Modern day entrepreneurs are often, in a fix when it comes to deciding which is more effective to communicate with their customers, emails or the social media channels. There is no doubt that both these channels are strong and serve marketers in different ways. The big question here is, what are the strengths of these two networks?

The widespread use of social media updates through emails prove the power of email marketing. You must have an idea of using email and social media marketing separately. But, have you ever thought of the concept of merging these two marketing channels to get amazing promotion results? This concept is new and rarely used by business entrepreneurs for brand promotion. However, both the channels are strong enough to tackle the battle of the marketing world. But, if combined they can change the way marketers promote their brands.

Now, you might be wondering that how these two communication networks get connected with each other. In this blog, you will come to know how these can work together to advertise services and products of a company.

Place Social Icons To Email Templates

Well! This is common. When marketers initiate any email marketing campaign, they usually place social media icons to their templates. Putting social media icons at the corner or the bottom of your email is a bad idea as it might not be visible to the visitors at first glance. You have to tuck these icons on the top so that email recipient can see and use the icons accordingly. In other words, if you don’t want the prospects to miss the social media integration, you have to think from their perspective and need to make things more attractive and engaging.

Make Followers Aware of Your Newsletter

When people start showing interest in your service or brand on social channels, it is evident that they are interested in your emails and newsletters. You can make them aware of your emails and newsletter subscription by providing a link to the sign-up page. By doing so, visitors get attracted towards your brand more effectively. In this fastest-growing marketing world, this is the best and the most impressive way of turning the visitors into email or newsletter subscribers. 

Facebook’s Customizable Tabs for Sign Up

As you know that Facebook is a fantastic social media channel to promote business or services. Whenever you create your brand page on Facebook, it offers you a facility to build customizable tabs that can be further used for email marketing promotion. Clicking on these tabs will redirect you to the main page of the brand where customers are asked to sign up for emails of the business. Even, the brand followers can directly sign up for the emails and newsletters without going to the landing page. And the best part is, it happens within Facebook.

Effective Twitter’s Lead Generation Cards

There’s a new feature added to the suite of Twitter, which is the Twitter Cards that help businesses drive and generate sales leads. Twitter cards let you experience the new way of enhancing sales. These cards are the Tweets that can be easily expanded by the followers. Information related to the services, products and new launches has been given on these cards which make it easy for users to express interest in what a brand offers.

In these Tweets, you can add a short description, a relevant image and yes, a call-to-action which redirects you to the sign-up page of your email. For better promotion results, you can also attach the lead generation cards to your Tweets and share followers. If you do not have many followers, you can share the expanded Tweet to the Twitter audience through sponsored tweets.

Run A Social-Focused Email Marketing Campaign

Running a focused social channel is the appropriate option to ensure brand success. Mostly, email marketers plan to initiate email campaign with the intention of grabbing the attention of users to their brand or a particular service. But, if these campaigns get initiated by keeping social awareness in mind, your email subscription will definitely grow like a pro. It has been discovered that sometimes, users do not follow the campaign or ignore the actions associated with the social media buttons. So, if you did not find any success through the above actions, you can directly send an email/message such as “why to like and share our page” which addresses the particular social platform.

Make Use of Email Templates To Promote Social Contest

Emails are always a great source for grabbing the attention of subscribers. To make your brand more powerful and successful, you can initiate a social media contest where you can put exciting offers and discounts to avail the services of your brand. Instead of doing it directly on the social media network page, marketers can make it happen by creating the HTML email templates design. By sending these email templates, you can convey your message to the targeted customers about why they should  move to the social platform link and get amazing deals and offers. This is the most outstanding way to promote your brand on both the marketing channels.

Final Thoughts:

Both the marketing channels are powerful and are widely used to market brands. If you find the blog beneficial, then start using the above tactics to grab more and more customers. You can use social media to empower your email marketing and email marketing to empower your social media network.

Author Bio: Andrew Hudson is working as a professional email template designer at  EmailChopper. He is highly enthusiastic in designing unique and eye-catching email templates and brings new ideas to make emails more powerful for business.