Brands rely on Instagram because users are more likely to engage with them than on other platforms like Twitter and Facebook. This is exactly why an active Instagram profile can be much more valuable than a fully developed website. It also helps your brand to reach more people instead of them coming to you through your site.

However, just setting up an Instagram account and sharing your brand’s content is not enough for achieving success on this platform. Furthermore, it is essential to create a solid Instagram profile that successfully captures the attention of your target attention.

Here are few tips to optimize your brand’s Instagram page for maximum exposure,

Intriguing Bio

Usually, your bio reflects on the nature of your brand, and it is the first point of contact for your target audience. So, to make your profile stand out of the competition, you have to include a concise and attractive description, relevant hashtags to your niche and a link of your blog, store or website.

Bio is the place where brands convert their visitors into potential customers so, find a way to engage your audience and persuade them to follow with few words as possible. In doing so, you can help the people visiting your profile to make a quick decision whether to follow you or not.

Also, try to be as clear as possible with just one or two sentences while pitching your brand to your target audience. Therefore, it is essential to use this space wisely – where people look for special offers, recent updates, and links.

Moreover, users on Instagram will look into your bio right after seeing your Instagram profile’s name and picture. Therefore, take some time and look at other successful profiles to have a taste on how they use their bios. Since you don’t have much space (150 characters) and there is very little time to grab your audience’s attention, make it count!

Catchy Captions

Eye catchy captions together with visually stunning pictures helps to create more engagement on Instagram. So, by adding captions to your post, you can encourage users on Instagram to engage with that particular content. Therefore, it is essential to put in careful thought before you come up with a caption for your post.

Captions can be up to 2200 characters long, and so it is essential to keep it simple, readable and well-versed. By doing so, your brand’s message can be established with every post you publish on your account. Also, include the most important words, in the beginning, use relevant hashtags within the caption and add a simple call-to-action.

Generally, the best captions are the ones that are custom made for your audience which keeps your viewers engaged and interested in your content.

Encourage Engagement

Users on Instagram thrive on fresh and compelling content which can be easily discovered when a lot of users engage with it on a regular basis. Therefore, likes, views, and comments are the most valuable metrics on Instagram as they determine where your posts appear in the feed.

If you share something exciting and ask your audience to comment on it, they’d most likely do it. This helps developing a consistent relationship with your followers. Therefore, one of the simplest ways to get more engagement on Instagram is by asking your audience to do it.

Moreover, users would organically comment if they see a post related to the topics they are interested in. So, try posting photos and videos that keeps your Instagram feed interesting which is the best way to interact with your audience and make them engage too.

Also, it is essential to check the comments and respond to it to the best of your ability. It shows other Instagram users that you are paying close attention to your community, and gives them an additional reason to follow your account.

Some brands are even determined to buy followers to boost their engagement, and they’ve greatly benefitted from the results.

Switch to Business Account

With Instagram, users have the privilege to choose between regular and business accounts. The Instagram business profile comes with a bunch of features and tools that helps to grow your brand more effectively. However, you need an affiliate Facebook business page to create a business account on Instagram for promoting your brand.

Since there aren’t many options to promote your personal Instagram account, it is essential to make a transition to a business account so that you can take full advantage of this platform. It offers a great potential for both brands and influencers and also provides way more opportunities than standard profiles.

On Instagram, you may need to gather information on how your posts are performing and how your audiences react to it. With the help of a business account, you can break down the insights to further enhance the content that you’d like to post in the future.

Moreover, business accounts also display your contact information and make it easy for customers to reach you directly on Instagram. Since it provides a dedicated section to display your brand’s information, you don’t have to waste valuable space in your bio. Also, it is effortless to convert your existing profile into an Instagram business profile.

Bottom Line

Instagram has been an excellent platform for new and well-established businesses to engage their audience and enhance their brand’s image. This is the reason why Instagram has been a powerful marketing tool for both advertisers and social media influencers.

However, it requires a lot of planning and patience to develop a fully optimized Instagram account for your brand. Therefore, you can try the tips mentioned in this article to build and optimize an Instagram account regardless of the size and nature of your business.

If you have any further tips to add? Let us know in the comments below!