7 Tips For Getting A Massive Amount Of Instagram Likes

Welcome to the age of Instagram! The photo sharing online community, over the past decade, has grown exponentially. Today, with over 500 million accounts on Instagram, the platform has evolved to become one of the most used social media platforms in history. It’s no surprise then that so many individuals, bloggers, and brands are taking to social media to market themselves, increase their reach and make themselves known worldwide.

There’s a lot of thinking and planning that must go into a marketing plan that involves Instagram because there’s a lot more to it than just making posts; it’s also about generating enough engagement like comments and likes and even views on video content. The crux of social media marketing lies in the quality and relevance of your content. Good quality content does not go unnoticed, as long as it is teamed with a strategic promotional plan.

Why do likes matter?

A “like” is a form of validation; it is a user’s way of saying “I’m interested in what you’re posting.” Engaging and top-notch content can make a huge difference to your online presence, and likes are an important way of measuring how well you’re actually doing with your followers.

Let’s look at some tried and tested way of increasing Instagram likes:

1. Don’t be boring

It’s a very simple equation; boring content = less engagement. Anything ordinary or monotonous is not likely to get you too much engagement, and will definitely not increase your follower count either. Getting people to view your content in an ocean of freshly baked material is always a task, especially since the competition level is off the charts. For this reason, you have to make a conscious effort to avoid releasing boring or repetitive content and spice it up as much as you can. After all, if you were on the side of the audience, you’d want to see interesting content too.

2. Go all out

While launching a campaign on Instagram, leave no stone unturned. If you want to stand out and make an impression, you can’t afford to hold back on any form of promotion. The more visible your content is the higher your chances of getting more likes. Sponsored links, paid ads, stories, and live videos; whatever tools you employ, make sure you make the most of it. Again, your content needs to be impressive enough to be viewed through multiple features on Instagram.

3. Research is essential

Research is essential

Even before you make a marketing plan, you need to be well aware of what type of audience you’re catering to. Consumer behavior has a large impact on how well your content does and subsequently on how many likes you get per post. If you produce content that your audience doesn’t resonate with, albeit how innovative or impressive it is, the chances are that your views might not convert into likes too quickly. People are very particular about what they like and want to view on their feeds. The more you understand them, the better your delivery can be.

4. Get collaborating

There are times when keeping competition aside and joining hands with other brands can get you farther ahead in the game. Whether it’s seasonal or project-based, collaborations with other brands can boost your own brand’s presence in the market and your collaborator’s presence as well. This works because your market is different, and so is theirs; hence when you join hands and forces, you also get access to each other’s database. This is advantageous in terms of expanding content traffic and reach in multiple directions.

5. Influenced content

Using influencers to promote and market your content is an extremely successful trend that is especially huge on Instagram. There are umpteen social influencers today that have a pretty impressive reach, making them widely popular and influential amongst users. Making them ambassadors or getting them onboard for projects and campaigns can give you that extra edge that will definitely showcase an increase in likes as well. The more influential the person is, the more engagement you’re going to get for your posts.

6. Frequency

By posting more than once or twice in a day, you might come under the category of “spam.” Unnecessary repetition of content can annoy your followers and even cause them to dislike your content. Furthermore, too many promotional ads and sponsored posts can also cause the same problem. Once your brand gets associated with spam content, it could be detrimental to your brand recognition and performance. So, your solution is to schedule your posts in such a way that it’s not too much or too little, but just enough to make a lasting impact.

7. Creativity counts

There’s no limit to how creative your content can be, especially since your competition is always coming up with new stuff to compete for better market share. Your aim is to produce content that has a good enough impact on the audience, portrays your brand in the best possible light, and causes your followers to invariably hit the like button no matter what. Such type of content is both immersive and informative, so it’s important for you to really put some thought into whatever posts fill up your page.

The best tip one could follow is to learn from experience and analyze their past performance with Instagram content. Understanding which posts performed well, got the most number of likes and why is what’s going to help you strategize in a way that will guarantee more likes and comments over time. The more serious you are with your content planning, the more successful the results will be.

An interesting approach is to involve your followers in the thinking process, by asking them how much they like your content, what they would like to see next, get valuable feedback from them and incorporate their thoughts into your final plan. With all these tips in tow, those likes are sure to be pouring in!