The influence of social media in today’s world has become so pervasive that every business of note cannot overlook. As a present –day marketing medium, it is only reasonable that you understand what to do with social media in order to optimize your returns.

As new technologies evolve, some old tools remain trustworthy. However, other new ones are efficient and should be highlighted for the benefits they offer. There is nothing wrong with improving on your tools if you are desirous of the best returns on your inputs.

These 7 excellent tools are my recommended picks:

1. SproutSocial


This tool is browser-based and is efficient for social media management processes. There are basic goals that you are able to realize when you use Sproutsocial. The prominent outcome from using this tool is the opportunity to improve on and manage customer relationships.

This tool easily integrates with such platforms as LinkedIn, SalesForce, Twitter, GooglePlus and ZenDesk. As a result of easy integration, you are enabled to sync elements of relationships, customer support, interactions and strategy on a dashboard.

For example, if you were asked a question on your Instagram page, it will be easy for you to repost it, answer and generate a customer support ticket. This makes it easy not to lose track of important feedbacks and your customer service and follow this up with ease.

On SproutSocial, it is easy to use the Smart Inbox in aggregating all vital correspondence and notifications in a stream. Since you do not have to switch between gadgets and platforms to get this done, time and resources get saved.

Your vital alerts on brand notifications and keywords can also show up in the smart inbox so that you have no restrictions to the pace of your workflow.

This tool is not free and you need to pay at least $59 each month for every user with options to upgrade to enterprise-level subscription.

2. Babbly

Any content that can go virile helps your marketing goals and is worth recognizing in your business drive. Babbly will help get your content out to a wider audience when it shares your post within its community.

The ease of use of Babbly is commendable and you only need to enter the links you want to share and the platform helps to get it amplified. There is no restriction for desktop or mobile use. This makes it possible for your content to be viewed across several devices and platforms.

3. Sendible


The Sendible can be conveniently used for content marketing management from one dashboard. It is browser-based with scheduling functions that enable you aggregate your channels and compose content as you desire.

Whether you just want to manage your family of blogs or accounts on social media channels, this tool is a utility you can employ. You are also given insights on the best post scheduling that will deliver optimal engagement and yield expected results.

If you work with a team, it will be possible to draw up a work calendar and assign roles to team members from the dashboard. There is also a CRM module that helps you manage records of your customers.

Users of Google Drive, Dropbox, WordPress and Blogspot have realized how easy it is to use this tool. It is deployed for creation, management as well as publishing of preferred content. This robust integration edge provided Sendible, makes it a tool of choice.

There are several layers of service that can be accessed with Sendible and it suits individuals as well as corporates. The range of subscriptions starts from a monthly $59 fee and can be customized for use to suit your team size.

4. Hootsuite

Hootsuite will enable you to manage up to 25 social network channels at any time. You can add Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and other accounts to it for concise management.

The scope of customization begins from the dashboard so that what gets streamed will be what you need or allow. It can also be used to schedule your posts for the various social media channels you desire.

The use of conversation maps is enabled by UberVu on Hootsuite so that the trends and keywords of interest can be aggregated for your use. It also makes it possible to track influencers in your field of endeavor and you can visualize them in real time conversation maps. If optimized, this tool provides a lead on how to get followers on Instagram and other social networks.

As a team management tool, you can grant permission levels you decide on to team members; assign roles and create content. You are placed to see all the content created so that you can approve and schedule them for publishing as you desire

Hootsuite offers a free plan that only allows for three profiles on social media channels. You can choose the paid option starting from a monthly fee of $9.99. You can decide to upgrade to enterprise-wide plans as you wish.

5. Cyfe

Cyfe provides analytics across several platforms. It is suitable for use by individuals, small businesses and the big time players. On Cyfe, you have a dashboard optimized to save and retrieve data when needed. If you decide to review your saved data, it is easy to do here on the customizable dashboard.

It integrates with AdWords, Google Analytics, brand mentions SEO and other analytic programs. You will be served detailed reports by Cyfe when you need them. You are also enabled to boost business intelligence so that you are up to speed with competitors and trends.

6. MavSocial


This software is primed as a content management and social engagement with an optimized visual edge. It is imbued with tools that integrate the likes of Tumblr, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouKu, among others.

This tool makes it easy to review images, manage and upload them when you need to across platforms. It is a multimedia tool that allows you save, edit and upload data as well as text.

There is also the advantage of a photo editing suite that can enable you to edit images to suit your brand when it is time for content marketing. While on the dashboard, you can access sites like Getty Images and purchase images of your choice.

You can set up a campaign on MavSocial in order to outline your goals and long term objectives for any content creation and marketing campaign. When you have created text and images, you can export them in customizable formats as you desire.

The free plan for MavSocial allows you 2 social media channel profiles alongside other helpful tidbits. When you upgrade, you have the privilege of the unrestricted features to enjoy.

7. AgoraPulse

On this tool, you have a toolbox that suits Twitter content creation and scheduling. It also suits Facebook with all the necessary functions. It aids content composition, analytics, reporting and provides competitor insights.

AgoraPulse comprises several applications for quizzes, contests and other promotional events. This tool is well-suited for those who run contests often and it is extremely time-saving.

AgoraPulse also aids influencer identification and other moderating functions. You can view stored data and export to the CRM software you have installed.

Agora Pulse functions can be enjoyed at an access fee of $29 monthly, alongside other free tools that will excite you.

Apart from these, if you are looking to maximise your follower count in a very short time, then tools like iDigic will be of great help.