It’s 2017, and when it comes to online services and social platforms, there are a lot to choose from.

If you have a company and make a product, the chances are that there will be others like it, better or worse. That’s why it’s better to do some research on what you want to achieve with this product and try all the other options.

The same thing can be said with Instagram and Snapchat. Both services are great, but which one is the best for your business. Let’s find out!



It is a social media platform that launched in 2011. The platform lets you record videos or take photos and send them along with a text to your friends. The fun feature is that whenever someone clicks on your Snap, they have ten seconds to view it. Afterward, it deletes itself.

Facebook was interested in purchasing this platform a couple of years back, but Snapchat refused the transaction.

So by the looks of it, Snapchat is a great platform. Let’s get into the details though:


  • Snapchat has over 150 million users.
  • The average number of snaps per day can reach a whopping 2.5 billion.
  • Many teenagers prefer using Snapchat because their family or older relatives use Instagram or Facebook.
  • The average number of views of Snapchat videos per day is ten billion.
  • One million Snapchat stories have been shared publicly.

The Advantages

As we said before, this platform relies mostly on teenagers and students, so if your business is selling a new brand of soda, Snapchat can help you with your customers. Advertising here can have a positive impact on your business if you know what your target is.

Also, because the Snaps only last ten seconds before they disappear, users will be more likely to focus on your video. This is an excellent opportunity to advertise your product and push a lot of information in those ten seconds.

Also, you have the filters. Snapchat users love to apply filters on almost everything. If they could implement a filter to their reality, they would do it without spending a second thinking.

And let’s not forget about Snapchat stories for those who want to share their daily lives with their public. You can take a picture or video (or multiple ones) to show how your product is made or how a day at the office looks like. In 24 hours, that picture or video will disappear.

The Disadvantages

Snapchat has a limited audience. Only teens and students prefer using this platform so your business must be targeted at them. If you are selling something for adults or the elderly, you may want to change platforms.

Another disadvantage is the Snap format. Ten seconds might not be enough to present all your information. If your ad is confusing, your average user will remain confused, and he won’t have a replay button because you Snap will be automatically deleted.

Also, other platforms are way more popular that Snapchat right now. You may not have that much success using only this platform.



Instagram is now part of Facebook. It was launched in 2010, and since then it grew in popularity among many teenagers. Many Facebook users (which is still the most famous social media platform) prefer using Instagram because of its availability on the platform.

The chances are that if you are a Facebook user, you saw on it more Instagram content than any other content from other photo platforms.


  • When it comes to Instagram, there are about 700 million users, with 400 million daily active Instagram users.
  • There are 95 million photos uploaded per day.
  • Only less than thirty percent are users that are between eighteen and twenty-nine of age.
  • Instagram was bought in 2012 for one billion dollars by Facebook.

The Advantages

The usage of hashtags for every photo can help you categorize some of your products. It can also help users find everything that has to do with the words in your hashtag so you can dish out more information with just one photo. These tags can make your product very easy to search.

There are filters and other tools you can use to enhance your photos. Let’s not forget that the quality of the photos on Instagram is also higher than on other photo platforms. The same thing can be said about videos.

Instagram also has stories, where you can engage with your customers on a more personal level.

Your content will remain on the platform as much as you like. If you don’t like Snapchat’s method of presenting content, then Instagram may be the best social photo platform for your company.

The Disadvantages

Instagram is much more based on visuals than text. So, unless you are planning to sell jokes on this platform, you are going to be alright. Also, Instagram is mostly used by marketers. If this is an advantage or disadvantage, that is solely up to you to decide.
You could only expect more competition if your product resembles something that is already on the platform and gained a lot of popularity among the users.

Another disadvantage is the fact that you can quickly scroll down and miss an image. For example: if a user scrolls down very fast, he can easily miss your product. On Snapchat, for ten seconds, he needs to focus on that information, and after that, he will no longer see it. But those 10 seconds might be enough to make him remember your product.

The Verdict

In the end, Instagram seems to be the dominating platform, especially if you want to advertise a product visually. However, we recommend sharing your ad on every social media platform, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, etc. The more info there is on the Internet about your product, the better.

Remember, these platforms can easily lose or gain popularity with every update or trend that comes along. Some platforms remain popular for a year, others for much more. Keep an eye out for massive changes, so you will know when to switch to other platforms and save your business.


We hope that you found this article interesting and informative. To further increase your popularity and promote your Instagram stories to a larger audience, you can always buy Instagram followers.

Meanwhile, please let us know your thoughts about Snapchat and Instagram. Which one do you prefer?