Top 100 Restaurants Using Instagram For Marketing

1. California Donuts (@californiadonuts)

California donuts are one of the most favorite shops which are open 24*7. They have been in the donut business for over 30 years. They offer a variety of freshly baked goods and the brewed coffees is simply flavorful. From specialty donuts to muffin and croissants, all the items are lip-snakingly tasty. They are widely appreciated for their good and prompt customer service, which is one of the reasons they are famous. They also take up customer orders and have a detailed FAQ page on their website. They are located in 3rd and New Hampshire in the city of Los Angeles.

2. Voodoo Doughnut (@voodoodoughnut)

Voodoo donuts are located in Portland Oregon and also have branches in Eugene. Denver, Austin and Taipei. The company has more than 70 employees and they only accept cash payment. It also to be noted that Voodoo is also a tourist attraction place. They offer 100 varieties of donuts which also includes vegan donuts. In 2013 they set up a Voodoo Donuts Recording which is home for many artists. They have also appeared in popular TV shows like Simpsons, Supernatural, Leverage and The amazing race. Now they have over 20 new shops nationwide and they have been in business for over ten years.

3. BuvetteNYC (@buvettenyc)

Buvette gastrothéque is in New York and Paris. It is part restaurant, part bar and part café. It was opened by chef Jody Williams in 2011, an American chef and TV personality. It is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and offers exquisite French wine. No reservations are needed and they are open in weekdays from, 8 to and weekends from to 2a.m. It is one of the best spots for early morning coffee and a calm spot to relax before and after work. They provide special food every day and they are famous for Cr’q Monsieur and all the cheese dishes.

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4. The Cinnamon Snail (@cinnamonsnail)

The Cinnamon Snail is New Yorks most beloved vegan food truck and was launched 5 years ago. The crème-brûlée doughnuts and maple-mustard-tempeh sandwiches are one of the most famous dishes. They also offer catering services for any kind of events. Their dishes are free of meat, dairy and any animal derived ingredients. They have also got many awards and good reviews over the years. It has some good gourmet menu items which is hard to find in a food truck menu. The owner, chef Sobel says that he doesn’t want people to eat deep fried dough and that is why vegan donuts are a huge hit.

5. Egg Shop (@eggshopnyc)

Egg Shop is situated in New York. It is a cozy café which mainly focuses on eggs. Its seating capacity is 30 and the menus are divided into four sections. Also there is a section of menu where you can customize your egg and cheese sandwich. The eggs are cooked at the right manner and they offer a wide variety of sandwiches. The place is charming and the staff are very friendly. Though you have to wait for long hours outside given its seating capacity, but it’s worth the wait and you will definitely come back for more.

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6. Dun-Well Doughnuts (@dunwelldoughnuts)

Dun-Well Doughnuts offers over 200 varieties of donuts. These donuts are vegan and gluten free. These donuts are not like regular ones (no milk, egg and butter) but spongy and not so fatty and sweet. They are creative with their daily special doughnuts and also have really tasty coffee and sell locally made vegan ice cream as well. The inside of the place is very welcoming and beautifully decorated interior. There is plenty of seating where you can relax and have a good time. This is a perfect place and not to be missed by donut lovers.

7. Ivan Orkin (@ramenjunkie)

Ivan Ramen is a cafeteria-style eating joint. All you have to do is walk up to the counter order the meal and wait for your name to be called. It has 20 seats along with a counter facing the kitchen. Other seating is available at common picnic tables, which is at the front of the noodle bar. Then the food is given to you in bowels of good ramen which could be practically enjoyed every single day. The menu is mostly noodle dominated which is made up of rye or whole-wheat flour. Ivan Ramen Slurp Shop is located within the brand-new Gotham West Market in Hell’s Kitchen.

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8. Milk bar (@milkbarstore)

Milk bar is one of the most exciting bakeries. It was found by Christina Tosi, an award winning pastry chef and a Masterchef judge. It focuses on making home-styled desserts and snacks with quality ingredients. The pastry chef is also the founder of milk™ ice cream, compost cookies® and crack pie®, which has gained worldwide recognition. Everything in the place looks tasty and presentation wise it is very appealing and mouth-watering. If you are out of town and looking for a place to take guests, you must absolutely try this place.

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9. Russ & Daughters (@russanddaughters)

The New York Times said that Russ & Daughters is one of the 10 best restaurants in New York. It was opened in 2014 and after nearly a century of people waiting patiently in a line to get coffee; they opened a café where everyone can sit and enjoy. The open kitchen and counter connection feels like a store. They have 8 different types of smoked salmon and all of them have a unique taste. The staffs are so friendly and spend time looking around the store while you’re waiting for your order.

10. Roberta’s Pizza (@robertaspizza)

Roberta’s was established in 2008 and is located in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York. It is known for its wood cooked pizza, serves pizza containing ingredients grown in a roof top garden and for its unique vibe. At Roberta’s every dish costs under 30$. In an era where all the prices are sky rocketing it deserves an award for keeping things reasonable. There are no reservations, so come early if you don’t want to wait for hours. They also taste good 10-30mins of serving so you can also take it home. It is a three star restaurant, no matter the hard wooden seats or paper napkins.

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11. Shake Shack (@shakeshack)

Shake and Shack is a restaurant chain based in New York. It was established as a food cart in 2000 inside Madison Square Park. It became widely popular and then moved to a stand within the park. It offers hamburgers, hotdogs, fries and milkshakes. As it grew it added wine and bottled beer to its menu. The flavors of the beverages are customized according to the location. It prides itself that the meats used are 100% free of antibiotics and hormones. In 2014 it became a public limited company. It has branches in number of international cites as well.

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12. Sweet Green (@sweetgreen)

Sweetgreen is an amazing place if you are looking to eat healthy food. Its menu contains garden salads and all ingredients are organic. There is also a blackboard where it contains details of where each vegetable is coming from. Most places stuff their salad with dressings but here you can chose the dressing of the salad from light, medium, heavy. You can either create something of your own or order from the menu. If you want to grab something healthy before a game this is the perfect destination. It has a peaceful atmospheres and a perfect place to relax after a long day at work.

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13. Jackswifefreda (@jackswifefreda)

Jack’s Wife Freda was opened in January 2012 and is one of the most famous brunch restaurants in New York. It is a cozy and a charming place and does not have a waiting area. Services are quick and prompt and customer service is really good. They sometimes even accommodate parties without prior reservations. The price is reasonable and the meals are very flavorful. Green Shakshuka is the most ordered dish. The menu has almost everything you could wish for, from breakfast items to burgers to desserts.

