About a billion people are logging in to their Instagram account every month. However, sometimes, they run into problems when they try to log in. This could be due to a number of reasons as we are going to see, but are nevertheless frustrating. People waste a lot of time trying to fix it without knowing what they’re supposed to do.

We have rounded up a few scenarios and solutions to them that you might find useful next time your Instagram login quits on you.

Instagram Login Issues – Why You Can’t Log In

When it comes to login problems on Instagram, there are many reasons why it could happen. From entering your wrong username or password to problems with the website itself, several things can go wrong. The good thing about it is the Instagram website seldom does go down so it might most likely be a problem at your end. Which means that it can be fixed easily using the methods we are going to share with you.

Fixing Instagram Login problems

There are various examples of how issues can arise when trying to login to Instagram. Sometimes Instagram will not respond if you’ve just logged out from a mobile device and then try to log in again. Or, sometimes, if you’re on holiday, you try to login from a computer, it won’t let you do so. There are several messages that can pop up ranging from “sorry, something went wrong,” “an unknown error has occurred” or “sorry there was a problem with your request.” So this is frustrating because the error messages themselves are obtuse and have no suggestions on how to remedy the situation.

Possible Causes Why I Can’t Log Into Instagram

Here we detail about several causes why you are not able to log in to your Instagram account. Some of them are simple reasons, but others might be a bit more complex.

Mistyped Credentials

This is something that most of us are guilty of – a wrong username or password is one of the significant causes of login problems. It happens when you’re careless about what you type into the login section.

Using Different Devices

Sometimes when you log off from your phone and later try to connect to your account from a device which your Instagram account doesn’t recognize, then it may not let you log in to your account. This is actually a security feature designed to prevent account abuse and hacking.

Server errors

Server errors are problems with Instagram, and there’s very little you can do about it. Instagram servers are responsible for storage and retrieval of a vast amount of data, and there are bound to be problems that crop up sometimes.

Interrupted communications

Another factor that prevents you from logging on is if there is no transmission of data from Instagram servers to the device you’re using. This is another problem which you have limited solutions for.

Blocked account

This is a very rare occurrence, but if you haven’t followed the Terms of Service when using it, you can run into problems like this. There is nothing that can be done here except maybe write to support at Instagram services.

Instagram Login Issue Solutions

Most problems have a solution – here are the answers to the problems that we’ve highlighted in the earlier section.

Status of your internet and Wifi

If there are problems with your internet connection, you will find that most applications will not let you log on. Check if you have Wifi signals on your device. If not, this can be fixed by turning your router on and off. This will reset any problems with your internet or your Wifi. Also, check if your internet connection is working by running a network speed test on your device.

Wrong credentials

Make sure that you check your latest credentials that you used to login to your Instagram account. If your browser auto-fills your credentials, delete it and enter it again manually, so the new one is saved over the older ones. You also need to make sure that you don’t have your caps lock on by accident.

Reboot your computer or device

If you find that you are not able to login to Instagram on your computer or device, an option would be to restart them and then try again. This has proven to solve many issues with logging on to Instagram.

Update your app and browser

Make sure that you have the updated version of the app on the phone as well as your browser on the computer. There have been issues with logging on to the service If they haven’t been updated yet.

Forget your password?

It happens to the best of us – sometimes we are just too caught up with our daily life we might have forgotten something as simple as our account password. You can click the forgot password on the login page which will send a reactivation link to your personal email which you can use this to reset your password.

Account disabled

If nothing else works, there are chances that your account may have been disabled, and you need to get in touch with Instagram support. Another thing to note is that if your Instagram was hacked and used for unscrupulous purposes, it might have been banned as well. Talking to Instagram support can give you an idea of what exactly went wrong with your account.


Being not able to login to Instagram is frustrating, and we do hope these methods helped you. Also, if you were blocked for violating the terms of service, there is nothing that you can do except create an account and be more careful in the future.

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