A careful scrutiny of big brands shows the effort they have put into social media marketing. This is further highlighted by many published reports that have highlighted the quick-wins. The efficiency of social media marketing throws up higher conversion rates than outbound marketing.

The bottom-line is that social media has become a marketing tool of choice irrespective of the market you desire to reach. Apart from the branding boost, you also have a better chance to grow your business turnover and profitability.

Failure to have a social media account for business purposes is like sticking to analog in a digital age. This is obviously an omission that no one can endure if the strategies of big brands are to be emulated.

Basic Social Media Objectives

A few persons might still be caught wondering about what social media can do to their marketing efforts and here are a few hints:

i. Redefined Customer Service
The social media has a double-edged sword effect and it actually works both ways. Many people can throw tantrums and poor feedback with ease before you blink. This requires that you have a mechanism in place to respond promptly to customer outbursts in an efficient manner.

ii.Traffic Boost
All businesses have a website these days and this gives them a front to project what they have to offer to the public. Traffic count is not just in the sheer numbers as it also provides sufficient grounds for new customers. In this regard, getting the fitting traffic can incorporate organic and inorganic methods. You can buy Instagram followers to boost your traffic count among other possible tools.

iii. Sales Boost
The social media started out as a front for interaction and leisure, but it has since become a medium for social selling as well. A new crop of customers are springing up by the day and they are keen on interaction, a personal touch, and transparent dealings. If you show empathy in today’s social media age, you are more likely to earn more customers.

iv. Boost Marketing List
While many see email marketing as traditional, it has maintained its role as a means for effective sales reach. Your leads are kept updated with what you have to offer and other cutting –edge developments. Interaction is a sure way to boost your marketing list as it gives you access to new leads while touching base with the existing ones.

Five Important Strategies

When you get your objectives as clear as outlined above, you need to work on your strategies as follows:

1. Study Your Competition
Social media demands and intricacies are important if you are going to make a mark on this plane of unconventional marketing. If you are able to note and evaluate what the competition is up to, you have a chance of succeeding.

Their approach, tactics and forays on social media can easily be uncovered as online footprints are open for exploration if you know what to do. This will give you a clear idea on what works, what is trending and the kinds of results to expect.

To begin with, you need to identify your top competitors starting with at least three of them. You need to analyze the content they have on their social media networks and the strategy they deploy. You can sort out their fan base as well as the metrics associated with their posts.

While you pay attention to the post pattern, a look at the engagement patterns is crucial here. A number of tools are available online to enable you to glean the needed details to help you fashion out your strategy. Take a look at the likes, reposts, favorites and retweets so that you can get a clear picture of where you stand in the fray.

2. Have a Team in Place
Whether you are looking at developing an in-house team or farming out the job to a marketing firm, a team is indispensable here. The days of haphazard or blind efforts are over as every step in social media marketing is open for evaluation at any time.

The importance of a team is to make sure that resources are channeled in the required direction in a coordinated and optimal manner. If you have an in-house team, make sure there are identified hands working on content creation, brand management as well as client interaction.


If you are using a firm for this purpose, you have a right to know the pedigree of those handling your accounts. In addition, you need to be clear on the time devoted to your brief and what clear targets they are pursuing. This approach will help you determine that efforts are directed towards realizing your set goals.

3. What is Your Content Strategy?
Social media marketing might be a relatively new field but data, perspectives and proven results have been aggregated over the last twenty years of the denouement of the internet age. To wage a successful marketing campaign requires tact, deep thought and expertise in content development.

While your content is the obvious signpost you can’t hide from the world out there, making sure it is up to speed and consistent is a crucial demand. Develop your content calendar so that nothing just pops out from nowhere. Also, consistency is crucial; so you have to keep quality content streaming through to your target audience.

Content encapsulates images, infographics, videos and blogs as well other technical add-ons. Deciding on the content type to publish at any time will be the result of an integrated publishing strategy so that your overall social media strategy can be coordinated. Publishing time, posts per day, as well as tweets and reposts all need to be clearly stated as a strategic input.

4. Maintain Your Focus
Everyone who has something to sell must have a target market and when it comes to social media channels, it cannot be any different. You have to work on converting visitors and followers to customers and brand advocates. This is what you need to focus on.

Customer interaction is crucial for anyone keen on building a social media success story in any area of business. Any comment needs a response and none should be left unattended to in a couple of hours (no chance should exist for no response at all)

An excellent slant to this is to make sure that a devoted hand is assigned to provide responses to all customer or visitor posts. The big brands that we all adore have a complete grasp of this insight.

5. The Human Face
You need to take your social media channel as the mirror of your company personage so that it should not appear as one run by unfeeling bots. Whether it is on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter, present an affectionate and warm response each time.

Make sure you acknowledge your followers with shoutouts in the morning and provide tips on things of interest during the day. Look at stories that drive your brand into the reckoning of your audience and share them. Identify fan posts that align with your social media strategy and repost them.