14. Duck & Waffle (@duckandwaffle)

Duck & Waffle is one of the highest restaurants in the city of London which is located on the 40th floor. It is coupled with an amazing view and a good menu. It welcomes guests 24*7 and has a wide variety of menus suitable for every time of the day. One of the reasons it’s so popular is people come here mainly to enjoy the sunset with their loved ones. Their dishes are made of sustainable British ingredients which are purchased from the freshets’ offspring’s.

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15. Sketchlondon (@sketchlondon)

Sketch was opened in 2003 and is located on 9 Conduit Street, Mayfair, London. The cuisine there is described as the ‘New French’. It is also an out if the ordinary 18th century townhouse tea room which becomes a cocktail lounge every evening. They also offer a variety of tea and with an interesting choice of snacks and cakes. They also have themed rooms which is suitable for every occasion. Many people visit this place just to take look at the brilliant interior and richly decorated surroundings. It is one of the coolest places in London.

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16. Burger & Lobster (@burgerandlobster)

Burger& Lobster is a British based restaurant which has branches in USA, Sweden, Bath, Kuwait, Manchester and Dubai. They serve three items in their menu–lobster roll, whole lobster and burger. They don’t have reservations so you have to be there early. If can’t make it early you have to wait for an hour at the bar, where they offer variety of drinks and it’s worth the wait. If you are a vegetarian, better avoid this place because the name speaks for itself. Service is really good and the waiters are professional and energetic.

17. Eggslutla (@eggslutla)

Eggslut was established in 2011 by Alvin Cailan and is one of the best restaurants in Los Angeles. They are open seven days a week from 8a.m to 4p.m. The menu is a combination of innovative and tasty food. This place will be on the top priorities of every foodie. The key ingredient of their menus is egg. They focus on making quality food, presentation with fresh ingredients. They want their entire customer to have a wonderful experience. Its signature dish is “The Slut” which is a coddled egg on pureed potatoes.

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18. Guisados (@guisados)

Guisados offers the best traditional home cooked Mexican dishes in Los Angeles. They are famous for the delicious homemade tortillas which are relatively cheap. This Mexican chain famed for its incredibly tasty tacos filled with stewed meats (i.e. guisados). The food is presented with loving care as quickly as you can place your order. Even so, there’s always a line out the door. And if you ever get a chance to visit this place you must definitely try the Horchata, it is one of their best dishes. The service is great and if you don’t know what to choose they would also give you suggestions.

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19. Coolhaus (@coolhaus)

Coolhaus is located in Los Angeles, California. It was found in 2009 by Natasha Case and Freya Estreller and they wanted to provide food which will also spark an interest in architecture for those who visit the place. They are also manufacturer and retailer of architecturally-inspired gourmet ice cream sandwiches which is known as “sammies”. They also offer other frozen desserts which are prepared using natural ingredients. The company has two branches in California– Pasadena and Culver City. They became wildly famous for their Fried Chicken & Waffles and Goat’s Milk Caramel Mascarpone Rosemary.

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20. Tsujita La Artisan Noodle (@infatuation)

Tsujita LA is a lively, modern Japanese outpost serving ramen at lunch, plus sushi & à la carte dinners and is located in Los Angeles. Japanese designer Takeshi Sano has created a ceiling design, using thousands of wooden sticks which is one of the many reasons it’s so famous. Tsukemen is their most ordered dish. It is a bowl of ramen noodles that are dipped into a rich, concentrated broth before each bite. After you finish eating the noodles, you are offered the option to mix a clear broth into the rich broth and you can also drink up the rest of the soup. A great depth of flavor and the noodles are think and perfect.

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21. In-N-Out Burger (@innout)

In-N-Out Burger, Inc. is a fast food restaurant which is located in California and was established in 1948 by Harry Snyder and his wife Esther Snyder. It also has many branches in and around California. The current owner is Lynsi Snyder, the only grandchild of the Snyders. On September 9 2015, In-N-Out Burger reached its sixth state and opened restaurants in California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Texas and Oregon. It has over 300 restaurants and serves quality and tasty burgers, fries, and shakes. It has developed a highly loyal customer base with several satisfied customers and has been rated as one of the top fast food restaurants.

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22. Dk’s Donuts (@dksdonuts)

Dk’s Donuts was established in 1980 and has been delivering the freshest donuts with the most unique pastries, the best breakfast croissants & burritos, delicious hot chocolate, 20 kinds of flavored premium coffee, & the best smoothies for 35 years. The variety of donuts is huge, and they are famous for the cronuts (known here as o-nuts). They also have wow-nuts made from waffles, which is very yummy. They also have the obligatory coffee and breakfast sandwiches. But the donuts are consistently great, soft, delicious, and the price is also very reasonable and it is a must have at parties.

23. Saltandstraw (@saltandstraw)

Salt & Straw is an ice cream company based in Portland, Oregon. It was launched in 2011 by cousins Kim and Tyler Malek. Since its opening it has gained national media attention for its exotic ice cream flavors, such as Bone Marrow with Bourbon Smoked Cherries and Arbequina Olive Oil. It has been included on lists of America’s best ice cream. Flavors offered can vary depending on the seasons and ingredient availability and all main ingredients are locally sourced. The place has a modern look with a super fun atmosphere. Picnic tables and bar stools for seating, if the weather is nice there will be few seats/benches outside too.

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24. Sqirlla (@sqirlla)

Sqirl is one of the best brunch places in LA, it is a small and corner shop eatery. They offer a selection of desserts which keeps changing according to the availability of ingredients. Their menus range from vegetarian, vegan and gluten free dishes. Decor is fresh and bright with large windows along the front of the restaurant, and they also have awesome paintings as well and the place has limited seating inside/outside. If you’re visiting the city remember to visit this place and your taste buds will thank you.

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25. Tartine Bakery San Francisco (@tartinebakery)

Tartine Bakery offers breakfast pastries, hot pressed sandwiches & coffee and offer very high quality pastries and bread which are made out of organic ingredients. This legendary pastry paradise is everyone’s favorite bakery. It has long lines at all hours for its morning buns, hot-pressed sandwiches and irresistible croissants. Plus, freshly baked country bread comes out of the oven around 5 PM and sells out quickly. So if you want to grab them you have to come in quickly. Croissants are available in a sweet and savory version, with combining mixes of cheeses, mushrooms, or meats.

