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Are you on the lookout for quality articles? Need content that can convert your one-time visitors to everyday readers? Want to add more value to your blog? We can help!

How We Can Help
At iDigic, we believe that quality content, neat article presentation, regular blog posting, and quick response to readers’ comments are the key to success of a blog. Conveying your message clearly to readers in a likeable way can help bring the world together. Our articles are a powerful combination of useful information, neat presentation, interesting tone (that talk to readers), and excellent writing skills. We have spent tons of hours mastering these. Would love to pass on the benefits to your blog.

We’ve won several writing gigs, earned thousands of Shares, Likes, Tweets, and Comments on limitless blogs. In our decade-long experience in blog writing, we’ve touched down on all sorts of topics ranging from crappy internet scams to no-nonsense internet marketing to almost everything imaginable. Irrespective of the topic, we try our best to offer a fresh point of view – something that is unique from the regular internet mess that will keep your readers talking.

How You Can Benefit From Our Content

Our high-quality content will:

  • Add value to your readers – You see, online users read hundreds of articles, but only very few write-ups stay in their mind. We will write content that will stay in your readers’ mind and make them come back to your site for more.
  • Gain social media traffic – Our high-quality content will entice readers to comment, like, share, and tweet your content on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and the likes. Social media traffic is an added advantage to reach a wider target audience and increase your web traffic too.
  • Increase the number of page views per reader – Feed your blog with a teaspoonful of honey, and your visitors will search for the other flowers (articles) in your garden. We can help you with that.
  • Add more SEO value – Search engines never fail to recognize valuable content. Only high quality content can get you a higher ranking in Google searches, organically.
  • Help your blog/website establish strong domain authority and boost your SERP ranking.

Guest Posts
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What We Do
We’ll talk to you, determine your needs and work on the task with integrity until your needs are met. We will handle everything from brainstorming topic ideas to researching content information to writing and editing. So, this will be super easy for you.

How to approach us?
Please drop a mail to [email protected] with the subject line “GUEST POST REQUIRED.”

  • Briefly tell us something about yourself, a few words about your blog, and your target audience.
  • Feel free to pitch topic ideas too.
  • Please include the URL of your best posts so that we can go through some of your articles and identify your style of writing.

Our posts will:

  • Be original and unique
  • Have a gripping headline
  • Have a compelling introduction that tempts visitors to read further
  • Have a clear-cut conclusion
  • Be 600-800 words long
  • Have no more than two hyperlinks
  • Have an author bio (60-80 words)

Thanks for considering us to write for your blog. We look forward to hearing from you soon.