The Key To Get More Instagram Followers

Social media has become the most preferred platform to carry out business promotions on for most brands that are currently at the forefront of their niche. There are several advantages social media has over traditional marketing methods like price, metrics, and reach.

Of the several social media platforms, Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media websites around. This makes it the platform of choice for several businesses regardless of the niche they operate in.

While it was easier to get more exposure earlier, competition has heated up now and this means if you’re a brand, you need to get things into top gear if you want to do well in your niche. But not to fear, there are ways that you can use to supplement your Instagram account’s reach and get it to perform a lot better than usual.

Some Instagram statistics

  • The count for the total number of users on Instagram is about 800 million in 2017 and only set to increase further.
  • Over 70% of US businesses use the power of Instagram for brand building and product promotion.
  • There are more than 2 million monthly advertisers on Instagram. They prefer to promote through Instagram video most of the time than images or text.

Instagram tips to get more followers

The whole brand ecosystem of Instagram is built on followers and engagement. Instagram has 58 times the engagement numbers of Facebook and you need to leverage it to your advantage with these tips. While you might be ahead of your competitors on Facebook, you need to up your Instagram game if you want to perform better than your competitors on Instagram. However, if you are looking to get a huge boost in a short time, iDigic can help get your brand the recognition it deserves.

Here are 9 methods you can improve follower count on your Insta account.

1. Use your bio URL

One of the most important things that you need to focus on is that single link which is allowed in your bio. Instagram doesn’t allow other links anywhere, so you need to make sure that you do all you can to get your visitors to click on that link. One way to do that is to change it once in 2 weeks to get people interested.

2. Get word out there

Most times when people need more exposure, all they need to do is spend just a bit more time promoting their Instagram account. Since there are several million people on Instagram, finding someone who shares your vision and can mutually benefit through collaboration has become easier. Initially, you can even use other sources like radio or TV to get more people talking about your Instagram account.

3. Use your hashtags

Social media platforms are abuzz with fresh ideas from several people. You need to pull up your creative socks and step up your hashtag game if you want to stand out. Do your brand a huge favor and work on a full-fledged hashtag campaign, it can work wonders for your brand engagement and exposure. For example, Always, a brand of feminine hygiene products had a hugely successful campaign #LikeAGirl which worked well for the brand.

4. Creative captioning

A lot of brands have captions that elicit a strong emotion and therein lies their success. Decide on a strategy based on the niche you are in. Your captions could be short, long, serious or funny as long as it supplements your brand voice and is relevant to the imagery shared. It needs to finish the train of thought or a story the image has provoked. You’ll find yourself getting better at this as you keep tuning into your brand’s voice.

5. Clean up your tags

People who visit your Instagram profile are looking for an experience. This means that you need to curate your tags on your Instagram so that they get to see what you want them to see and not something that they have no interest in. You can choose to edit your tags and get it more streamlined for a better user experience.

6. Curate photo tags

Make sure that you have a finger on this setting if you are looking to grow your Instagram marketing. This is important because your followers might sometimes tag you in pictures that might not be brand-centric. You can choose to manually approve all the tagged images of your brand on your settings page. This is an option that you NEED to look at because it can prevent embarrassing content on your Insta-feed.

7. Local relevance

If you are looking to get more people sharing your content, you need to establish relevance – keep your feed targeted on local happenings. This will get people interested and also get them talking about your brand. The key to this is geotagging them correctly, so it is specific to a particular location.

8. Get Influencers

Influencers are people with a huge following and have a presence in your niche. What you need to do is keep a finger on their Instagram feed pulse (Turn On Post Notifications) so you get a popup every time they share new content. This can be incredibly effective at getting new people into your fold.

9. Create a brand style

Instagram is a social media platform that thrives on individuality and style. What this means is that you need to come up with your own brand imagery that remains consistent through your brand’s lifetime. This can be as simple as incorporating a logo to using a specific palette of colors that your brand identifies with.


Hopefully, we’ve given you more than a few things to scribble in your black book of social media marketing strategies. These can give you that much-needed boost to your Instagram profile and get all those people flocking to your brand. All you need to do is listen to you what your followers want and keep an eye out for what your competitor in the same niche is doing. These tips can be a good jump-off point to better and more innovative strategies that can help slingshot your brand revenue this year!