100 Awe-inspiring Instagram Fashion Photographers Around the World

In 2015, the Council of Fashion Designers of America did an unimaginable thing which took the industry by surprise. It announced the recipient of the annual Media Award and for the first time it was a shocker. It wasn’t presented to any writer or photographer or editor. The 2015 Media Award went to the social media site Instagram.

Surprised! That’s right. This photo sharing application has created a huge impact in the fashion industry and influenced itself to get an award. Also it has given the fashionates and their fans the ability to consume and share contents like never before. With Instagram, fashionates can give their audience the behind-the-screen preview of their shows and the work-in progress. And fans on the other hand can get information about the exclusive events without being physically present or in attendance, and get the in-depth view of the lives of their favorite designers and models.

Impact on Fashion Photographers

Instagram is not only impacting fans and designers, it is even changing the way fashion photographers and editors work. Most of the fashion editors and photographer never make a push to see the live fashion events. They watch it on the Instagram.

So, never mind if you cannot attend the Paris fashion week. It is not where trends are occurring. And the same is with London, New York and Milan. Catwalk is no longer the heart of fashion as Instagram has took over its place. Similar to how Twitter has become the central of the political life, where it filters and organically removes those issues which grab the attention of people from those which don’t, in the same manner, Instagram sets the fashion agenda.

The impact that Instagram has bought has indeed given fashion photographers a venue to display their skills and their awesome pictures. And with each number of followers who like and tag their pictures, they can create a reach in the online world. These photographers create opportunities for increased building engagement with followers and getting more followers through websites like https://www.idigic.net/buy-instagram-followers/

So, let’s check out some of the best fashion photographers who have Instagram account and are popular in the online world.


Awesome Instagram Profile of Fashion Photographers

1. Jamie Nelson (@jamienelson6)

Jamie Nelson is a famous fashion and beauty photographer in Los Angeles, NY. She was born in a small town in Texas and was raised in Colorado Spring. At the young age of 17, she discovered her passion for photography and later on she moved to California where she joined the Brooks Institute of Photography.

After graduating, she went to New York to pursue a career in beauty and fashion photography. Many of her works can be seen in various international editions of Allure, Vogue, Lula, Tush, Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair, L’Officiel, ELLE, Glamour, and Cosmopolitan. Also she has participated in various art exhibits of the New Museum in New York and the Corpricudi Exhibit in Rome, Italy.

2. Adam Rindy (@adamrindy)


Adam Rindy is one of the hot-shot fashion photographers of LA. His portfolio consists of various campaigns like Minkpink Summer 15, Hardware LDN Winter, Minkpink Summer Australia 15, Honor Hamilton X Long Clothing, Lush Clothing Winter/Fall 2015, Jeffrey Campbell ‘Festivale’, Foreign Exchange Fall 2013 Campaing with Allie Meir, and many.

In addition, Adam is the fashion photographer for one of the most prominent talent management agencies – Wilhelmina Artist (USA) and London based photography agency AMP. Adam was the lead photographer for the ads of various famous brands like Adidas, Nike, VOGUE, L’Oreal, Acne, Universal, JIGSAW (London), and Lane Crawford.

3. Jim Jordan (@jimjordanphotography)


Besides being a model scout and talent manager, Jim is a world class celebrity, fashion and lifestyle photographer. Right from his childhood spent in Southern California, Jim was a great surfer as well as skater too. He spent his high school days scouting for models and searching for the next great face of the coming generation.

Initially, Jim started his career working as a highly respected makeup and hair artist for various international celebrities like Sophia Loren, Cindy Crawford, Elizabeth Taylor, etc. In addition, he worked with various world famous photographers like Helmut Newton, Herb Ritts, and Peter Lindbergh. Getting influenced by their work, Jim started working behind the scenes and got addicted to his new passion of photography, which gradually made him a famous fashion photographer.