26. Bottega Louie (@bottegalouie)

Bottega Louie is an Italian restaurant, gourmet market and also a French patisserie. It is located in the historic 100 year old Brockman Building in Downtown Los Angeles. It is best known for its open kitchen and extensive menu of pastas, salads, pizza, and pastries. In addition, they have a gourmet market where people can purchase packaged foods and full line of confections, chocolates, pasta sauces, dry pastas and preserves. It was named as “Most Popular Restaurant” in the country on the site It is a great place to bring visitors and has a good selection of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

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27. RepubliqueLA (@republiquela)

République is both timeless and unique. The building was built in 1928 by Charlie Chaplin and designed by architect Roy Sheldon Price, it was initially conceived as a mixed-use space. It first became a restaurant in year 1989. Chefs Mark Peel & Nancy Silverton opened a bakery and named it Campanile. Campanile was closed in 2012, and the building was updated again and then République was established. It has bold and inventive French menu with charcuterie and oyster offerings. République offers outstanding baked goods and the setting is beautiful with high ceilings.

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28. ABC Kitchen (@abckitchen)

ABC Kitchen offers the freshest ingredients and has a seasonal menu. The start chefs of ABC Kitchen, Michelin star Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten have included award-winning cuisines in the menu as well. It is also free of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, insecticides, antibiotics, hormones, is GMO-free. It is also one of the all-time favorite restaurants for many people. It has an impeccable decor and the dishes are delicious and beautifully presented. It is a great place for a meeting and a perfect weekend destination and you’re likely to spot a few celebrities too.

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29. Stephanie Izard (@stephandthegoat)

Girl and the Goat was opened in 2010 and have a family style menu which includes tasty and flavored dishes. It has a fun and lively environment and makes sure that their guests feel at home. To make the experience more exciting they offer a selection of world class wines, beer and fun cocktails. The staff are very polite and make sure that you have a perfect dining experience. They offer a variety of seating choices from comfortable lounge, bar seats, standard table seating, and four seats. They are open throughout the week and accept reservations as well.

30. RPM Italian (@rpmitalianchi)

RPM Italian Located in Chicago’s River North neighborhood. It is very modern and Italian in spirit and offers chef-driven tasty menu. Menu highlights include fresh pastas made in-house daily, slow-roasted meats, wild fish and seafood, and celebrated Italian classics. To top off the dining experience they offer world class wine and exclusive cocktails. They have a very posh interior rich woods and leathers, making it the perfect spot to enjoy a great meal at any time of the day. Amazing atmosphere, fantastic staff and you must visit this place if you are in the city.

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31. Lyle’s British restaurant (@lyleslondon)

Lyle’s was opened on April 2014 and within a short period of time became a wildly popular restaurant. They focus on making the dishes with quality ingredients and so they get the supply from the best country-side farmers. Many prefer this restaurant as they can have a simple British dining experience. It has a roomy spacious feel which was the work of the B3 Designers. It has a casual atmosphere, with minimalist industrial decor. Service was outstanding and staff were friendly and sharp. They have a way with extracting great flavor from simple ingredients.

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32. Crown Resorts (@crownresorts)

Crown was first opened in 1997 and it is an award winning restaurant. Their dishes are quality, seasonal, well sourced ingredients, freshly prepared so that dishes will have a unique flavor. Whether it’s quick snack at the bar or a special occasion dinner everything tastes delicious. It’s an amazing place that is very professional has high standards and also provides the best casino experience. Casino has the perfect level of entertainment, customer service is amazing and it will make anybody leave content and satisfied. Overall it is a very good place for lunch and dinner and you can also have loads of fun.

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33. Hard Rock Music (@hardrockmusic)

Hard Rock Café is located in Cleveland and it is a rock n roll themed chain which offers America’s classics and burgers. In this place you will experience environment of a chain restaurant. The best thing about this place is that they take negative comments seriously and reach out to you and ask your suggestions so that they can make your next visit memorable. You can satisfy all your cravings with the goodness of the classic American dishes served here. Their flavorful menu includes signatures starters, juicy legendary burger, and hand crafted cocktails. So dining here is a unique experience and one you will never forget.

34. Buffalo Wild Wings (@bwwings)

Buffalo wild wings were established in 1982 and since then they have grown in every state in the U.S. If you want to have fun with friends and catch the latest gamed then Buffalo Wild Wings is the ultimate place, to watch sports, drink beer and eat wings. In 2010 the company also announced that it’s going to make an expansion in Canada as well. The food choices are great and very delicious. Service was actually really great too. So this place is all about wings, beer and sports and you can also have a perfect weekend here.

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35. Dominiqueansel (@dominiqueansel)

Dominique Ansel Kitchen offers innovative French pastries and savory and it is bakery cum café with outdoor tables as well. They make the best and most genuine versions of pastries in New York. Their motto is creativity and changes the menu from time to time to add more variety. You can also get freshly baked goods to go. They have a spectacular lunch menu and the presentation of each dish is wonderful. The little treats on display look so good and you must get the giant smores and the Blueberry Laminated Brioche.

36. Katz’s Delicatessen (@katzsdeli)

Katz’s Delicatessen was found in 1888 that is located at the Lower East Side in Manhattan. Since its founding in 1888, it has become popular eatery place among locals and tourists alike for its pastrami sandwiches and hot dogs, both of which are considered among New York’s best. Their pastrami sandwich loaded with sauerkraut, cheese, and dressing. There’s also a sign dangling from the ceiling indicating where the actors during the shooting of famous scenes. The pastrami sandwich is one of the most popular sandwiches. Each week thousands of visitors from around the world visit the Katz’s to dine and to feast on the most delicious sandwiches, platters and meats.

37. Gordon Ramsay Group (@gordonramsaygroup)

Gordon Ramsey Restaurants are owned by one of the most acclaimed chef and TV personality Gordon Ramsey. There are 14 restaurants in London and it has over 700 employees working there. They offer polished French dishes from carefully chosen ingredients. Food is outstanding, service is great and staffs are very well mannered and attentive. If you drop a post saying it’s your friend’s birthday in the comment box, they offer you a free mini birthday cake and if you’re lucky enough, you might even get a tour to the kitchen. You will never be disappointed and it is one of the best restaurants in the world and it is highly recommended.

