iDigic’s Bi-Annual Internet Marketing Scholarship

Create Content Which Can Win You $1000!

student1Since the advent of social media close to a decade ago, the global marketing landscape has had a huge change. Traditional methods have taken a backseat to complete digitization of this niche.

This has brought about with it a transformed mode of marketing that is not only more responsive to various factors but also cost effective.

Internet marketing is a global phenomenon that is propelled by the success of social media platforms. People can identify, then choose to tag or buy what they want within seconds.There are even ways to get more fame on the internet. Celebrities and other people around the world choose to buy Instagram followers, Twitter Retweets and Facebook Likes to increase their social media game.

At iDigic, we are constantly on the lookout for fresh ideas and this is why we have been sponsoring Bi-Annual scholarships for all students who are currently engaged with their courses.

What You Should Do

We would like you to get cracking on an essay with what you think will be the biggest changes that come up and about with these new services and connectivity.

In about 500 – 1500 words, give us your thoughts about the following title

The title for the Summer scholarship of the year 2017 (Jun-Jul):

  • The Evolution Of Social Media As A Marketing Platform For Young Entrepreneurs

The title for the Winter scholarship for the year 2017 (Nov-Dec):

  • How Instagram Has Changed People’s Perception Of Social Media

What’s In It For You?

We will pick 3 winners, and they will win $1000 each!

The prizes will be sent to the financial aid office of your institution.

Scholarship Details In Brief

Total Scholarship value: 

$3000 / 3 students


Full-time students currently engaged with studies

One entry per student. Can enter both scholarships.


Prizes awarded by:

iDigic Internet Marketing

Reach us for more info at:

[email protected]

Summer Scholarship Of The Year 2017

Submission Deadline: June 15th, 2017

Winners will be chosen: June 30th, 2017

Scholarship will be sent: July 15th July 30th, 2017

Winter Scholarship Of The Year 2017

Submission Deadline: November 2017*

Winners chosen by: November 2017*

Scholarship will be sent: December 2017*

*exact dates will be updated

Eligibility for participation

  • We’re looking for students from full-time courses, enrolled with colleges and universities.
  • Students can apply for both scholarships butonly one entry per scholarship. Multiple entries will be ignored.
  • Open only for students in the 18 – 24 age group, we also require proof of the same.
  • You need to notify your college or university’s financial aid office and send us the address of the same.
  • Your correspondence should be accompanied by your student identification number.
  • Submissions should be in English.
  • Students with misleading/false information will automatically be disqualified without further notice.

Appeals against the decisions made will not be entertained.

Friends and relatives of iDigic are automatically not eligible for this contest.

By entering you are authorizing iDigic to use your content at its discretion for publishing or for marketing purposes without requiring permission from the writer.

Submission And Entry

  • Entries for eligible candidates are completely free.
  • You can use the form below to submit your content.
  • Along with your submission in the document, please add the following details
    • Name of college/university
    • Course engaged
    • Proof that you are currently studying
  • Your college/university email address

You will judged based on various attributes like clarity, style, use of words, using data to support claims, etc. Make strong points regarding trends currently and extrapolate them to paint a picture of the future.

Your personal details along with the submission will not be disclosed to other parties.

All the best!

Number of Applications Received: 286

iDigic’s Bi-Annual 1000$ Internet Marketing Scholarship Winners 
Recent Scholarship Winners :

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Hung Choi

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The answer is: a huge help! Considering that education is pretty expensive you need to make sure that you secure some other means of making ends meet, so to speak. I used to save up money, and I’m still going to. But this windfall has been a huge help and will encourage other people to participate and give their best at it.  Read more