hung-choiCould you share a bit about yourself with us?

I’m from the Tampa, Florida which I think is one of most relaxing places to live on the planet! I live with my parents and 2 of my brothers who are into sports. Me, being the one who like heavy, contact sports went with the quieter option, reading. I used to read a lot of books and that was my initial spark into the world of writing. My dad always used to encourage each of us kids at what we do, be it sports or reading or singing. His only condition was that whatever we did, we’d give a 100 percent!

What was going through your mind when you found out that you’d won?

I was at my friend’s place just catching up with a few of my friends when my dad called up on the phone. When he told me about this, I could scarcely believe my ears! I knew that I’d given the test my all but to win it among the 2543 people that took it was quite a bit more than unbelievable. When I went home, I was so overjoyed that I shed tears of joy. It might have been hard preparing and writing for it, but in the end it was all worth it.

How much of a help is this scholarship award of $1000?

Tuition fees are a big part of savings when your kid has to attend the best college in the city or state. This is the singular factor that determines how good of a college or university you can get into. So every little bit helps. Most times, it’s a lot to ask of our parents to save up that much so we get busy with writing tests and scholarships.

Any thoughts on the test that you would like to share?

Rather than being direct and boring, your test was a lot more relaxed and fully gave me the scope to experiment with my writing boundaries. Whoever wrote up these questions definitely did a great job with them and it shows, because over 2500 people took it.

What do you think about the difficulty of finding scholarships in the US?

Not just in the US, but I believe that getting a scholarship anywhere is going to be an uphill task. But more so in the US because the education system has a lot of competition and so it’s really difficult to get through. Not everyone can afford the best colleges.

What were your options to add more to your college funds?

Our best shot at getting some finances was part time jobs. But taking up these jobs meant that we were not able to take up classes we wanted or finish those assignments in time unless we slept really late. It definitely wouldn’t have been easy to just get by with cash from a part-time job. I’m really grateful that I was able to win this opportunity for a better education.