38. Ottolenghi (@ottolenghi)

Ottolenghi is a Soho-based restaurant and their menu has full of salads and has bold flavors. They also greet customers as they arrive. The menu changes according to the season but signature dishes which includes remain unchanged. They serve breakfast, lunch, pre-theatre and dinner menus. Their cook book by Head chef Scully Ramael and Yotam are wildly popular. They have an exquisite list of wines that are affordable too. The tapas style dining gives you the opportunity to try a variety of different dishes, which is good because it is very difficult to choose. The quality of the food is outstanding and don’t frown on the sharing tables, it’s all part of the experience.

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39. NAMA Foods (@namafoods)

Nama Artisan Raw Foods is a restaurant based in Notting Hill, London. They are offering something beyond dining from raw food courses, catering, raw food cleanses, juice cleanses, and all manner of information related to raw food lifestyle. If you eat a 100% raw food diet, it can have amazing health benefits. They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well. The portion sizes are perfect for raw food. And you will want to leave space for dessert too. The atmosphere and the staff are very friendly. The food is extraordinary and artistically presented, healthy and tastes wonderful.

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40. Afters Ice Cream (@aftersicecream)

Afters Ice Cream is well known for creative flavors & milky buns and donut like pastry stuffed with ice cream. The Milky Bun is quick to eat, cleaner than an ice cream sandwich, and pretty damn yummy. The donuts are beautifully yeast-y and juicy. The donuts are served warm and they soak up a good amount of melted ice cream. Most importantly, the Milky Buns aren’t too sweet. They have a variety of interesting flavors and mixes: for the milky bun and you can choose the toppings. The ice creams are very refreshing and delicious.

41. Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee (@sidecardoughnuts)

Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee was established in 2012 which offers perfectly hand-crafted doughnuts and delicious coffee. They use fresh ingredients and offer innovative new flavors, and are commitment to customer service. They have a unique stamp on gourmet doughnuts and became SoCal favorite. Theirs menu is so varied (they carry flavors ranging from Huckleberry to Green Eggs & Ham). Half of the doughnut menu changes monthly here and they keep things fresh and exciting. Sidecar has been wowing Orange County residents with their delicious yeast-raised, cake, and buttermilk old-fashioned doughnuts since they were opened.

42. Snow Monster (@snowmonsteroc)

Snow Monster is specialist in desserts and is well known for their ice cream sandwiches made with macaroons or cookies. The place is very intimate and beautiful. The wall decor with the quotes makes the place feel very welcoming. They have their menu written on the board and if you are new to the place the employees will give you an introduction of their shop, the options and popular snow ice flavors. Their toppings are fresh and they have macaron and cookie options. The place is super friendly and generous with condensed milk refills.

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43. Matthew Carbone (@eatingnyc)

Carbone is an Italian-American restaurant created by Mario Carbone, Rich Torrisi and Jeff Zalaznick. The restaurant offers delicious, exceptionally well-prepared food and the settings are simultaneously elegant, comfortable and unpretentious. Dishes like Seafood Salad, Linguini Vongole, Lobster Fra Diavola, Chicken Scarpariello and Veal Parmesan are prepared in their unique style. It is one of the A-listed Italian restaurants in New York. Visiting Carbone is a theatrical experience, and it is like stepping in to the sets of a movie. They have a marvelous decor and their customer service is incredible. The food is a special, beautifully prepared, presented and served.

44. Daniel Humm (@danielhumm)

Eleven Madison Park is a modern American style restaurant which is located at Manhattan, New York City. It ranked fifth in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants in the year 2015. Daniel Humm was awarded with the James Beard Award for Outstanding Chef. The restaurant offers guests one multi-course tasting menu inspired by the agricultural bounty of New York. The menu is exciting and it is full of discoveries with the wine pairings which makes the experience more delightful. The staff are so impeccable and their service absolutely delightful. The culinary event they conduct will absolutely leave you breathless.

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45. Pujol Ciudad de México (@pujolrestaurant)

Pujol is one of the famous restaurants in Mexico. They offer Mexican cuisine made which is prepared with local products. Constant reinvention is the hallmark of their menu. Their menu consists of traditional and contemporary techniques which gives a unique taste to every dish. The staffs are very polite and most of them are bilingual. The drink and wine menu are extensive and exquisite and they also serve a variety of small sized appetizers. Pujol is an indication of how smart and sophisticated Mexican food can be. It has a unique ability to summarize Mexican cuisine in a handful of courses so that the meal can be enjoyed by locals and foreigners as well.

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46. Eric Ripert (@ericripert)

Le Bernardin has earned four stars from The New York Times three months after its opening and has never dropped a star throughout the years, and is the only restaurant to maintain ratings for this length of time. It also comes under the 15 best restaurants in the world. Even though you are at a high end restaurant, you will feel at home in this place. It offers Chef Eric Ripert’s refined seafood, service is excellent and the décor is very posh. This restaurant is a great place to celebrate special occasions with your loved ones.

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47. Magnus Nilsson (@faviken)

Fäviken is a restaurant located in Åre Municipality, Sweden. It received a ranking in 2012 as one of the top 50 restaurants in the world. It is located in the 9th century Fäviken Egendom estate, which consists of 20,000 acres of farmland. The restaurant has 16 seats and lunch is only served to customers who stay overnight in the place. The cuisine served at Fäviken is influenced by Nordic cuisine, and uses local ingredients that is either grown in the estate or comes from a place that is very close by. You will have one of the best dining experiences here.

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48. Quique Dacosta (@qiqedacosta)

Quique Dacosta Restaurant is located in Spain. The chef who is also known as the king of hyper progressive cuisine. They have such invention, range and artistic presentation. Some of the dishes are full of complexity, with many, many parts; others are about a single and central ingredient. One has to agree that despite 30+ dishes, it will be very hard to find a favorite. A remarkable and genuine get on a plane experience. It is not so much going for dinner but rather like you’re going to an art exhibition.

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49. Per Se NY (@perseny)

Per Se was opened in 2004 and is located in New York. It has an intimate environment with spectacular views of Central Park and Columbus Circle. It has a nine-course tasting menu and a nine-course vegetable tasting menu which has a classic French touch. All the dishes are prepared using the finest quality ingredients available. It has an award-winning wine list, boasting more than 2,000 bottles. The list highlights a collection of older wines as well as wines from small producers as well. All your expectations will be fully met as the dishes are very innovative and artfully presented.

