How To View A Private Instagram Account – PrivateInsta Can Help

We live in the era of social media, and everyone loves to capture beautiful pictures at scenic locations and engage with their followers online. You’re probably on all the popular social media networks, including Instagram.

After Facebook, Instagram is the most popular social network out there. Millions of people are active on this platform and log on daily. Some users keep their accounts private so that they cannot be accessed by everyone. You cannot view their images, videos or stories unless they grant you permission. However, sometimes you may what to see what they’re up to without asking them for access directly. Worry no more, because there are a few ways to do this. So, whether it’s an ex or a current crush, you can check out their Instagram activity without letting them know.

Getting a good count of followers is paramount on Instagram. Instagram followers establish the authenticity of your brand as a business powerhouse.

Ways to View Private Instagram Profiles

If you’re looking for ways to view someone’s private Instagram profile, we have the answers. There are a number of different methods you can try.

1. Create an Alternate Instagram Handle

Creating a new profile is one way of viewing someone’s photos and videos without letting them know. This may be a bit morally questionable, but it is an efficient way to access the information you need. Follow these steps to create an alternative profile and view the private photos of the person you’re interested in.

Go through the step by step instructions provided by Instagram to create your profile. Add a credible profile photo, preferably one of a girl. This is because people are more likely to give you access if you’re a woman. Many female accounts are locked and harder to view, while make accounts are often left open and easy to access.

Make your new account look authentic by adding interest and pictures, just like any regular person would. Also, put some thought into your bio and make sure that it’s well written. This will better your chances of getting into the profiles of the people you send requests to. To add more genuineness, go ahead and make your account private. Once you’re all set, send a request to the individual whose profile you’re interested in. If you don’t get approved immediately, you can try sending them a message for better luck.

2. Send A Request from A Friend’s Phone

If the bother of putting together an alternate profile is too much for you, and you’d rather not spend time adding bios and looking for photos, you have the option of sending a request from a friend’s phone. You can request a friend to send a follow request to someone whose account to want to check out,

However, you should be careful about which friend you send the request from, especially if you know the person in real life. The person you’re interested in could be aware that the two of you are friends and deny the request or even block your account. This could be turn out to be completely counterproductive and ruin your chances for good.

Use the account of a friend who has Instagram and who doesn’t know the person you’re interested in. Then use their phone to send a follower request, which will of course be in their name. This is a technique that could definitely backfire, and success is not guaranteed, but it’s a good place to start. In order to maximize your chances of getting in you could try sending request form various different accounts. It all comes down to how well you unfold your story and how much effort you intend on putting into viewing the person’s profile.

If the profile owner is interested in knowing more about your friend before approving his or her request, respond in a genuine manner to make sure your cover is not busted. This is possibly the best way to gain access to someone’s photos and videos, but success really comes down to the person on the other side, whose profile you want to check out. If this individual does not wish to have strangers in his or her network, then there is nothing much you can do about it.

3. PrivateInsta- Private Instagram Account Viewer

PrivateInstaAnother easy way to gain access to that profile you’re interested in is through simple account viewer apps. PrivateInsta is one of these apps that is simple and easy to use. You don’t even need to leave and personal information and make additional downloads before using it.

PrivateInsta will allow you to look at any Instagram profiles or posts without the chance of detection. It’s as simple as visiting the website and entering the details of the profile you want a peek into. PrivateInsta will then give you access to all their posts including videos, photos, and stories just like if you followed the person.

This is an extremely handy tool for business owners as well. It will allow them to track their competition and see everything they put up without being detected. This is sure to give them an advantage and help them determine the right social media posting strategy.

Since PrivateInsta is based online, there’s no need to download anything. It is extremely easy to use, and you can view the profile details of anyone with just a few clicks. There’s absolutely no chance of getting detected since it is not possible to trace the app. Just don’t use the information you get through this against someone as this could result in you getting blocked for good.

Final Thoughts

PrivateInsta is an excellent app that will give you access to any Instagram account that’s set on private. You can use it to check out the photos and videos of anyone you’re interested in. All you need to do is enter the username of the person, and the app will unlock their profile for you. Since the app is not possible to trace, you don’t need to worry about them finding out that you viewed their account. Additionally, you can use PrivateInsta to download their photos and videos to your computer.