4. Robert Voltaire (@robertvoltaire)


Being one of the best fashion photographers of New York, Robert is a self-taught photographer. This California native has been inspired by various images in movies, literature, art, and magazines throughout his life.

Interestingly, he discovered his interest for photography by accident. A camera which was a Christmas gift given to him some years ago, got out of the box during one of his birthdays. As he was celebrating his birthday bash at a beach with his friends and family, he decided to click some pictures to cherish the moments.

Along with the fun pictures that he clicked, he did a small photo shoot for his friend who wanted to be a model. Those pictures were sent to Ford and within a week, his friend got selected and Robert was approached by an agent to test models.

5. Andrew Jefferi (@andrewjefferisphotographer)


Andrew William Minh Jefferis is a young fashion photographer who lives in Bozeman, MT. At a young age (i.e. 6 months old), he was adopted from Soc Trang, Vietnam, and spend rest of his life in Avon, Connecticut. His resume is filled with works done with top models and brands in business like Alysha Nett (model), African Safari (Mission), JD Eicher & the Goodnight (Band), and Struan Shields (Singer).

Right from his young age he has been an artistic person and he often experimented with various mediums. The death of his mom during his sophmore year of high school instigated his interest in photography. At that time, his father bought for him a camera which he used for capturing his memories and ignited his passion for photography.

6. Frank Doorhof (@frankdoorhof)


Right from his childhood, Frank had a deep interest in photography. Both his parents as well as grandparents were active in the field of photography and films. It was his grandfather who made a deep impact on him and gave the inspiration to follow his passion photography.

Initially, nature and sports were his primary interest and slowly it moved on to animals in motion. After various years of shooting analogue which was simply a hobby, Frank took up video and switched to the video side of imaging.

When his company was at the heights of success, Frank realized his passion was photography and video capturing and editing was not his cup of tea. Leaving the responsibility of his firm to his wife, he took up photography and started shooting with the new Canon 10D. No doubt, Frank is considered to the one of the best photographers who loves the entire digital revolution.

7. Luis Monteiro (@luismonteirophotography)


Born in Portugal, Luis Monteiro is specialized in high-end commercial and beauty and editorial photographs. Currently, Luis resides in London and is known as one of the professional and best fashion photographer in UK.

Since 2001, he has been regularly commissioned to shoot for various leading fashion editorials for magazines like Vogue (of Greece, Portugal, India, Turkey, Spain), Vanity Fair, GQ, Tatler UK, Tank, and more. His passion for photography has made him one of the best photographers and he is constantly on the go, to various countries and places to shoot extravagant photos of models, brands, etc.

8. Zhanna Bianca (@zhanna_bianca)


Zhanna Bianca is a stylish fashion photographer of Milan, Italy. Not only he is famous photographer, he is a well-known Art and Video director in the fashion circuit. Most of his works are displayed in his Instagram account, where he has got about 251K followers.

He has done photo shoots for most of the famous fashion brands and events present in Italy. Unlike other fashion photographers, he uses bright color and each snap is refreshing and different. He brings in class and each photograph is taken in different and unique angles, which makes them attractive and different.

9. Sisilia Piring (@sisiliapiring)


Besides being an awesome fashion photographer, Sisilia Piring is also a digital influencer and one of the best creative consultants based in Los Angeles, California. Her clients range from various international celebrities and brands like Givenchy, Blueberry, Levi’s, Estee Lauder, Reformation, Nylon Magazine, Urban Outfitters, Formula X, Popsugar, Sephora, Smashbox Cosmetics, Sephora, and Teva.

Also, Silsila has done various exhibitions around the world. Some of her famous exhibitions are Smashbox Studios which is a group exhibition located in Los Angeles, CA; Photovogue at Corso Como Gallery – a group exhibition for Vogue Italia in Milan, Italy; and Paper Crown Gallery located in Chicago, IL.