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50. The French Laundry (@_tfl_)

The French Laundry serves two different nine-course tasting menus every day, none of which uses the same ingredient more than once. During the holiday season, they offer special dishes as well. The fixed-price meal draws food lovers to this lovely stone farmhouse. Excellent dishes and particularly the desserts are incredible. Oysters and pearls and lamb dishes are personal favorites for many. Service is extremely good; staffs were knowledgeable about the dishes and could give you a tour to the kitchen as well. The experience will be the best you have ever had and worth is worth every penny.

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51. Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles (@Roscoeschickenandwaffles)

Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles is located in Los Angeles and is a famous restaurant food chain. They are very famous for serving chicken and waffles and also specialize in other traditional menu items as well. Nothing beats the fluffiness of the waffle to the crisp and juiciness of their chicken. The waffle will be perfect, crispy and hot with just the right amount of that butter and syrup. Service is also good and they serve your order quickly. They also have the Obama Special and chicken will be perfectly fried, hot, and crispy.

52. Rolf And Daughters (@Rolfanddaughters)

Rolf and Daughters is an industrial style restaurant which offers American dishes at communal tables. The menu changes regularly and if you visit this place during the happy hour you will be left wanting more. This place gets crowed easily so if you don’t want to wait long for a table, make reservations. This place was also comes under the top 10 restaurants in US in the year 2013. It’s also a fun place with a quietly rowdy bar scene where cocktails are equally good as the food. You will have memorable meal in a great spot with your loved ones.

53. Ava Gene’s (@avagenes)

Ava Gene’s located in Portland is an Italian eatery place which serves cocktails and family style cooked meals in a cozy space. They have a roman inspired menu that emphasize on local ingredients and meat grown and raised by pacific farmers. It also came under one of the top 5 new restaurants in the year 2013. The flavors and food are very unique. The wine list is extensive and has many great options. This place has great energy and a very romantic vibe and it is the ideal place for date nights or special occasions.

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54. Gjelina Take Away(@Gjelinatakeaway)

Gjelina Take Away serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, seven days a week and also has pizza & sandwiches. Their pizzas are absolutely wonderful and made in-house in their wood-fired oven and is also one of the best in the city. The overall vibe and environment of this place is extremely pleasant. You can order and wait at the counter until your name is called. Even though the lines go long during the peak hours they move pretty fast. The staffs including the manager are friendly and helpful. And don’t forget to try the chocolate chip cookie.

55. Lukeslobster (@lukeslobster)

Luke’s Lobster is located in Boston. Luke’s is definitely a great place to take tourists who are looking to eat lobster roll. Luke’s lobster roll/chowder combo (comes with chips, a bottled drink, and a pickle), and it’s worth every penny. The lobster roll is salty and filling and the chowder is creamy and generous with potato and clam. It is a charming spot with shrimp, crab and lobster rolls. They even have gluten-friendly rolls as well. If you are in town and looking for a quick spot to snack you must definitely visit Luke’s Lobster.

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56. Thespottedpig (@thespottedpig)

The Spotted Pig is one of the most influential restaurants in the world. A number of dishes from lunch and dinner service show up on the brunch menu, there brunch exclusives too. The Roquefort-topped burger is one of the most ordered dishes. Famous celebrity Kayne West is a regular customer at The Spotted Pig and he once invited his followers for a drink here, which created quite a buzz. It also has a bar on the second floor, which makes this the best place to enjoy your weekend. Just the pictures on their site will make your mouth water and you will be tempted to visit this place.

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57. HotBoxLDN (@hotboxldn)

HotBox London is an American barbeque specialist and offer ribs and other drinks in a lively atmosphere. It is advised not to order too many side-dishes as there won’t be any room left to enjoy the meat. It has bench seating and if you take the table for eight where there are only four of you’ll, be prepared you will definitely make new friends. If you have trouble choosing, the waiters will help you. This is also one of the best brunch places in the city. A fun place and you will definitely have a great time with your friends.

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58. Bob Bob Ricard (@bobbobricard)

Bob Bob Ricard has a Russian-inspired Modern British menu and has a cool art deco surrounding. It the restaurant which pours more champagne than any other place in the city. It has won awards for its interior decorations which was inspired by Orient Express and was designed by David Collins. It is also famous for its red and gold dining room features and is open only for dinner. It is not easy to get into this place and you have to make reservations in advance. Many visit the place just to taste their champagne and offer delicious meals.

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59. Big Easy BBQ & Lobstershack (@bigeasylondon)

Bar B Q Lobstershack offers the real American barbeque experience in London. It takes its inspiration from Bar B.Q and crab shacks of America’s Gulf Coast in the 19th century. You can just sit back, relax and have great food while listening to chilled-out music. After opening, it soon became famous for its amazing home-style cuisine. Its reputation has grown wildly and many chose to visit this place often. It’s like going back in time where you can enjoy your meal while having listing to relaxing music. Overall, it offers quality food and has a friendly atmosphere.

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60. The Ivy Restaurants (@ivyrestaurants)

The Ivy Restaurant offers Californian cuisine and the dishes are stylishly presented and are known for celeb sightings. This place is just amazing, visit on a sunny day and you can enjoy sitting at the patio and the atmosphere is also calm. The restaurant has a garden type of charm; also there is a white washed fence outside and have salmon colored walls. The food is also beyond delicious and the chilled crab claws are very famous. It’s a tourist spot where you will have great experience every time you visit.

61. Helene Henderson (@malibufarm)

Malibu Farm offers locally sourced American cuisine and it has a pier side Pacific view. It initially started as a small place and now it has grown into a big corporation funded by investors. There are no secret ingredients to the recipes and offers simple home cooked meals which many of them make at their homes. Also, they don’t use any low fat or nonfat products as they believe that one must eat the real thing or not eat at all. All their dishes are prepared by the ingredients which are produced by the local farmers. Overall a really good place where you can enjoy your weekend.

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62. Pizzeria Mozza (@pizzeriamozza)

Pizzeria Mozza is a famous pizza place that is located in Los Angeles. It is well known for its Californian ingredients and crust of the pizza. They offer about 25 or so different pizzas, appetizers, some entrees, and desserts. It is an intimate restaurant and if you don’t want to wait in long lines you must definitely make a reservation. You must definitely take a look at their drink menu because they offer a great selection of wine and beer. Overall, the staffs are all sincere and attentive. A perfect place for dinner with friends.

