who can see instagram stories

If you’ve been using Instagram for the past many years, you already know that they’ve launched a feature called Instagram Story which are like smaller 15-second clips of images or video you can add to your feed. These let you keep your followers informed about what you are up to at the moment without disrupting your feed.

The question now on everyone’s mind since then has been – can you find out who looks at your Instagram Stories? Well, the short answer is – yes you can!

Checking who viewed your Instagram story

The good news for all Instagrammers is that you can find who’s seen your Story within the app or website. This means that you don’t have to meddle around with 3rd party apps to get it done. Let’s see what you need to do to see who viewed your Story.

  • Step 1 : The easiest way to access your Instagram story is to click on your profile picture bubble, which will then display a list of all your stories.
  • Step 2 : When you slide up on your Story after opening it, you’ll see the number of views as well as the name of the people who saw it as well.
  • Step 3 : Finally, tap on the “Seen by #” to get a list of all the people who have viewed your Story.

Who can see my Instagram story?

There are different levels of access allowed to people who want to check out your Instagram stories based on your privacy settings. If you are a private account, users who are not your followers won’t be able to check you, Instagram Story. However, if you are a public account, on the other hand, anyone who can find your profile on Instagram will be able to view your Story.

This is one reason why brands and popular personalities on IG have public profiles. They are able to maximize their views and get more exposure.

Can you check how many times someone views your Instagram Story?

A lot of people want to know how many times people have seen their Instagram Story. Regardless of what people might have told you, there is no method to check how many times a user has watched your videos.

Instagram developers have been questioned many times over this because this would be a valuable figure to know. However, sadly, till date, nothing has been implemented nor has anyone come out in support of it.

How does Instagram rank your story viewers?

As you know, Instagram’s algorithm is very protected, and no one knows how it works apart from people closely associated with the platform. It is geared towards giving the users a fulfilling experience. All we are able to do at the moment is speculate how it might respond to specific conditions, but that changes every update as well.

Instagram Business account users can get the most detailed statistics, but even they are not able to derive any information on the ranking Story factor. The only thing we can discern from the rankings of your story viewers is that the people whom you interact with the most appear at the top.


Hopefully, we have given you a list of things that you can and cannot see. To recap, on a personal account, you can see how many unique views of your Story, it was able to gather along with the people who viewed it. If you own a business account, you can also find more statistics about it like reach and engagement.

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