The Internet is the one place we learn how to put on a winged eyeliner, and we talk about the new foreign policies of the Trump administration. In less than ten years, the internet has gone from cute cat pictures to the core of a company’s marketing policies. Marketing and finances can find immense hidden potential in the social platforms and social networking services.

High time you jumped on the social media bandwagon

About 92% of all online shoppers use Internet for checking out company reviews, ratings and product details. Almost all businesses on Yelp have better business thanks to their online presence and reviewing system. Social media plays a crucial role in the finances of a company. Currently, almost all companies take social media policies into account, while drafting their digital media marketing strategies.

Most finance companies have a strong online presence. However, they do not have an active social media presence. Yes, there is a huge difference between the two. Social media platforms will help finance companies to engage directly with their target audience. This is very advantageous for any loan refinancing company or debt relief company. Building a social media account that takes an interest in activities of the target group and interacts actively helps in creating a human image. This works for the loan refinancing and debt consolidation companies.

Financial institutions and finance companies have a few duties towards their audience. They should be able to listen to us directly, they should be able to understand our demands, and they should be able to protect our interests. This is impossible unless the company representatives plunge into the market to directly interact with the needs and demands of their target groups.

What can you do?

If you want to change how your company interacts with its audience, you can try a social listening tool. This is like a window into the world of your clients. A social media listening tool will let you monitor online conversations involving your brand. You can listen to everything people are saying about your financial institution by sitting in the comforts of your office or home. You can respond to critics or just reply to a customer query. Social media monitoring tools are the magic wands of success.

Social mention tools bridge the gap between customer demand and appropriate financial aid. Here are six essential social listening tools you can check out to boost your client engagement –

Social Mention

Social Mention is the 360-degree solution to your customer engagement problems. You can learn about brand mentions and interact with your clients in a visual format.
Find your brand USPs, the reach and the impact by only checking the Social Mention analytics reports once a day. You can also learn the top keywords, hashtags, and users from this tool. You can stay on top of all the latest trivia will an updated RSS feed.


This is the top social listening tool for all social media including Twitter and LinkedIn. TalkWalker can give you brand mention alerts and tell you how and when these mentions occur. You can learn about engagement levels of your posts, reach of the posts and influencer marketing effects in real-time. The TalkWalker is the star of contemporary social listening tools. You can narrow down the data by type, quantity, frequency, and name. Enjoy the complete take on social listening with the TalkWalker.


We should start by saying that Mention offers a 14-day trial period. This is ideal for most social media marketers as they have tried and tested hundreds of tools by now to find one that perfectly fits the bill.

Mention is a powerful new tool that can monitor millions of sources at the same time. It can interact with the users in 42 different languages. It is an excellent way to completely visualize your online presence. You can even export all analytics data in PDF and CSV formats to share it with your team.


The simplicity and nutritive quality of Hootsuite make it the favorite of many web marketers. This is one of the most common social mention monitors. Hootsuite will help you track mention on all popular social media sites.

You need to add a stream, select keyword (company name or product name) and add the account number. Add the stream after you are done with the keyword or phrase.


This is a new kind of a search engine that helps you track brand mentions. It helps you find social insights from the conversations, forum discussions and top comments related to your brand. You can choose to sort by photos, videos, tweets, and links.

Topsy is better than TalkWalker and Mention just because it offers a more comprehensive service. The visualization options are complete. You can choose to focus on the top influencers and ignore the rest.

Why do you need social mention tools?

Debt relief and consolidation are a tricky business. It provides the rare opportunity to debtors to start afresh. While consolidation, management, and refinancing are practical ways to deal with debts. They are not a destination. The destination is a debt-free life, and smart debt management is simply a way for your clients to achieve it. Many consumers seek debt refinancing and management services, and yet spiral back to the abyss of bad credits and surmounting debts. This is a product of personal choice rather than bad debt relief options.

All finance companies need to be very wary of social mentions. They have many disgruntled clients who may be complaining all over a social media platform about the company’s “ineptness.” It is very common for finance companies to create personal animosity. Whether it is a refused customer or a derelict client, you have the risk of defamation every waking moment. You need to monitor what your customers are saying and where they are saying it. This will also help you curate the positive reviews on your company website.