63. Perch Los Angeles (@perchlosangeles)

Perch is a French inspired roof top bistro which has a great view of Downtown Los Angeles and has table seating indoor and outdoor. It has a French culinary classic menu and it utilizes all of the seasonal ingredients. The bar attenders are very fast at making the drinks while you wait for your table to get ready. You will particularly enjoy the rooftop areas which have small bonfires and you can sit around it and get cozy. They have a live band playing music and you will definitely have a good time with friends and family.

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64. The Publican Pork (@publicanchicago)

The Publican has a creative seafood and pork-focused menu with communal tables. The food is creative and the atmosphere is fun and lively plus beer list is outstanding and is also one of the famous brunch spots. Everything tastes amazing here from pork belly to coffee. They also have a wide selection of seafood and other dishes for people who don’t like pork. They will be pretty packed in the weekend so reservations are absolutely required. Overall it is a cozy place with many options in the menu. This place is recommended if you are looking for a unique dining experience.

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65. Lazy Bear Restaurant (@lazybearsf)

Lazy Bear offers modern American food with flavors that are intrinsically delicious. The restaurant is more of a dinner party type and you will have a lovely time with your friends and family. If you ask the people who visited this place everyone will say that they were offered a glass of punch when they walked through the door. You will definitely enjoy the open kitchen and the chefs will also explain each course. They will also surprise you with gift certificates if it’s your birthday. Everything tastes perfect and the presentation will just blow you away.

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66. Namu Gaji Restaurant (@namusf)

Namu has an open kitchen turns and offers innovative dishes coupled with Korean culinary traditions. They have a comfortable space and have a delicious menu which reaches beyond traditional boundaries. Service is very good and the staff patiently explains if you have any doubts. Overall, Namu is a pretty decent place for some Korean food, though the ambiance and culture it’s definitely a place you should visit if you are craving some Korean food. It’s a place for social eating, so make sure you come here with friends and family.

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67. Outerlands (@outerlands)

Outerlands is a cozy place with weathered-wood walls serving New American eats, house made bread and it is one of the most popular brunch places. Get here and enjoy a great night out. The service was impeccable and genuine, the menu was really nice and creative and the prices are also affordable. This place is one of the best places in the city, and it’s worth the trip. Very unique combinations of flavor and ingredients and creative too. And it has a super warm and friendly atmosphere.

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68. The Breslin (@thebreslin)

The Breslin offers British pub food and the menu is inspired by Chef April Bloomfield and has a spot at the Ace hotel. Food and atmosphere is typically good. If you are adventurous you may try the parts of the pig head as well and they are very famous for Scotch egg and lamb burger. The restaurant itself is very dark with dark wood and has a bunch of cows and goats everywhere and has a nice atmosphere. However, go at dinnertime, when the roster of “evening puddings” includes mugs of house eggnog which is an absolute delight to taste.

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69. Cafe Boulud & Bar Pleiades (@cafebouludny)

Café Boulud is located inside the Surrey Hotel, on the Upper East Side in Manhattan, New York and is owned by celebrity chef Daniel Boulud. The menu is inspired by Daniel Boulud’s four culinary muses. This restaurant will give you the most delightful experience. They have excellent brunch menu and one could not ask for a better experience. Also their menu has excellent food choices and a great wine list. The staff is exceptionally attentive and friendly. This is one of the best restaurants in NYC and you must definitely visit this place if you are in the city.

70. Hillstone Restaurant Group (@hillstonerestaurants)

Bandera offers American food which has a southeastern touch to every dish. The place is located on the second floor and has wide windows and overlooks the Michigan Avenue. The food portion sizes are large and are exceptionally good. Dim, soft lighting and candle light flickering gives the place a romantic touch. Some nights live music (piano and singer) will perform which is the cherry on top of a yummy cake. If you take into account the portion sizes & taste and the view of the Michigan Avenue the price of the food won’t matter. The staffs are friendly and professional service.

71. Xoco Chicago (@xocochicago)

Xoco is located in Chicago and they offer street style Mexican food and tap beers. The price is minimal and you can enjoy well prepared Mexican style food with spicy flavor combos. Rick Bayless is the chef and he has written cook books and also participates in competitions. The Torto is very famous in their menu. All their dishes are prepared by fresh ingredients which are purchased from local farmers. Everything in the menu will taste amazing and you will have a tough time on deciding which will go on you r top favorite list.

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72. Salon Brixton (@salon_brixton)

Salon is one of the top 40 restaurants in Britain. They offer seasonal inventive dishes and it is also their motto. They mainly prepare their dishes with British ingredients and some of them are grown around Brixton. In the evening and the weekends they offer four course meals and the menu is decided by the chef. Their dining rooms are the perfect place for parties and celebrations. They also cater for wedding, birthday parties and for press events. Salon is superb. Having the tasting menu is an absolute delight, and everything’s served with care and attention. Service, wines and ambience are excellent.

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73. Vue de monde (@vuedemonderialto)

Vue de monde has an elegant dining restaurant in the Rialto building, with tasting menus and also it will sweep your feet with the cities view. . It is also one of the top 10 restaurants in Australia. Vue de Monde attempts to create a dining experience and one you will never forget. From the amazing food, service, and general ambiance is simply marvelous. Food is beautifully presented and staff very attentive too. Dining here is fun, memorable and relaxing. For the price you pay for the meal they treat you like a royalty.

74. Quay Restaurant (@quayrestaurant)

Quay is located in Australia and has an innovative modern Australian menu and the place over looks the Sydney Harbor Bridge. The restaurant has several signature dishes and among them is the Snow Egg is the best. The Snow Egg was also re-created in the finale of Masterchef Australia. Another famous signature dish is Gilmore’s Eight-Textured Chocolate Cake. The food is amazingly presented and cooked to perfection. Service is great and the view is a visual treat. Warm, knowledgeable, professional staff and also you will have the best dining experience. It is one of the One of the top notch restaurants in Australia.

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75. Markbest (@markbest)

Marquee Restaurant has an elegant, cozy and relaxed vibe. The main bar is the center piece of the restaurant and has a very modern and well stocked set up. The food is of great quality and service was attentive. Really nice ambience and you will love the atmosphere. Marquee Restaurant offers a nice selection of dishes that are not only more in volume but also tasty and satisfying. Many say that the tasting plates are the highlight of this place. When dining here it is highly recommend by many to taste the plates over the mains. The service is also very good.

