PrivateInsta – A Groundbreaking Instagram Tool

Instagram is a photo-sharing application that allows users to share photos and videos either publicly or privately. The Facebook developed application was launched in 2010 and has rapidly grown in popularity, attaining over 700 million subscribers by 2017.


Instagram was initially purely a photo-sharing service. Today, over 40 billion photos have been uploaded to Instagram. Video sharing was introduced in 2013. Instagram is very popular with young people, with the majority of the users believed to be below the age of 35. It has also become popular for brand publicity.

Instagram permits users to link different accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. One can opt to set their account as private, which will only allow those who follow the person access to their photos and videos.

Instagram also permits users to block other users whom they consider a nuisance to them or whom they want to keep their content away from.

Users can block parents, spouses, past lovers, employers and colleagues. Some people block their lovers or spouses when they are away from them. This is usually in an effort to keep them from knowing what they are up to.

Instagram Privacy Concerns

The Instagram privacy setting has been an area of concern especially with parents, more so after Instagram came under criticism because some users mainly in the United States posted photos of illicit drugs which they sold on platforms such as WhatsApp.

Instagram and Business

Employers are increasingly concerned that their employees could leak confidential information, especially if they are disgruntled.

In a world that is becoming more and more competitive by the day, businesses are always watching what their competitors are doing in an effort to stay ahead.

Parents’ Concerns about Instagram

There have been attempts by concerned parties to use apps that promise to permit peeping into private accounts. This is especially important among parents who are concerned about the safety of their teenage children while online.

Others are keen to peep at the accounts of their lovers and spouses to ensure that they are not sharing photos and videos with clandestine lovers.

Introducing PrivateInsta


No need to crack your head wondering how to hack into someone’s Instagram account for we have the perfect solution for you.

PrivateInsta is an application that enables users to view Instagram accounts whose settings are private, without having to follow those accounts or to even get approval. This simple to use application is compatible with both computers and hand-held devices.

By using a proxy, one can view any profile without leaving any trace that can give clues to the person being stalked.

Easy to Use

Unlike some of the competitors’ services that require downloading of software onto one’s device and entering one’s personal information, with this browser based application, one can view any account without the need to download or install the application.

Simply visit the website and enter the username of the Instagram account to be viewed. Within seconds you have access to every single private photo that user has posted.


Companies can make use of this application in order to dominate the market. PrivateInsta offers companies an opportunity to peep into the accounts of their potential customers. By getting to know how they use their accounts, companies can tailor-make their marketing messages to communicate effectively with them.

Companies can also have access to what their competitors post on Instagram even when the accounts are set as private. They can also get access to useful information by viewing the photos of staff members of the competition.


Users of the PrivateInsta application can view private Instagram accounts while protected with a proxy such that they will not be traced. Visits to any profile can never be traced back to you.

Safety of the user is even more assured because one does not need to enter personal information such as email address or telephone number, or Instagram account information.

The PrivateInsta site is SSL secured. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is technology that establishes an encrypted link between a web server and a browser in order to ensure that all data remains private.

SSL is standard practice to secure data transfers, logins and credit card transactions. It has assumed importance in recent times for security while browsing social media sites.


This one of a kind application works no matter what device one is using. It works with Windows, Android and other operating systems.

Why Use PrivateInsta?

There are hundreds of millions of Instagram users and one cannot follow all of them. With the upsurge in cyber-crimes and as people are becoming more and more wary of their safety while online, it is becoming harder to accept requests from unknown people.

Sometimes one comes across a profile that seems to have relevant content that could be beneficial to the user in some way, including professionally.

The account could be set to private thus locking out that user from the content. Requesting to follow would most likely be met with rejection so PrivateInsta permits the user to have access to those photos anonymously.

Sometimes one actually knows the person whose photos they wish to view and the request to follow them would probably be accepted but time is of the essence. With Instagram allowing disposable content as happens with Snapchat, delays can mean missing out on some content.

When the need to view certain content is urgent, waiting several days for approval is clearly not the way to go. That is when PrivateInsta comes to the rescue.

Unlimited Access

There is no limit to the number of private accounts one can view using the PrivateInsta application. Proxy is refreshed with every new entry so there is no way to track one’s activities on this site.


The world is becoming very competitive and timely access to information can make the difference in many different situations. PrivateInsta enables you to have fast, secure and reliable access to unlimited Instagram content.

Let PrivateInsta take all the headaches from you about how to access content that is set at private. Unlike many other applications on the market that promise but don’t deliver, PrivateInsta actually works and there are countless testimonies from satisfied users.