Social Media Scheduling – Get the Extra Edge

Social media continues to transform how people connect, interact, and do business. In this shifting commercial landscape, it has become imperative for brands to keep up with trends in social media marketing. Such an Internet savvy approach will enable businesses to take maximum advantage of such advances and gain a significant edge over their competitors.

Social media makes up a large part of company marketing strategies today. The main tenet of marketing has always been to go where your target market is. And target audiences that span across all demographic groups are mostly found online. Thus, brands can only stay visible and relevant if they keep the millions of social media users engaged.

However, the theory might just be easier than its execution. With so many social media platforms available today, how do you stay on top of every account? How can you use social media effectively to make it work for your brand? Lastly, how can you do all this without burning out? That is the focus of this article.

Social Media Scheduling and Why You Need It

In the early days of social media marketing, it was imperative to have at least one dedicated employee managing and regularly updating a brand’s social presence. Now, the multitude of these platforms makes it easier to drive up business prospects on the one hand. On the other, however, it has made it more difficult and confusing for brands to have a cohesive image across all the platforms.

This is where social media scheduling comes in. While marketing through social platforms is vital for businesses today, it can be a very time-consuming process. It is easy for entrepreneurs and small business owners to feel overwhelmed and struggle with the commitment it demands. The process of social media scheduling allows you to plan ahead.

Social Media Scheduling

Scheduling keeps you from dropping the ball, makes your marketing efforts more focused, and allows you to communicate with your audience in a more meaningful way. Using dedicated curation and aggregation tools, you are now able to schedule all your social media updates beforehand. They let you create a list of posts at once, and determine the exact time they should be uploaded.

For harried entrepreneurs and marketers, social media scheduling has been a godsend. Not only do these tools eliminate worry, but they also save you a lot of time and effort. They maintain a long lost convenience in running social accounts, allowing you to focus more on converting the resultant leads to actual business.

These tools are also very helpful if your target audience is located in different time zones or you are unavailable when it is time to post. They will help you engage with target markets in new and creative ways. They also give you a great easy to keep track of the results of your audience.

How to Choose the Best Social Media Scheduling Tool

With all these benefits, you are no doubt keen to begin social media scheduling immediately. All you need is the right tool. However, it is prudent first to know some key terms that will help you choose the best scheduler for you:

1. Curation tools

These allow you to find and gather content from across various websites, organize it, and repost it. This option is best if you are looking for content types that you can add to your posts.

2. Aggregators

These are organizing tools that you use to monitor all your social accounts. They let you prepare your posts and then schedule them. They also measure your overall online performance. Aggregators are vital tools for those who want to target their audiences effectively through social media.

3. Bookmarking tools

These help you bookmark interesting posts that you notice on other platforms. In this way, it then becomes easier to find this information when you want to repost it.

A good scheduler also lets you manage a number of social media accounts, track your messages, and analyze how effective your ad campaign has been. The most popular of these tools are the aggregators. This is because they provide you with the widest range of services.

However, the best way to choose one tool is to decide what you want social media to do for your brand. Do you want your audience to interact with you? Or do you want them to see your product as trustworthy? Alternatively, you might want people to view your brand as trustworthy. Having this in mind will help you create more focused and effective posts.

Top 3 Social Media Scheduling Tools

1. Buffer

Buffer Social Media Scheduling Tools

Buffer gives you more than a sleek interface and easy analytics. It also allows you to share various types of content to multiple social platforms, all from a single central dashboard. This tool also has an extension on Google Chrome. This allows you to share on multiple networks simultaneously. Furthermore, it offers novices exceptional advice and case studies to help everyone use this tool more effectively.

2. Feedly

This great tool lets you automate content ideation. Through an RSS feed, you are able to look through posts from your favorite influencers or writers. By knowing what the trendsetters are talking about, you will be able to stay on top of the game. You can also use this knowledge to influence your own content strategy and posting schedule.

Best of all, Feedly integrates with other scheduling tools, allowing you to adjust posts directly from your dashboard. This tool can save you the time spent on internet browsing to find great content.

3. Social Clout

Social CloutWhile getting a lot of “likes” and “shares” on social media is a great result, understanding which kind of posts get more engagement is even better. This gives you a hint of how your audience thinks and what kind of content they like to see. Social Clout lets you do this and more. It is an analytics tool that is designed to track engagement on posts. It is and so unique in that Social Clout is also able to calculate ROI on social media. This means it can show you comprehensively which demographic engages more with your posts, and which platform best converts your visitors to customers.


Social media scheduling is an innovative way to streamline your brand’s social media campaign. It is an important part of marketing because it keeps you well organized and stress-free. With any one of the service tools, you can be able to create catchy campaigns that will get you the desired results.