7 Reasons Why Your Instagram Followers Aren’t Buying your Products

Instagram is becoming a frontrunner in a way to reach out to possible customers and to sell them on your brand and product. Instagram is a great way to reach a larger market in a quick, visual way. Because Instagram is considered a social storefront it is a way to interact with users to get them to be shoppers!

It can be difficult to sell products on Instagram, but I have gathered up important tips for you to get more buyers for your product! Trust me when I say you will not have to buy Instagram followers with my tips, and you will be able to generate more sales through your social storefront.

1. Don’t Buy Instagram Followers

Seems pretty straight-forward, right? But if you buy Instagram followers, it could greatly affect your actual engagement results. I believe in quality over quantity (although to have both is great, too) when it comes to Instagram engagement. For example, some users have around 40k followers, but maybe only 1000 of them actually engage using comments or likes. This is sometimes the direct result of buying Instagram followers.

Besides, likes and comments do not always translate to buys, so you want to be sure that your followers are actively engaged in your Instagram products. Also, it is best if they organically follow you, but trust me, I understand the appeal of buying followers to see your follower count go up. Do not cave just yet! Read the rest of this article and find free ways to improve your sales.

Don’t Buy Instagram Followers

2. It is not clear what you’re selling

This seems like another given, but sometimes we need a second eye to let us know if our products are really translating through our photos. When getting started, it is okay to ask friends or colleagues for an opinion on your photos or feed. Or if you want to get creative, you can open up a focus group to see what other users think about the message you are sending.

Having nicely edited and clear photographs are important to showcase what you are selling, as well. Take the time to arrange your photos in different ways for different outcomes. I also suggest investing in good lighting (or if you’re lucky enough to have wonderful natural lighting, that works!) when taking your photos since it really makes a difference!

Also, a great way to be clear about what products your Instagram offers is through your captions. It is okay to have a paragraph in your caption, as long as all the information is important to selling the product! It is also okay to mix it up for your followers so you’re not always doing a hard sell on each photo.

3. They aren’t finding you through hashtags

I cannot stress how important hashtags are. Having a set of hashtags that you add to your photos is a great idea, especially ones that are specific to your brand! But you should also use hashtags that make sense for the photo that you post! If you are selling #SkinCare or #MaxiDresses, it does not hurt to add a hashtag so users can find your product easily! Or you could do a fun #TGIF post on Fridays to attract other users to start engaging with you!

Whatever you do, just be sure it isn’t out of context. You do not want to be hashtagging #Athleisure if you are selling makeup. Funnel the right traffic to your page and get people buying!

finding you through hashtags

4. There are no links to the product page

A quick and easy way to link your product page is in your bio. Most of the time when I find a product I like, I usually check out the bio portion to directly link to the website. This probably defeats the purpose of spending time editing pictures for some of you, but trust me, you want to have different ways to engage and catch a wide variety of your followers.

Having a link in your bio to your page is the easiest way to ensure that someone actually visits your product page! Instagram also has a new “Shop Now” feature attached to photos, but if you are just getting started or want to see how an easy link will drive sales, I would suggest adding the link to your bio first along with a quick description of your brand.

5. Your Target Audience isn’t clear

Speaking of brand, sometimes people won’t buy what you’re putting out because your brand’s story isn’t clear. When you have an idea of what type of person would buy your product, you will be better at catering your photos to that story line. Before going back to your Instagram, I would suggest really considering what type of story you’re trying to tell with your brand and who your target audience is. When you’ve prepared a solid idea of what that is, go through your Instagram and ask yourself if all the photos show a complete brand story or if you should cut some things out.

Once you have a story, it is always easier to figure out what to post and how to portray things!

Target Audience

6. You Aren’t Being Consistent

I’m not just talking about types of photos you post, but also scheduling. You need to have a consistent schedule to stay relevant to your followers. If you take a whole week off, you may lose some followers or their interest. You want to be actively engaging the people that follow you as often as you can.

7. You’re Not Reposting

There’s definitely power to the repost! When you repost other users that either tag you in their content or just fit what you have going for you, you can attract other users, as well. Reposting is a powerful tool that also helps with your content and humanizes the brand! If you repost, do not overdo it, but definitely take some time to give shoutouts to other users that you admire or that admire you.