Why You Are Losing Instagram Followers And How You Can Stop It

It’s no secret that your followers are what drive your brand either towards success or failure. Having a large number of followers directly translates to having a large reach for your content. Content is what you deliver, your followers being your audience, and that’s why their opinion and feedback on your content is so crucial.

For any brand or individual who is looking to establish a strong foothold in social media, one factor is essential: a good number of followers. Today, there are brands that have followers in millions, which is a big boost for their growth and expansion in the market. Building an organic following takes time, but the rate at which this happens can be accelerated by your efforts to make your page follow-worthy.

Now, what happens when instead of increasing, your number of followers begins to drop? It can be disheartening when this happens, but there are some common reasons behind why and how it does. A drop in followers could definitely hamper your brand performance social media reach and be detrimental to your online worth. On the other hand, a good amount of endorsements and followers can increase social media reach and boost brandability.

Why do followers decrease and how can you deal with the problem?

Let’s have a look:

1. Content

When your content is engaging, even your level or frequency of engagement on each post is high and increasing. Now, when your content starts to become boring, stagnant or monotonous, you might notice that even your likes and views are dropping. The competition on a platform like Instagram is immense, and so is the quality of content being circulated, so you need to constantly work on upping your game and making sure that you deliver top-notch content to your followers and keep them hooked.

2. Fake profiles

The problem of fake profiles has existed ever since social media platforms became big, but the only difference now is the occurrence of fake accounts in higher volumes. A lot of these fake profiles are dummies, created for spam, bots in disguise, and so on. When you have a public profile, anyone can follow you without restriction. So, when fake profiles unfollow you or get deleted, your follower count might reduce.

For all safety reasons, it’s good to scan through your followers at least once a month and remove any fake or suspicious accounts. Instagram has recently begun doing this themselves as well.

3. Consistency

Now, this point is very important when it comes to Instagram. You need to be consistent in three factors with regards to your content; concept, the frequency of posting and relevance.

Let’s further understand why these are essential.

A sudden shift in the concept of your content might not appeal to a lot of your followers. Initially, then began following because they liked what they saw. Every account, whether intentionally or not, has a theme that their content follows. You need to make sure that even if you do shift amongst concepts, it has to be relevant to your brand’s image. Irrelevant posts can put your followers off and even motivate them to unfollow your page.

In terms of frequency, studies have shown that posting 1-2 times a day is more than sufficient for a brand to be visible on feeds. Posting more than twice a day can take away the curiosity factor from your brand, and your followers may even get annoyed by how many of your posts they see in a single day.

Of course, there’s a flipside to this. You need to make sure that you’re posting enough to stay interesting to your followers. Brands that give long breaks between each post don’t have much of an impact even when they do release content. Instagram’s 24-hour “story” feature is being used extensively by brands for this very reason. It gives them the chance to post multiple items in a single day, but because their posts last for 24 hours, they know viewers would be interested in checking out their content anyway.

4. Spam

Collaborations and promotions, either for your own brand or for another one, work really well on Instagram. In fact, several brands and bloggers claim that Instagram is their number one social media platform choice to market themselves because the results are more promising than any of the other options.

However, how much is too much?

Content that consists extensively of promotional material might work against your favor, causing you to lose followers who are tired or bored of it eventually. Excessive marketing and promotions can downsize your brand’s credibility, causing followers to pick other brands over yours that are producing more creative and engaging content.

Does this mean that you need to completely scrap promotional content? Not at all. It only means that you need to have a strategic plan in place, a schedule or timeline of sorts, that can help you plan promotional material alongside your usual content. A good balance on both ends is what will help you market effectively whilst also retaining your followers.

5. One-way communication

Brands that respond to followers, either through direct messages or comments, are always more preferred by consumers. Why so? Because it gives them a sense of inclusion and importance. Responding to followers personally, letting them know that their feedback is important to you, addressing issues instantly and giving quick responses; all of these are sure shot ways of eliminating one-way traffic when it comes to communication between the brand and your consumers.

A lot of brands today have special portals where followers can privately chat with them and have queries answered instantly. They also give “shout outs” to followers who tag or mention the brand and even tag them back, letting them know that each of their followers is just as important to them. Incorporating these more inclusive methods of marketing can help increase your following and also increase your goodwill.

So, if you notice that your followers are decreasing in number, step one would be to evaluate what you might be doing wrong and rectify it before your brand loses its Instagram credibility!