10 Tips Online Marketing Experts Don’t Tell You

The online marketing game is so dynamic that what may have worked last week, might be considered “outdated” today. Every trend and idea is fast-paced and super volatile because the virtual market itself is quite a volatile one. So, in such a market, how does a brand maintain its stance and make sure it doesn’t die out or get lost in the crowd? One can increase their views through http://www.idigic.net/buy-instagram-views/ and also focus on other forms of engagement, but establishing themselves first is more important.

A lot of tips and tricks talk about different ways to stay current and fresh, through content, digital material, tools, software and so on. Of course, even before you get technical and try to dissect and understand the digital market, you need to first understand some very basic tips that can go a long way.

Let’s look at these:

1. Placement matters

Let’s say there’s a new ad campaign you want to launch online, how do you decide when you’re going to launch it? The “when” matters a lot, especially if you’re targeting maximum reachability for your campaign. Studies have shown that the time slot that you choose to release your content has quite an impact on how well it performs. This factor has a lot to do with online traffic and movement during different times of the day.

Once you’ve picked your target audience, follow their time zone and try releasing your campaign either after 6 PM or before 10 AM. These time slots are said to have maximum social media traffic and can ensure more visibility for your campaign.

2. Social Causes

If there’s one sure shot way to stay current with content and grab people’s attention, it’s this: tap in on socially relevant issues. What this does is related to the EQ of your target audience. The internet is a place where social causes are constantly gaining footage and being talked about, so any brand which gets in on the debate (usually supporting the more popular side) tends to grab the attention of a larger group of people as well. Your association could be a hashtag or even a simple tweet, but it still does make a difference.

3. Quirky = Fresh

Brands don’t need to be conscious of being “controversial” or quirky anymore because that’s what sells the most. The online market is more open-minded and open-ended one, hence it is also more permeable to out-of-the-box content. Now, whether your campaign receives negative or positive publicity depends solely on what material you decide to go ahead with, but the publicity is pretty much guaranteed. Millennials call it “going viral”, marketers call it “joining the party”.

4. Don’t get stereotyped

When more than one marketing campaign belonging to the same brand is very similar, the audience is pretty quick to stereotype the brand. If the stereotype is a favorable one, no big deal. However, you might also risk being considered typical or boring, and that’s a heavy risk to take.

The solution? Switch it up whenever you can. Try to make each marketing concept a fresh one, while still keeping the main brand objective at the crux of it. Again, remember to not lose the essence of what makes your brand unique in the race to be the most dynamic one. There has to be a safe balance of the two.

5. Tech-savvy


New tech and software are being released on an almost daily basis, which means there’s a lot of brands to constantly update themselves on. Don’t fall behind, because tech matters just as much as content. Recent times have seen Augmented Reality and 360-degree videos becoming a huge trend, with even brands using it to market their products to people. Hence, it’s essential for any brand to get in on the action and stay current with tech advancements.

6. Collaborations are good

While competition in any market is a very important dynamic that will never cease to exist, but brands today have also realized the power of a “barter”. How does this work? Brand A offers photography, Brand B deals with travel. Hence, Brand A offers their solutions to Brand B, the whole Brand B offers extensive branding and promotion for Brand A. This exchange of services is a very potential and effective concept that even individual entrepreneurs have recognized. The more you collaborate, the greater you expand your reach; all of this works only when you’re okay with promoting another brand yourself.

7. Less formality, more inclusion

The infamous “comment section” on various social media platforms has opened up a new bridge between the audience and brands. It’s no more a “You are a consumer and I serve you” dynamic, at least not when it comes to communication. Consumers prefer brands that make them feel inclusive, by personally replying to their comments, sending them private messages, addressing them by their first name through email and direct texts, and so on. This creates an informal bond between the brand and the user, which in turn creates a sense of loyalty.

8. Real Testimonials

Celebrity endorsements do work, they probably always will, but endorsements by regular people aka non-celebrities is a very effective trend at the moment. When regular people testify for a product, it has a positive effect on the audience. It all comes down to relatability; the more genuine a review or testimonial feels, the more relatable it is for the audience. Hence, if you know that your product or service is working well in the market, you can always use freebies and giveaways to get honest testimonials in return and use that to market your brand.

9. Contests

winning contests

Who doesn’t like winning contests?

Contests are instrumental in engaging your audience with your brand launches and product lines, and also creating a connection and enthusiasm amongst your target audience. Always make sure your contests are authentic and interactive if you want to create organic engagement.

10. Don’t overdo it

Whatever you do, don’t overdo it! A brand that tries too hard ends up becoming monotonous and repetitive. Which is why quality and quantity need to hang in a safe balance with online marketing. No matter how often you market yourself, make sure it’s worth the hype you’re looking to create!