Huge Amount of Instagram Likes – 5 Things You Should Do

Most successful brands are choosing to move a majority of their marketing process on to social media and for good reason. Social media as a platform for business has been on the rise the last decade. Due to the penetration of powerful mobile devices and internet connectivity, there are a lot more people with access to various social media platforms.

Of these, one of the most successful social media platforms for business has been Instagram. With 800 million subscribers at the moment, Instagram has grown from strength to strength and has become a force to be reckoned with in the social media platforms circle.

When you look at it from a brand’s perspective, you have close to a billion pairs of eyes looking at your marketing efforts. This is a huge number of people to peddle wares to and you’re giving yourself the best chance to succeed when you get your business on social media.

Instagram advantages for business

Today’s business ecosystem is a lot more competitive than earlier. There are a lot more brands coming up in various niches these days and adding to the already burgeoning pie chart of global businesses. It is imperative that you do all you can to secure your slice of the pie against the stringent competition.

Social media is a huge factor if you want to leave a mark on the business landscape today. More than 70% of all thriving brands are on social media and are doing incredibly well for themselves. The perception of the customer has also changed. They are now looking at better social signals from brands and factoring that into their buying decisions. This means that you need to get on social media, if you haven’t already, and optimize your social media reputation to increase your customer base and conversions.

Increasing likes on Instagram

Increasing likes on Instagram

Getting social media endorsements is now a key element of business because customers consider it as an important aspect of brand relevance. So, the best brands out there use certain strategies that can increase their like count and establish dominance over the other competitors in their niche. We’re going to share 5 methods that can help you get the most likes out of your Instagram account.

Here are 5 ways you can use to increase your Instagram like count.

Optimizing your bio

The Instagram bio is the most important piece of information that you are going to share with your potential customer and we’ll tell you why. This is the only place where you can share a link and so you need to make sure that people are attracted to it enough to find it clickable. Most brands revamp their bio once every week at least to get people clicking. The name of the game is to appear catchy and inclusive to your target audience.

Increasing your follower count

A surefire way to get more likes is to increase the number of followers. Sounds simple enough, but where do you start? You can engage with people in your niche and share their posts even, so people will know that you’re an interactive brand. People normally like to associate themselves with brands that are active – this is a good first step. You can also create platforms for discussions where like-minded people are likely to participate. There are chances that they might also include other people in their follower list who might also be potential customers for your brand.

Hashtags and captioning

These are the meat and potatoes of the entire Instagram experience and you need to get your game up with these aspects if you are going to succeed. People on Instagram respond pretty well to creative hashtags and unique captions, so you need to brainstorm and come up with something that is relevant to your niche as well as memorable. You could look to a lot of big brands for inspiration when it comes to this.

Airbnb ran a hashtag campaign that went viral in a really short time. It was based on the Trump immigration ban and the ad had a lot of diversity when it came to people and cultures. And the message was “We believe no matter who you are, where you’re from, who you love, or who you worship, we all belong. The world is more beautiful the more you accept, #WeAccept”

Engaging your followers

The entire point of social media is to give people a platform to be heard or seen or sometimes both. It makes sense that you acknowledge them through likes, follows and comments. You don’t have to do this with every other post from a follower – make sure that the post aligns with the direction that your niche is heading. If you read something interesting on your feed from one of your followers, make sure you tell them so. Interacting with customers is a great way to increase brand reputation and invite more followers on your account.

High-quality media

The Instagram crowd is used to good quality images or videos on their feed. And yes, this does affect what they think about you as a brand. You should never post just for the sake of posting. Rather, make sure that a specific image or video has what it takes to represent your values as a brand before it goes on your feed. It’s also a good idea to have a specific theme when it comes to your Instagram page as well as images. This will help people identify with your brand easier.


Instagram likes are a critical measure of your Instagram success. You need to make sure that your brand has a sufficient number of likes so that you don’t get left behind by your competitors. For quick and genuine likes, you can also get in touch with us. We can help you get that leg up over your competition and gain more business.