What You Need To Do To Get More Followers On Instagram

In the last few years, Instagram has become an important networking, audience building and content marketing tool for brands and individuals. With over 200 million active monthly users it is one of the most popular social media platforms on the planet. Over 60 million images are shared on Instagram, and 1.6 billion likes are received on a single day.

Another area where Instagram rules is user engagement. On most other social networks, engagement rates for brands are less than 0.1%. On Instagram, the average engagement rate is 58 times more than that of Facebook. These no arguing with those kinds of numbers. So, it’s more important than ever for marketers to focus their efforts on this incredible social network and do what it takes to get more followers on Instagram.

Fortunately, there are some attention-grabbing ideas for your Instagram profile, hashtags, captions, and images. Here are 6 ways to improve your social strategy and gain more followers.

1. Begin with A Clear Instagram Strategy

Going ahead with any marketing activity on social media without a proper plan is a waste of time and resources. You’re may also miss out on getting maximum returns on your investment. It is essential to begin with a clear plan whether you’re starting from scratch or making changes to your current Instagram efforts. Doing this will help you define what you hope to achieve, target the right followers and meet your business goals.

2. Study Your Competitors

Checking out what your competitors are doing on Instagram will help you understand if you’re on the right track. You can understand what a realistic following is for a business similar to your own. You can also review the type of content brands in your industry or niche are posting and the key industry hashtags. You can analyze how other businesses are engaging with their audiences and the frequency with which their followers expect new content. But monitoring your competitors along with your audience, hashtags, locations, content and industry terms, you can stay one step ahead.

3. Share User-Generated Content

You do not always need to spend your time and effort or creating fresh content. Curating and sharing other high-quality content on your page is a great way to grow your following. By embracing and sharing user-generated content, you can expect a large percentage of growth. Brands can take the best material put out by users from the web and feature it on their own social media accounts. By crediting the original creators, you can highlight their unique stories. This will give you access to a large variety of content options form social media tips to curated stories.

4. Use the Right Filters

The numerous filter options offered by Instagram are a lot of fun. But selecting the right ones can actually help you get more engagement and views. Research has shown that photos with filters are 21% more likely to get viewed and 45% more likely to receive comments than unfiltered images. Researchers also examined the different types of filters and found that some positively impact views and comments more than others. Wondering what filters work best? Those that create higher exposure are likely to get more views. Filters that add warmth were found to get a more number of comments than others. Two types of filters had a negative impact on engagement. Extremely saturated images tend to get lower views and images with age effects added will receive fewer comments. You should be optimizing the look of your posts to grab attention and gain engagement.

5. Be Aware of What Works

If you’re trying to understand the types of posts that get maximum attention, the popular tab on Instagram is a good place to start. Whoever you come across a post that is super popular try to find out the reasons behind its success. By doing some research, you’ll be able to identify specific patterns. The popular tab is filled with tons of photos which are visually appealing and offer unique perspectives. Try to incorporate your own version of such images in your feed. Create pictures and videos that are artistic and aesthetically pleasing as these tend to get the most number of likes and comments. Avoid posting low quality or random photos as these will impact the look of your page and will not help you stand out. It is important to be extremely selective when choosing the types of images you want to upload.

6. Post at The Right Times

Some marketers make the mistake of posting too much while others don’t post frequently enough. Not posting enough cause people to lose interest in your feed. By posting too much, you’ll clog up people’s feeds, and they may unfollow you. As a general rule, posting 1-3 photos is optimal to keep your followers happy. It is also essential to make sure you post at the right times of the day. Find out when your followers are most likely to be checking their Instagram feeds— Morning, lunchtime or in the evening. Once you’ve established a good profile, a certain number of followers, and figured out the right times to post, you should consider using the right hashtags. Hashtags are a great way to reach a wider audience and create publicity for your posts. Do some research and find out which hashtags are popular among your followers.

Final Thoughts

Once you have a social media plan in place and are starting to implement the tips above, there is one last Tip to remember. Do not spam your audience. If you post too frequently and go overboard with your attempts to gain more followers, you may begin to annoy people. To capture and maintain their interest, post only relatable, relevant, attractive photos and videos. The key is to grab people’s attention first and then focus your efforts on maintaining their interest. The tips mentioned in this article are sure to help you maximize your Instagram efforts, again more likes and followers and create a great social presence.