Instagram is a popular and rising social media platform that is placed just after Pinterest. Instagram is a highly competitive social media whether you use it to get business or boost the personal following. It offers fantastic profile features, whether it’s a personal or a business account.

It is not a big deal to increase your fan-following. It is just like a piece of cake to buy Instagram followers, views, likes, comments, etc., for improving the worth of the profile. But, it is not difficult to find out whether views, likes, comments, and followers are organic or not.

If you have been using Instagram for quite a long, and want to know how to make your profile strong, you’re at the right place. Here, we will discuss how to improve an Instagram profile in 2023, whether you have a personal or a business account.

As we all know, it is an old practice to buy Instagram views, and likes, etc. In addition to that, we highly suggest going for an organic way to improve your Instagram profile.

Post Content Regularly

Be active in posting new content on your Instagram account and uploading one to two posts each day. It keeps updating your followers’ newsfeed, and you get noticed regularly. Also, it is essential to know the right time to post new content.


What is the best time to post a new story or post on Instagram? Every Instagram influencer has a different opinion for it, and it makes sense that you need to find out yourself. Here, you need to pay keen attention to what time you get the most views and likes.

Select Right Hashtags

Hashtags can be the gamer changer or deal breakers on social media. Using the right hashtags gets you noticed by those who have already been making searches relevant to your post content. Also, using the relevant plus trending hashtags allow your post to shine among the top posts on Instagram.


Instagram allows you to post thirty hashtags under each post. But it is better to select a minimum and only relevant ones. You must have seen that almost every brand uses five to seven hashtags for each post. So choosing the trending and relevant tags get your post noticed on Instagram.

Pro Tip: Research the hashtags according to the number of likes on best-performing posts and type of content. If that matches with your content, you win it.

Share Stories, Not Preaching Lectures

It is the critical one that most Insta-users do not understand. Well, being too nice is a failing idea when you practice it at an irrelevant place. Everyone gets excited when there is something funny, exciting, and exciting showing up on their newsfeed.


Also, adding a touch of humor is something that grabs a tremendous response from followers. Nobody would give them a pause and listen to the granny’s beauty tip that she’s posted after preaching about the virtue of feeding a hungry cat. On the other hand, people love to see interesting stories where you share something exciting and related to their interests.


Collaborating with Instagram influencers is a great option to grow fan-following on Instagram. Initially, you are good to go with micro-influencers that do not have a blue check on their accounts. When you are developing a brand, your goal is to get organic followers first before moving further to reach verified influencers.


According to research, micro-influencers who have followed around 10k to 100k are an excellent source for bringing more business to your account. In addition, partnering with micro-influencers gets more potential of tapping into an engaged audience. Usually, a lot of micro-influencers do not work on a big scale.

Micro-influencers, typically, work on a small scale that covers a specific niche. This way, when you collaborate with them, you get a pure fan-following that has already been following the niche that you are targeting.

Upload Live Stories

Research says that live videos are going to be the future of Instagram. Also, there is a high chance that Instagram live sessions will drive massive followers shortly. When talking about Instagram’s live feed, it is an unedited video stream that you record live for your followers.


Live sessions are better so that your audience feels more connected with you and can communicate with you through comments. Usually, when the audience asks a question under some post, it often goes unnoticed. But in live videos, they feel heard and more connected with the influencer.

Create Relevant Memes or Gifs

Today, memes are one of the effective communication methods online on any social media. It is a subtle and clever method to engage the audience with your IG feed and posts. If you are in the initial or struggling phase as a brand, you must practice these little tricks to engage more audience.


As per IG updates, 13 to 35 years old users have been reported to sharing 55% of memes every week. When it comes to creating a meme, it takes a considerable amount of time to develop an idea and creativity. Yes, it does take additional time, but it is worth it to spend on it.

Pro Tip: To make it easier, you can use free apps with most of the work done on their free templates library. You have to pick up one and write your text on that. You can use “Canva” for this purpose, and it is a free app with unlimited options.

Grab Instagram Traffic To Your Website

Adding a clickable link on the IG bio can allow your audience to know about your website address, and they can land there in no time. When you promote a product or make special offers, the audience is curious to unbox the offer. This way, they often end up clicking on the link, and you get more traffic for your website from your IG business account.


Also, when the audience likes the promotion or offers that you have proposed, there is more chance that they make a purchase. Also, you can add a URL in the text description under a picture’s caption.

Take Support Backbone of Online Foundation, “SEO”

If you are unaware of the term SEO, it stands for “search engine optimization.” A good SEO can make a website’s traffic to the next level. How to apply good SEO practices on Instagram to not have to buy Instagram likes or followers?


On Instagram, two areas leave a significant impact on your IG SEO: account name and account handle. You can modify many options on your IG account. The first is your IG registered “@” name, which should indicate the industry in which your business operates.

Then comes your account name, which appears beneath your display picture. That name should correspond to your profile’s account handle and industry. Again, keep the account name brief, pleasant, and memorable.

Instagram checks queries against your account name when people search for words or emojis on Instagram. The trick is to think of words that users might type into Instagram’s search bar. To get the most out of this IG feature, first, enter your industry or a keyword linked to your firm in the name area.

Post Shareable Pictures

The ability for IG users to share Instagram posts to their Stories or DMs is a handy feature that can allow you to reach more people. The key is creating content that you think your audience will like to repost. Sharable content should be relevant to what your audience likes to see.


You can post relatable quotes, funny memes, or sarcastic humor, etc. Also, you can track and measure how many times your grid post has been shared to others’ stories, making it even easier to know which material performs best.

Create User-Generated Content

For marketers, user-generated content on IG is a big-time savage. However, because IG posts are developed and authorized by your audience, it allows your followers to engage more intimately with a business while also lowering marketing expenditures.


This strategy has always worked for the most successful user-generated content projects. User-generated material can be beneficial to almost any industry, and it is one of those strategies that always work.


Here, we have shared the best tricks about improving the Instagram profile in 2023 that have been working so far. Instagram is a great source to generate business. Whether you have a personal account or business account, you can follow the tips mentioned above to get organic traffic and followers for your IG account.

Hopefully, you’ll find it beneficial to improve your Instagram profile to a better-looking profile. Give these strategies a try, and you won’t regret it at all.

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