It is sometimes necessary to buy Instagram followers, that is, if your intention is to market your brand or affiliate product to followers. But then, this should be done in a stealthy manner. In fact, it is advised that before you even begin to purchase any number of followers from social media exchangers or sellers, one should endeavor to gain followers organically. Buying Instagram followers is not acceptable in reality, and it could be a major turn-off for your loyal followers to see a sudden sharp increase in followers within a very short while; this might prompt them to unfollow you, which of course, is counterproductive. The tips below will help you in getting value for your money if you decide to go the route of buying Instagram followers, instead of garnering them steadily.
When you visit any Instagram follower sites, try and make sure you read their terms and conditions. Study it to know what is required from any user of their services, and if it is favorable to you a buyer, or not. Do not limit yourself to just one Instagram follower site; visit as many as you can, comparing the prices and the authenticity of the followers they intend to sell to you. Of course, we don’t want our followers to just vanish without warning literally overnight, do we? Certainly not. Make sure the terms of guarantee are correctly spelt out and understood by you. If not, contact their customer service department by email or phone call.

Do not buy Instagram followers in bulk. If you do, your loyal followers are likely to notice this, and may decide to unfollow you. Bad for business, don’t you think?
Be cautious when you choose to purchase Instagram followers. Do not just assume or believe your followers are dumb enough not to notice that your follower status has suddenly increased too rapidly for it to be organic. This may get you some backlash, which will not bode well for your Instagram account.

Social media experts also advise that if you have to purchase Instagram followers, then purchase Instagram likes as well. This is to dispel the thought that you do not have a real following. The wise thing to do is to buy the likes within a few hours of your post, and you will definitely see your photos or videos rise in popularity.
Take care also to delete comments that are spam. This is to avoid looking like a spam account to other users of Instagram, or your followers.

Protect yourself! Make sure you credit card is secured. Always check you statements in order to detect any fraudulent act, that is if the site you purchased Instagram followers is a fraudulent website.
Being a very active member of the Instagram community by posting photos, taking the time and effort to find and comment on or like your followers’ images makes it more likely for people to reciprocate. Though it may take time, it is definitely worth it building your follower base organically than by buying Instagram followers.