It’s truly unbelievable how within a short period of time, Instagram has managed to become one of the most popular youth-oriented social platforms online. According to Global social media ranking 2017, currently, Instagram has over 600 million active users. From personal entertainment to business promotions, people all over the globe are using it everyday for different purposes.

One of the main reasons why Instagram has always been a well-appreciated and highly renowned social media app is its consistency and creativity to introduce more advanced features to facilitate users. Along with the option to update a story, Instagram has recently released its latest update which allows users to broadcast videos in real time. Yes, users can now go live on Instagram.

What is Instagram Live?

Instagram Live allows users to update their family and friends live. Now, clicking pictures and posting them with a caption is not the only way to connect with your beloved via Instagram. Instead, with a single tab, you can go live and connect with your target audience. As soon as you go live, Instagram alerts your followers about your activity and invites them to join your streaming. The video will only be visible as long as you are live. Once you end your live video, it will be gone.

Why Instagram Live is a very useful Option

Instagram Live doesn’t come with the exaggerated pressure of becoming camera conscious and always posting flawless pictures with the right type of filter. Instead, it allows users to go all natural and real. It helps them to connect better with their audience by showing the real side of the picture. Also, it covers every single detail of the event than just a few candid pictures. Kevin Well who is the head of products at Instagram says that “Instagram should be all of your moments, not just the highlights.” Thus, whether you are going on a trip with your family and friends or launching a new product in the market, you can keep your followers updated all the time.

Moreover, Instagram Live is controlled by a highly specialized algorithm that keeps refreshing users’ Insta stories. Due to this, your live streaming can remain in the top of the list.

Everything you need to know about Instagram Live

Undoubtedly, Instagram Live is a remarkable feature for both personal and professional use, yet many people haven’t explored this option thoroughly. Why? Because they don’t know how to use it. In order to give you a deeper insight into using Instagram Live, here we have brought you an ultimate guide.

1. Go live

It is quite easy to begin with Instagram’s Live broadcast. First, you have to tap on your story profile picture (the one with the ‘+’ sign) that appears at the top of the Instagram page. If you have scrolled down on your Insta newsfeed, you might not see the Story bar. In that case, tap on your camera. Once you have opened your camera, there you will see three options: Live, Normal and Boomerang.

If you don’t know what is the difference between these three different types of videos, then here is a brief description.

  • Live videos disappear, once the broadcasting has been stopped.
  • Normal pictures and videos remain on Instagram for only 24 hours.
  • Boomerang is a short video that runs in a loop.

By selecting the Live option, you’ll be ready to roll.

2. Check your settings

Before tapping the ‘start live’ button, it is recommended to check your settings to ensure maximum reach of your broadcast. You can also alter the settings to configure who should be able to see your live stream and send you messages about it.

Tap the setting wheel at the top left of the page. There you can select people whom you want to restrict from your live Instagram broadcast.

3. Set Your Camera

Position your phone in a desirable way and tap the start live button to begin the live broadcast. Don’t forget to make proper lighting arrangements before you start because you can’t use phone’s flashlight while recording the video.

4. Make your Broadcast Engaging

Firstly, Instagram will be more engaging if you have a good number of followers. If you are new to Instagram or don’t have have much presence, I prefer you to buy some followers.

Now that you are live, it’s crucial to keep your audience engaged and entertained otherwise they won’t stay tuned. At the bottom of your live broadcast, you will see the number of users who have joined you. You can also see their comments. One simple thing to keep your audience enthralled is to start a live conversation via chat. You can reply to their messages and start an interesting thread.

However, if you don’t want to see any comments, you can disable them by tapping on the three dots at the bottom of the page. You can also keep a track of your broadcast’s time. It is displayed at the top of the page.

If you want to restrict someone from your live broadcast in the middle of the screening, even that is possible. Simply tap on the people who are viewing your video and tap the ‘x’ next to that person’s name. This way they will no more be a part of your live video.

5. End your Live Video

Once you have delivered your video message, you can put an end to your live broadcast by tapping the “end live video” option at the bottom. After closing the streaming, you will be presented with your analytics which will display the viewers you had. However, these statistics are not saved by Instagram as everything related to Live videos is temporary.

How to make the most of Instagram Live?

Now that you have learned how to use Instagram live to keep your users updated and entertained, it is essential to understand what type of content you should go live for. Below are some great ideas for which you can opt for Instagram live,

  • To cover behind the scenes of an event, especially an award function or fashion show.
  • To launch a new idea or product in the market. Or to discuss a new update about your product.
  • To start an interacting question answer session with your audience.
  • To thank your users for promoting the content of your page.
  • To answer the questions of your fans.

Since Instagram Live is the new popular trend in the market, you should definitely opt for to create brand awareness of your product.

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