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One option to increase your exposure and credibility on Instagram the fastest way possible is to buy Instagram followers. You may have known about this idea already, but do not know where to start or who to reach out to. This is where iDigic comes in!

iDigic is the best and most reliable place to buy quality Instagram followers at an inexpensive price! We offer the highest quality services for your Instagram account.

Our extensive experience in the industry has helped thousands of individuals to achieve their goals and has led us to become the top service provider. We know exactly what it takes to make someone credible and popular on the platform so we’re here to help you get there too!

How to Buy Quality Followers from iDigic

Choose a Package

iDigic offers a wide range of packages to suit your budget and needs that deliver high-quality followers and services. Buy 100 Real Instagram Followers with us today!

Enter your Username

After choosing a package, you may enter your Instagram username in which you need the followers.

Complete the Payment

Once you are done entering your Instagram username, you may proceed to checkout and choose from different methods of payment and pick the one that is most convenient for you.

After settling the payment, we will instantly add followers to your Instagram account.

Ideal Buyers of Instagram Followers

At iDigic, we strive to provide help to people who wanted to boost their Instagram following by providing quality service and packages for their needs. Our service are perfect for those Instagram users that are:

Businesses and Brands

Marketing your business on Instagram could be challenging especially if you don’t have enough Instagram followers. When you avail of our ‘buy 1000 Instagram followers’ package it can help increase your credibility and visibility for your products and services on the platform.

Bloggers and Influencers

Bloggers and influencers are always trying to improve their social media presence by continuously expanding their following. With the help of a large following, they can get more exposure within their industry as well as build up trust and credibility with their audiences. 1000 Instagram followers buy is a perfect option because it’s an affordable yet very quick way to increase your following within just a few clicks.


If you are just starting your way to social media and want to grow your Instagram audience and market your business in a quick way without breaking the bank, ‘buy 1000 real Instagram followers’ is definitely your way to go! This option is perfect for starters because it will not require them to: have their accounts advertised by ad companies which can cost them a lot, have technical skills, or install any special applications. It can also provide the number of Instagram followers they wanted within a few clicks at a fair price.

Benefits When You Buy Followers for Your Instagram Account

Instagram is a great and effective way to connect to your social media audiences. The large the number of your following on Instagram, the more credible you’ll appear to your followers and target audiences.

Get quality followers without investing a lot of money and the hassle of waiting, ‘buy 100 IG followers’ is the perfect choice for you!

iDigic offers quality services that aim to deliver the following benefits:

More Exposure

The more followers you have, the more your audiences will likely see your posts. This can be a great thing for businesses and brands alike because it will help boost their reach and make it easier for their target audience to engage with them.

Low Cost

When you buy Instagram followers from our packages, it will not cost you that much compared to when you avail of advertising campaigns to promote your account or for content creation efforts. iDigic’s packages are designed to suit your budget and needs.

Increase Visibility

Having a lot of followers on your Instagram account can not only increase your exposure but also your visibility to other users that are in your niche. This means that more users will be able to see what you have to offer.


Our Buy Instagram Followers package is a very fast option to build your popularity on Instagram. When you hire marketing campaigns to increase your following or popularity on Instagram, it may take months, weeks, or days to get results. When you buy Instagram followers from iDigic, it can give you results in just a matter of seconds and minutes!

Credibility Growth

Instagram accounts with large numbers of followers can lend credibility to your brand, as users perceive these accounts as trustworthy and popular in their niche. They will know that your account is not just followed by random dummy accounts but by real accounts, which makes it seem more credible.


Buy Instagram followers takes a few clicks and you’re done! You don’t need to worry about complicated or technical steps to get more followers. With iDigic, you need to do just 3 easy and simple steps.

Attract More Organic Followers

When you buy Instagram followers, people who are interested in your niche will be able to see your content and perceive you as someone who is credible and popular. This will lead them to follow you and engage in your content as well.

Why Should You Choose Us When You Buy 100 Followers Instagram?

Do you want to increase your active followers? Then you should buy Instagram followers from a reputable company like iDigic! Why? Because we only offer high-quality services and products at reasonable prices! We can help you reach your goal quickly!

Why we are the BEST:


All of our services are 100% safe and secure. You don’t have to worry about your personal details being stolen or your account being hacked.

Easy and Instant Delivery

Our services are easy and guaranteed to deliver fast results. It will only take a few clicks for you to get your order.

Excellent Customer Support

We offer superb customer chat support. You can reach our customer support 24/7 for your inquiries and issues via email, phone, or through our website page.

Quality Service

Our team always strives to deliver premium quality services to our clients at all times. We offer the most comprehensive and competitive services in the industry. Buy Instagram services with trust!

We Do Not Use Bots

We don’t use bots or fake accounts for our services. Our team is comprised of real people like you who are using Instagram as part of their daily lives so you can be certain that your Instagram account will not be flagged.

Secret to Becoming Instagram’s Sensation Instantly

Instagram is an incredible tool to get you or your business noticed but it’s also a very crowded space wherein it’s hard to stand out. That is why a lot of users on the platform who wanted fame are resorting to various solutions and strategies.

