7 Useful Instagram Hidden Hacks and Features

Instagram has gained so much popularity these past years because of how useful it is and all of its ever changing, innovative features! Just when you think you know all there is to know about Instagram, it surprises you yet again. Here I am to let you in on some hidden features that you might not have known about! Once you get through these tips, you will be Instagramming like a pro in no time, and no I won’t be pitching you on another way to buy Instagram likes.

1. See The Posts You Have Liked

I am sure we have all wondered this at one point or another, and here I am to let you know that yes, this is a thing. You can see all the post you have liked all in one place on your Instagram. Where you might ask? If you click on the Options of your Instagram, and scroll down a little bit, you will “Posts You’ve Liked.” I love this feature because it gives me an idea of what I have liked and also maybe how I have changed on social media.

See The Posts You Have Liked

2. Get Rid of Filters You Don’t Use and Change the Order

Super neat, right? Yes, it does mean what you think it means! If you are like most people, you probably have certain filters that you absolutely love or that fit what you are trying to put out. When it comes to comparing filters, I had such a difficult time deciding without being able to see the photos side by side. I would go back and forth and be super indecisive because I could not remember what I had just seen or could not decide which one I liked more. Fear not, I will never have to face that dilemma again… on Instagram.

I found out that you can get rid of filters that you do not use and you can also manage the order of your filters to make it easier for you. Thank you, Instagram! To do it, you gotta start by uploading a photo and begin editing it. Once you get to the filters page, you then have to scroll to the very far right of your filters options and then click on “Manage.”

Reordering and hiding filters is simple, just upload a picture and then you can start to edit it, similar to any other post you might be editing. On the page titled “filters”, find the most right of the filters and click on the button manage. You can uncheck filters you don’t use to get rid of them. Makes thing a lot easier when it comes to editing, by reordering your filters into the way that’s best for you.

3. Put Line Breaks in Your Bio and Captions

So I was always puzzled how other people got to put line breaks in their bios or captions and I could never figure out how to do it without the “Enter” button. Thank goodness I learned this trick though, because I always thought something was wrong with my Instagram or I was just an unlucky one.

When you are ready to write your bio or caption, click on the key called 123, found on the bottom left corner of your keyboard, then the “Enter” button will appear. I know it is like magic, huh? It is super simple, and I am sad to say it took me this long to figure it out. However, I am so much more happy with how my bio looks with the line breaks!

4. Hide Your Tagged Photos

Tagged photos, you either love them or hate them. If you hate them, you most likely want to hide them from your feed since Instagram shows it. To see your tagged photos, click on the button on the right that shows a gray person, visible on your profile. Once you are there, tap on the set of three dots on the right side of the page and tap on “Edit Tags.” Next hit on photos and you’ll see another popup for the “Hide from Profile” feature. Yay for no more bad photos!

5. You Can Clear Your Search History

Whatever reasons you’re doing it for, I am here to tell you that you can clear your search history. Honestly, sometimes I want to clear my search history to get rid of the clutter on my Instagram. Click on the Options portion of your Instagram and scroll to the bottom to “Clear Search History.” There you have it, quick and easy.

Clear Your Search History

6. Filter Comments or Turn Off Comments Completely

When you are ready, go to your profile’s options and then select “Comments” Once you are there you can hit the toggle to “Hide Inappropriate Comments” to turn it on. This feature will hide comments that contain words or phrases that are often reported as offensive It’s also possible to add your own words that you want hidden.

To turn off your comments for a post, start by posting a video and when you reach the screen to add your caption, hit “Advanced Settings.” That’s where you can turn off the comments on the specific post. This feature is a true lifesaver and sometimes saves you the hassle of having to get so many notifications over spam. I know I’m not the only one that gets happy when I see I’ve cleared out my queue!

7. Save Photos Only You Can See

Finally, Instagram revealed this feature! I used to take screen grabs of things to remember them or to have a place to save them. Now, I don’t have to go through the trouble! And better yet, it is saved in a private place so only you can see it. Once you are ready, locate the post you want to save and then tap on the bookmark icon on the right corn. When you want to view these saved posts, you can visit your profile and tap on the icon next to your tagged photos. That way you’ll see your Saved tab.