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76. Sake Restaurant & Bar (@sakerestaurant)

Saké Restaurant & Bar offers traditional Japanese food is prepared by their chefs, with a twist, from the best, freshest and most seasonal ingredients. It is also one of the best restaurants in Australia. They take pride in creating innovative flavors. Order a la carte, or you can have the chefs choice which is an absolute delight. Saké also cater to vegetarian, gluten free dishes as well. With a variety of dining options available, you can either have a drink or grab a bite to eat at the bar. All four Japanese restaurants also cater for private events.

77. Townhallohc (@townhallohc)

Town Hall Restaurant believes that balance is the key to happy life. So they provide food that is tasty as well as healthy. Town Hall has a NON-GMO menu and they believe it was the right thing to do. It is a busy upscale place that lures crowds with their comfort fare & outdoor seating. The happy hour is filled with revelers and business brokers filling this restaurant’s spacious, glass-window-lined dining room. Town Hall’s food is familiar and satisfying, and the atmosphere is classy and inviting. You will really enjoy this place. Service and location is fantastic.

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78. Thegreenhousetavern (@thegreenhousetavern)

The Greenhouse Tavern was opened in 2009 at Cleveland and is the first certified-green restaurant. The restaurant is quite large with two levels. There is no dress code and you will feel at home in this place because it has a very comfortable and cozy environment. The chef’s special is very famous here. This restaurant supports local farmers, responsibly raised livestock, and the staffs are very down to earth and friendly. The price is not high and the food tastes yummy. You would have never tasted a meal like this before and locally sourced. Overall this is a great place to enjoy some delicious meals.

79. Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery (@tiltedkiltpub)

Tilted Kilt Pub and Eatery is a sports bar and restaurant chain in the United States and Canada. Tilted Kilt is uniquely different than other sports bars because of its theme that combines Celtic décor, with food, drinks, a fun and entertaining atmosphere. The catch phrase of this place is, “A cold beer never looked so good.” They are more than just a restaurant, and so much more than a sports bar. Their fun, festive atmosphere attracts everyone to watch sports, enjoy a cold beer and hang out with friends. So if you’re in the mood to have fine food and cold beers, you must definitely visit this place.

80. Barley House (@barleyhousecle)

Barley House is a great place for eclectic eats, beer and an amazing place if you want to party late night. Barley House offers traditional American cuisine, and beers on tap and many televisions to watch your favorite sports teams with your friends and family. They are also one of the best nightclubs in the city. It also comes under the Nightclub & Bar Top 100 List in America. A quick lunch, a cold beer for Happy Hour this is the perfect place to have fun at any day of the week.

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81. Osteria Philly (@osteriaphilly)

Osteria was opened in 2007 in Philadelphia and it originally served wine and simple food. After that it expanded its menu with pasta, grilled meat or fish, and is served at shared tables. The menu has some award-winning dishes like antipasti, homemade pastas, house-cured salumi, authentic Neapolitan and Roman-style pizzas, wood-grilled meats, seafood and decadent desserts are crafted. The most ordered dishes include Chicken Liver Rigatoni with cippolini onions and sage; the Lombarda Pizze with baked egg, bitto cheese, mozzarella and cotechino sausage; and the House-Aged Rib-eye “Fiorentina” for two. This is the perfect place with quiet night out with friends and family.

82. Honestburgers (@honestburgers)

Honest Burgers is one of the best burger shops in London. Superb burgers knock out chips and great service. They offer great portions, friendly service and in a cool location. The burger is fully-loaded, lid on with accompanying triple cooked chips, stacked on greaseproof paper. Perfectly soft meat with tasty flavors each bite will be just perfect. The bun is also soft and deliciously toasted which matches the meat in size. Service is excellent and you don’t have to wait long for a table. This was a great place to have a snack in London.

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83. Dishoom (@dishoom)

Dishoom is an Indian restaurant which is voted as London’s favorite eatery by the rating based on It has Indian street food in Bombay-style digs with vintage décor. It has three other branches in London as well. The price is affordable and the food will also be of great quality. If you don’t want to wait long, make a reservation because it will be crowded. It is a perfect place to go for a date or take your family and friends on a special dinner. Service will be attentive and very polite even though they handle such huge crowds.

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84. Wahaca (@wahaca)

Wahaca is a fast food chain which sells Mexican food in London. It has over 19 branches mostly in London. It has the whole street style menu and also staffs are very friendly. If like hot, Mexican street food or just curious about the how they taste. You must definitely check out this place. Gluten-free corn tortillas are one of the best dishes and it is full of essential minerals. This place is decent and food is also reasonably priced also it has a fun atmosphere. If you visit London you must definitely try this place.

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85. Ethos Foods (@ethosfoods)

Ethos was started in 2014 and they serve delicious and creative meat-free cuisine. Their menu is rich with special dietary requirement options such as vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free dishes. The interior of the restaurant is very pleasing with trees inside. They have a policy, pay-by-weight policy where you can chose how much goes into your plate, which not many restaurants follow. All their dishes are made from quality ingredients hence the price might be on the higher side. The staffs are very friendly and all your expectations will be satisfied.

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86. The Breakfast Club Cafes (@thebrekkyclub)

The Breakfast Club is a family cafe business which offers tasty food and drinks. They are also one of the best places for brunch. They also offer wonderful lunches and evening meals with drinks and the menu includes barista made coffees and award winning cocktails. It has a busy atmosphere with a fantastic menu full of tasty brunch options, burgers and more. They give coffee in bright yellow cups which is very tasty and refreshing. The wooden tables and benches bring back your childhood memories. A great place to visit to chill out and relax on any day of the week.

87. Voodoo Ray’s (@voodoorays)

Voodoo Ray’s is located in London and is famous for their American-themed late night hangout with US beers and cocktails. It’s a hip and busy “pizza by the slice” joint and has a good selection of pizzas on offer that will be warmed up when you order. The counter is full of giant pizza pies and you can dress your pizzas with flavored olive oils. The size of the slice is big and there are many drinks option are good which will help you to wash down the pizza. The Rio Cinemas is located nearby and it is the perfect place to have a bite after watching a movie.