10. Giampaolo Sgura (@giampaolosgura)


One of the most famous and sought-after fashion photographers, Giampaolo Sgura has spent more thatn two decades in the field of fashion. His archive spans over the various trends in the industry and consist of celebrity portraiture, cultural references, and even capturing the society’s prevailing winds. But you cannot call his photography an art.

His motto is ‘Never Confuse Fashion With Style, And Sex With Love’. His work of spirited and legible young pictures somewhat appeal to a seventeen year old girl who scans the Instagram or to a women who flicks the pages of the Vogue, and transport them to someplace else.

11. Norik Uka (@norikuka)


Born in 1984, Norik Uka graduated from the American University in Kosovo. Besides being a photographer, he is an entrepreneur who through his management and art brings a huge amount of qualitative advertising ideas and concepts to the markets of Republic of Kosovo. Like business, photography was one of his interests, and later on this passion became his hobby and later on lead to being a full time profession.

Currently you can check out his work and photography from his personal website or the Instagram. All the photos posted are scrabble pieces. There are various photos which have not been posted and these one will be organized and published in the website as well as Instagram account.

12. Vika Pobeda (@pobedavika)


Vika Pobeda is one of the famous advertising and fashion photographers. Her portfolio mainly contains the photo shoots of kids in various wedding dresses and apparels. Besides doing photo shoots for kids, she even does advertising and editorial services for the modeling sessions.

Her client list consists of various eminent brands like Coco Cola, Mamas & Papas, Gini and Jony, Cookie Kid, Sportmaster, Raynaud Erquis, SELA, Gioia Di Mama, Jacot, Ostin, CHE, My Couture, MAXVAL, Shumi, Born, Atplay, Vis-à-vis, and lot more. In addition, she has done editorial work for TMK magazine, Mother and Baby, Shop Time, Collezioni Bambini, Hello, and Hello Kitty.

13. Mathilde Bresson (@mathildebresson)


Mathilde Bresson is a famous fashion photographer who was born and raised in France. She is currently living is Los Angeles, California.

Most of her photographs have been published in various magazines and she has done photo-shoots for various brands and with celebrities.

She has a unique style which uses natural light in a fashion environment and has the French touch!

You can check out her photography from her personal website www.mathildebresson.com or on her Instagram @mathildebresson.

14. Alex Black (@alexblackphoto)


Alex Black is a New York based fashion photographer. Besides being a photographer, she is the Creative Director of the online website 35mm is online and print. Each of his photos are raw and intense, and brings out the classic mood of the environment where the photo shoot is taken.

Her Instagram account and website is filled with various portfolios and snaps of the brands and models, she has worked with. Unlike most of the fashion photographers, Alex has a knack of choosing peculiar style and place for taking photos. She passion is to take best and interesting photo that captures the interest of the viewers.

15. Kesler Tran (@keslertran)


Kesler Tran is a famous photographer living in Los Angeles, New York. He is one of the best fashion, beauty, film and editorial photographer who likes to take awesome pictures. What people like about his work is the resonating the strongest and beautiful work. It seems most of his post of the images are liked by various people. His detail for the light, shape, etc. might seem effortless but when a person browses through his Instagram account or profile, will be able the awesome pictures.

Having a sheer amount of comments, sometimes it is hard to think if he has taken any break. He is quite involved in his work, and no doubt, the passion he has for his skill is clearly visible in his photos present in the website as well as Instagram account.

16. Perfocal (@perfocal_official)


(Perfocal is a online fashion photography website, where one can hire photographers for various events and shows. Here the user needs to fill in a booking form and provide information about the kind of event or photographer he or she wants.

Based on the requirement, the Perfocal scans and scans the database for the photographer. After the perfect match is found, then the user will be notified and will not be charged until he or she are happy. Then the photographer will contact the user and necessary aspect happen in the normal manner. One can get various wedding photographers, birthday photographers, fashion photographer, etc from this online website.

