7 Ways to Use Instagram Slideshow Posts Creatively

Instagram’s slideshow posts are the newest addition to the popular social media site. The option to post up to 10 photos and videos in one post opens up a new world of opportunities! Slideshows allow you to be more creative and interact with followers even more than before. Here are 7 ways to use this feature in creative and eye-catching ways.

1. Share What Goes on Behind-the-Scenes

Some of us may not like to admit it, but the way our Instagram feed looks can make a difference. You hear, “you eat with your eyes” but we also LIKE with our eyes.

If you go to a page and find that the photos seem messy and out of place, you probably don’t have as much of a desire to follow and keep up with that brand or social influencer. As humans, we enjoy seeing things that are pleasing to the eye. In order to keep your feed looking beautiful, you don’t always get to share the secrets of a photoshoot or event because those photos don’t fit as well with the theme you’ve created.

Since Instagram only shows the first photo of a slideshow in your feed, this gives you the option of posting a beautiful photo while adding behind-the-scene photos for your followers to see what goes into making the things you’re sharing!

Use Instagram Slideshow2. Before & After

Remodeling or decorating a home or your place of business? Showcasing a makeover or transformation? Before-and-after shots are necessary for this.

With one of Instagram’s recent updates, users no longer see photos on their scrolling feed in the order they were posted. If you wanted to show the progression or transformation of something, users would most likely see it out of order, therefore defeating the purpose of a before-and-after.

You now have the ability to post a transformation in order of how you want it to be seen. For example, sharing photos of a room before adding your personal touch and after you’ve worked your decorating magic all in one post displays the change in a simple and attractive format. Everyone loves a good before-and-after!

3. Recap an Event

How many times have you seen a photo from an event once and then scrolled a few seconds and seen another? Oftentimes, the pictures end up being out of order and some followers may not scroll far enough to see all of them. Another way slideshows help organize in the new Instagram feed is keeping one event together. I can hear everyone cheering already!

Let’s say you photographed a wedding and want to share your favorite shots. Maybe you held an event to reveal a new product and you want your customers to feel as though they were there! You can now do so in one post. No more posting 5 photos from the same event and having them show up all over the place in someone’s feed. Now, users can scroll through and see a compact album of shots from one event and like the post once as opposed to liking them individually.

4. Tutorials

A popular trend going around in the world of social media is tutorials. Whether it be a recipe, a DIY, or How-To, people love tutorials. If you want to share a new recipe in a simple and easy-to-read layout, you can guide followers through the process by breaking down the recipe into one or two steps per picture. DIYs become even easier when laid out in a fun slideshow that viewers can scroll through at their own pace instead of a video that they can’t pause (come on, Instagram, we need to pause videos!). Do you have a product or new app feature that you want your viewers to understand how to use? Walk them through it by providing steps and tips along with visual examples.

5. Groups of Products

If your brand just released a new set of products or a new line of clothing, you’ll want to show what it looks like together. But followers will want to see details as well. You can create and share fun photos that grab the attention of your customers and then invites them to further scroll through the individual items.

A bakery might have limited edition cupcake flavors. A shot of the desserts lined up will catch a viewer’s eye. They can then swipe through to see the separate flavors and toppings. A brand may release a new color of nail polish and can now showcase what it looks like on different skin tones. The possibilities are endless!

6. Share a Video

Instagram has extended the allowed length of a single video to one minute instead of the original 15 seconds. This offers more opportunities to reach followers and share content. But let’s say you want to promote a new video on your brand’s YouTube. Some people just will not click on a link in your bio because it’s an extra step. Sharing multiple video clips at once can – in some cases – showcase your full video so it’s seen by your Instagram followers and not just your subscribers on YouTube. This can also display your video skills and gain more followers who will want to see your work!

Share a Video7. Surprise!

Everyone loves surprises! Okay, I hear some people don’t, but most of us do. A fun way to drum up excitement and extra business is to lead up to a surprise. There’s something about swiping through until the big reveal! You can use it as a fun way to count down from 3 and reveal a big sale. If you have the budget to buy Instagram likes, then this is a great idea for such a post, as it will increase the number of people who will see it!

A fun way to show a new product is to show close-ups of the item and get further and further away until the big picture at the end. You can even make it a game and give clues along the way until your followers find the answer at the end of the Instagram rainbow.

This fun and interesting new feature opens up so many possibilities for brands, social influencers, and everyday users. Take advantage of it, be creative, and have fun!