In recent years the number of smartphone users has seen an exponential jump mainly due to the phones and data connectivity becoming far more affordable. According to a CISCO report, the number of people with mobile phones by 2020 is projected to exceed 5.5 billion; that’s over 70% of the population of the world. In this scenario, mobile app developers need to track the latest trends:

Development Across Platforms and Devices

Even though Android has the lion’s share of the market with its attractive pricing, iOS dominates the higher end of the market; apps can no longer restrict themselves to individual platforms. The evolution of languages like HTML5 will see the development of hybrid mobile applications that will work across all platforms.

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There are two sorts of cross-stage applications, Local Cross-Platform Apps, and Hybrid “HTML5” Cross-Platform Apps.

Each real versatile working framework has its particular SDK (Software Development Kit) to make portable applications. These SDKs additionally have favored programming dialects which are upheld by the OS seller. For instance, for iOS, Objective-C and Swift are the favored programming dialects bolstered by Apple, though for Android, Java is the preferred dialect upheld by Google. Applications made with these dialects utilizing the authority SDK are called as “local applications.” In any case, it is conceivable to use APIs (Application Programming Interface) given by the local SDK, in other programming dialects which are not upheld by the OS merchant. This is the manner by which “cross-stage” local applications are made. For the most part, an outsider seller picks a programming dialect and makes a bound together API on top of the local SDKs given by the different OS merchants. Utilizing this bound together API, it is conceivable to bolster numerous working frameworks with a solitary code base. The outsider merchant, for the most part, gives an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) which handles the way towards making the local application package for iOS and Android from the single cross-stage codebase. Since the last application delivered still uses the local APIs, the cross-stage local applications can accomplish close local execution with no unmistakable slack to the client.

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Versatile applications are basically GUI applications. Most portable applications rely on backend web administrations for substantial parts of their business rationale. Generally, in versatile applications, particularly in the business procedure robotization space, right around 60% of the code manages to make and deal with the GUI. iOS, Android and Windows Phone, all have an extremely propelled program segment in their SDKs. By utilizing this Web View segment, software engineers can utilize standard HTML5 web advances to outline and program parts of their application. So at last, the application is made out of no less than a local casing and HTML/JavaScript executed in a Web View – which is the reason they are called “cross-breed.” Application highlights which require sensor input like geo location, camera or lower level capacities like getting to the document framework ordinarily utilize some JavaScript-to-local extension given by the cross breed application structure.

Internet of Things

If you have been dazzled by the changes the web and mobile technology has ushered in, you can remain assured that a radical change is on the anvil once IoT (Internet of Things) makes a commercial appearance. The Internet of Things (IoT) is an arrangement of interrelated processing gadgets, mechanical and computerized machines, articles, creatures or individuals that are furnished with exceptional identifiers and the capacity to exchange information over a system without obliging human-to-human or human-to-PC connection. Examples in the form of Apple Watches and Google Glass have already shown us the time and the day is not too far off when we will have our refrigerators being controlled by tweets, cars that drive themselves and microwave ovens that have your dinner ready on your arrival back home.

Advanced Developer Tools

Thousands of mobile applications are being launched every month, and all of them are trying to get a share of the market in the shortest possible time. Evolution of the software development kits and application programming interfaces will ensure that the application development time can be further reduced and made more error free.

Increasing Focus on Enterprise Apps

Enterprise applications can build profitability altogether inside the working environment, so their selection crosswise over organizations could be the conspicuous answer for efficiency issues. Applications could help organizations support effectiveness, interface workers better and even create extra income. As we move towards an undeniably versatile first world, endeavor applications are probably going to end up plainly as a standard method for working at many organizations, so receiving them could help organizations remain on top of things and increment their profitability development rates. So far the attention has almost exclusively been on the development of consumer apps for mobile phones. It is expected that the real benefits to businesses and ultimately customers will accrue from the development of enterprise apps that will help them to be more efficient, as well as productive. As more and more businesses realize the multiple benefits of mobile apps, greater investments will be poured in catalyzing the Android app development companies in Mumbai and elsewhere.

Increasing Demand for Location-Based Services

At one point in time, access to the web was all about the globalization of information. However, as useful as it may be information demanded by real life customers requiring products or services in their immediate vicinity was largely unfulfilled. Apps that provide the information regarding various types of services close to the client by using location-based indicators will be heavily in demand both by customers as well as businesses as they seek to fulfill requirements in the shortest possible time.


With both customers and businesses seeking to maximize their satisfaction and convenience with easy accessibility of information, the demand for mobile apps is projected to witness an exponential jump. App developers will need to keenly monitor the environment to be able to best exploit the potential.

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Walter Moore works for one of the most prominent Android app development companies in Mumbai. A keen observer of trends in mobile app development, He is a popular speaker on the technology circuit.