. It is always best if these things look spontaneous so don’t take formal pictures of the ceremony. Portray your award hanging from the office wall and show your clients, partners and employees having fun time at these events for maximum effect. Either way, doing this is pretty much as good as PR gets.

In the end, Instagram (like any other social media platform) is but a tool and how you use it is what counts the most. With this in mind, if you wanted to turn Instagram into your company’s PR hub you could rightfully do so. Nevertheless, have in mind that its success in this niche will depend only on you. Your systematic approach, creativity and effort may make it or break it.