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88. Sushisamba (@sushisamba)

SUSHISAMBA was opened in New York City at 1999 and it is operating in Miami Beach, Las Vegas, London and Coral Gables. Their menu has a combination of flavors from Japan, Brazil & Peru. They offer sizzling meats of the robata grill, fresh sushi, sashimi and seviche. Whether its lunch or dinner, the menu offers an exquisite blend of fiery Brazilian, zesty Peruvian and fresh Japanese culinary influences. The service is so great that the manager will make sure that you enjoyed the meal and might even bring you samples of their famous food for tasting.

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89. Carluccio’s (@carluccios)

Carluccio’s Caffè was first opened in 1999 at the Market Place, London. It is joint Italian restaurant with integrated food shop. Carluccio’s serve light, Italian-based breakfasts to diners. The café expanded from southeast England and across the UK. Carluccio’s operates from over 80 locations in Uk and has franchises in Ireland, Dublin and has three branches in Dubai as well. Their chefs have a simple mantra that is to add minimum of fuss and maximum of flavor. You can enjoy quality Italian food and drink throughout the day.

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90. The Modern Pantry (@themodernpantry)

The Modern Pantry is located in London which is a casual café and also has a dining room upstairs. The decor of the place is very clean and neat. The chef’s tasting menu is absolutely a treat and you must try it if you visit this restaurant. If the weather is nice you can sit outside and enjoy you meal. It is also a great place for brunch, latte, & tea. The building has large windows letting in the full sunlight, it was one of the most beautiful indoor brunch experiences you’ll ever have.

91. Pho Restaurant (@phorestaurant)

Pho is a family-run business serving great value and serves Vietnamese street food which has branches in London, Brighton, Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham. Vietnamese food is admired for its fresh ingredients, minimal use of dairy and oil and reliance on herbs and vegetables and is also considered as the healthiest cuisine worldwide, which is one of the main reasons this restaurant is so famous. Service at this place will be friendly and prompt. The best thing about the menu is that, they have mentioned all the nutrients for each dish. So if your health conscious you can choose accordingly.

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92. Leon Restaurants (@leonrestaurants)

Leon Restaurants as of December 2015 has 33 restaurants all around UK. Leon has produced a series of famous cookbooks which are marketed in the UK and the US. Their menu is inspired by the flavors, variety and natural healthiness of Mediterranean cooking. Some of the dishes will also evoke your childhood memories as well. Many say it is the future of fast food. Their main motto is to serve food that is both tasty and healthy too, which is one of the main reasons they are so famous. Everything on their menu is marked for specifics like ‘wheat free’, ‘dairy free’ and ‘gluten free’ which helps you to choose quickly.

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93. Tattooed Mom (@tmoms)

Tattooed Mom is one of the famous restaurants located in Philadelphia. It is a cool place which has a hipster bar with food & drinks plus pool tables to have some fun along with your dining experience. This place has toys and craft supplies to play with while waiting for your drink. From tater tots and tasty sandwiches to veggie & vegan eats this place is open for lunch, dinner or late night snacks as well. If you visit this place at the happy hour you only have to pay half price for all the beers you order. The food is really good, friendly service, and the specials are especially yummy.

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94. The Iron Press (@theironpress)

The Iron Press offers sweet and savory waffle sandwiches and many of specialty local and imported beers. They are focused on making the dishes with fresh ingredients so they work with the local community. You can enjoy the music, the art, food and libations– which is the perfect combination of a fun dining experience. The staffs here are friendly and are great at recommending beers if you can’t decide on specific one. If you are in the mood to have beer and want to hang out with your friends, this is absolutely the best spot in town.

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95. True Food Kitchen (@true_food_kitchen)

True Food Kitchen offer nutritious food including vegan and other famous cocktails. All their dishes are in the latest trends as also they pair them with a healthy touch. They have a wide variety of healthy food from vegan to vegetarian, or gluten free. The kale and quinoa sea buckthorn and acai are very famous. They want you to feel better by offering healthy food which is tasty and good for you. They have super fresh food which is combined with creative vegetarian dishes. This location has interior and exterior seating with a bar.

96. Founding Farmers (@foundingfarmers)

Founding Farmers is a restaurant is owned by the more than 40,000 family farmers of NDFU and all the ingredients are supplied by the family farms around the area. Their dishes are made with pure ingredients honoring the farmers around the area. The farmer’s platter is one of the best dishes in their menu, and they are also very famous brunch place preferred by many. The staff are very attentive and friendly as well. There will many people out there and it will be exciting to watch and be in the mix with them.

97. Ted’s BULLETIN (@tedsbulletin)

TedsBulletin is the perfect place for breakfast at any time and has a large menu of yummy milkshakes. People love coming here for the 1950s ambience and quirky menu items plus old movies can be seen playing on the screens around the room. Service is quick and all the staffs are attentive and friendly. Their home made “Ted Tarts” is one of the famous and most ordered. It’s a great addition to the neighborhood as it serves breakfast during the week, in addition to lunch, dinner, and late-night drinks. So do not pass up the opportunity to eat at this fine restaurant.

98. Num Pang Sandwich Shop (@numpangnyc)

Num Pang Sandwich Shop is widely recognized by top media such as Bon Appetit and they named their sandwiches as one of the top 25 things to eat in 2012 and they have been one of the highest rated sandwich shops since their opening. The flavor and texture combination of the Pork Belly sandwich is brilliant. There is a nice yard where you can sit and enjoy your sandwich. In addition to the great flavors, tenderness and perfection in their meat. People love mostly for their generous portion of food.

99. Indian Accent (@indianaccent)

Indian Accent was opened in 2009 with an inventive Indian menu at New Delhi. It has become India’s most celebrated restaurant which offers dishes with traditional Indian flavors and ingredients. It also one of the 50 Best Restaurants 2015 in Pellegrino Asia’s list. It is the No. 1 Restaurant in India on Trip Advisor too. It is the best when it comes to modernizing, innovating and extending Indian cuisine. Reading the menu is a thrill and you can see how the chef reimagines traditional Indian dishes with a modern touch. It offers a real great twist to Indian cooking.

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100. Osteria Mozza (@osteriamozza)

Osteria Mozza offers Italian cuisine in a lively environment. It is one of the best restaurants in LA. An amazing food experience waits at this place for anyone who visits this place. It’s quite tough to get though walk-ins so you can have a seat at the mozzarella bar until then. The servers are polite and offer recommendations as well. Throughout the meal the service will be perfect and the staffs are attentive and helpful. Mozza is the best place in LA for pizza and all in all, fine dining and it will be perfectly enjoyable.

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