These solutions and strategies may take a while to bring results and while you are waiting for them, your competitors may get ahead of you. Other strategies, although promised fast results, may not seem to provide quality outcomes and may not give the exact results you need.

This is where iDigic comes in!

iDigic offers fast and efficient service delivery. Our team is always committed to fulfilling our customers’ satisfaction at all times. We have a large selection of buy Instagram followers packages that can be delivered immediately, allowing you to start building your popularity from your very first post.

iDigic’s cheapest buy Instagram followers package is only $4.95! This is a great steal to become one of Instagram’s sensations overnight! This package already includes:

  • Instant Delivery
  • Super Quality Followers
  • Automatic Refills
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support
  • No Password Required

Our quality social media services for followers are unmatched! Other sites may offer the same services that we offer here at iDigic but our commitment to fast and high-quality service delivery and customer satisfaction is second to none!

Should you have any queries regarding our Instagram services, do not hesitate to reach us!

iDigic Offers Following Active Instagram Followers Packages:
Buy 100 Instagram Followers
Buy 250 Instagram Followers
Buy 500 Instagram Followers
Buy 1000 Instagram Followers
Buy 2500 Instagram Followers
Buy 5000 Instagram Followers

Frequently Asked Questions

If I buy followers on Instagram, will it include likes and views?

iDigic offers separate packages for Instagram Likes and Views for your account. You can check them by going through these links: Instagram Likes and Instagram Views.

What is your refund policy for the 'buy 100 IG followers' package?

Since we offer premium quality, active followers, we rarely have unfulfilled orders. However, if you do experience an unsatisfactory purchase and would like a refund, we are happy to oblige.

Are we required to log in first to proceed with our order?

Your security is our utmost priority which is why we never ask you to log in or provide your Instagram social credentials to us.

What should I do if I did not receive my order?

Most of our orders are processed within 30 seconds after the payment has been made. When an order takes longer than usual to be processed, this may be due to some issues like your account being in private mode or due to a sudden change in our policy due to Instagram updates.

Should you happen to encounter this kind of situation, it would be best to reach our customer support which is available 24/7.

Why did some followers unfollow me?

This may be a technical hitch on our end. Whenever you encounter this kind of situation you may reach our customer support for your questions, we will always support you in the growth of your account.

Is it safe to make transactions with iDigic?

We guarantee your safety and security in all of the services we offer. iDigic will never require your personal information or credentials when you buy real Instagram followers from us so you can be certain that your Instagram transaction with us is 100% safe.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Most of the orders are processed within 30 seconds after purchase, so you can expect the delivery of your followers to be fast.

What is the ideal number of followers to purchase?

The number of followers you should purchase will definitely depend on your purpose and needs. You can buy Instagram followers as many or buy as few as you want.

Do you use bots in your services?

No! iDigic never uses bots in any of its services. Our active followers are also real Instagram account users like you so you can be certain that your account will not be banned.

Do you offer other packages aside from Instagram followers?

Yes! iDigic also offers Instagram Likes and Instagram Views delivery services.

Which is a better option to buy followers, likes, or views?

Views, likes and followers are all important indicators of social media engagement. It’s important to have all in order to maximise your reach.

Do you still provide support even after I purchase?

Definitely! Our customer support is reachable 24/7 should you have any queries after your purchase.

Do the followers I purchased disappear over time?

The followers you purchase will remain on your account for as long as you want them to. We guarantee this. We have a money-back guarantee in place that facilitates a 100% refund for unsatisfied purchases.

Do you think that having many followers will attract organic followers?

Having a large number of followers on your Instagram account may make it seem as though you are very well-known on social media. This will attract the attention of potential organic followers. So, definitely, it is a yes!

If I no longer want the followers and likes I purchased, can they be removed from my account?

Due to the fact that our high-quality followers are real and from genuine Instagram accounts, we cannot remove them. But, you, as the owner of the Instagram account, may remove them manually after delivery.

Why Should I Choose iDigic?

Kindly click here to learn more about us. We care about your Instagram engagement!

How to buy Instagram followers, likes, and views from iDigic?

For information on the packages, steps, and pricing for buying Followers, Likes, and Views from iDigic, please go to the links below.

What if my Folllowers did not arrive?

In the unlikely event that you do not receive your active followers within 24 hours of placing your order, please let us know through our live chat or email so that we can resolve the issue promptly. We are just a few clicks away.

What packages are available for buying followers?

To learn more about iDigic’s packages for buying Instagram followers, click here to see which one suits you best.

What information do I need to provide when I buy Instagram followers?

To be able to purchase followers from us, you just simply need to provide us your Instagram username and we will take care of the rest. Your order will be fulfilled 30 seconds after settling your payment.

Do you offer a Free Trial?

Yes! You may go to our Free Trial page and enter your username and hit Get Followers. iDigic offers a free trial to any account that would like to try our high quality services.


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