17. Isabelle Battaglin (@lillykphotography)


Isabelle Battaglin is a famous photographer whose passion is fashion photography. She lives in Los Angeles, California and is known as a worldwide fashion and portrait photographer. Isabelle has worked with some of the top agencies in US as well as Europe and she has taken the photo shoot of most of the beautiful and famous models.

She likes learning about various different people and their culture. Photography has been a major passion for her and she enjoys taking pictures right from her childhood. For her photography is an art of observation and it is all about finding something that is interesting in an ordinary place.

18. Will Inman (@willinmanphotography)


Will Inman is a famous fashion and portrait photographer. His passion of photography is clearly visible from the innovative and awesome photo shoots that he has done. Will’s Instagram account and website is filled with various portfolios of the photo shoot done by him and clearly the huge number of likes and followers show what kind of classic photographer he is.

Besides photography, he has got passion for singing. Most of his photography is based on beach or swim wear and each photo is quite intense. He mixes both color and black and white shades for taking photos, which intensifies the depth in each of them.

19. Leanne Lim Walker (@leannelimwalker)


For more than three and half a year, Leanne Lim has created and developed a strong passion for photography. She is often intrigued by the various creative images and strives for producing the well-envisaged outcomes along with the experimental edge.>

She often experiments stylistically with the various disciplines of photography and aims to be very much diverse and discover new things. She has worked on various album covers, books and magazine covers. The recent achievement she had was being the photographer for the Asthma UK for three continuous years. Her clients consist of Ochee, Fussed Magazine, Rock Paper Scissors Magazine, Vonsonic, and more.

20. Koray Birand (@koraybirand)


Koray Birand is a part time pilot and part time fashion photographer. He is considered to be one of the best fashion photographers in UK because of the uncanny and exquisite snaps he takes. Most of his clients are high-profile celebrities and brands, and each of the photos taken by him has got intense and raw depth, that differs from other photos.

Unlike other photographers, Koray likes to take snaps which are unique and brings out the correct mood of the subject. His various portfolios and snaps can be seen on his website and Instagram account. The thousands of likes and followers, he has is the clear indication of his work and experience.

21. Hoda Katebi (@hodakatebi)


Hoda Katebi is a famous Muslim-Iranian photographer, writer and activities living in Chicago. She is the owner of the blog called JooJoo Azad (which means free bird in Farsi). This blog is an anti-capitalist, body-positive, intersectional feminist and alternative fashion blog. Each of the blogs are written by Hoda and she has penned down the various aspects related to her identity and representation as a Middle-Eastern woman.

She expresses her feeling and thoughts about what the current media thinks about hijab-wearing Muslim woman. In fact, Hoda clearly says that this blog was created as a result of hate which she had experienced mentally, physically, verbally and emotionally.

22. Eigirdas Scinskas (@whitefashionphotographer)


Eigirdas Scinskas is a famous fashion and wedding photographer. He has photographed more than 300 weddings in the past decade and is recognized as a great professional and fashion wedding photographer. He considers himself perfectionist in all the details and the background around him.

His eye for detail and artistic beauty makes his work stylish, original, and deeply emotional. He is able to record each of the days in timeless vintage style while side-by-side creates fashionable bridal portraits of you and the one which is regarded as the major strength. He likes his models to feel natural, beautiful and relaxed in front of the camera during the photo shoot.

23. Chris Hunt (@chrishuntphoto)


Chris Hunt is one of the best and famous advertising and fashion photographer based in New York City. He started his career as a photojournalist and after many years of experience, moved into the field of advertising and fashion photography, especially after working as a model agent in Los Angeles.

Also, besides photography, he has broadened his portfolio in various ventures like directing TV commercials for lifestyle and fashion brands. He is originally from California and has spent more than 15 years working as fashion photographers all around the world. His has done ad photo shoots for Google, TELCEL, and for fashion and beauty like Herve Leger, Forever 21, and ALDO.

24. Tigerlilly Winfield (@ttigerlilly)


Tigerlilly Winfield is a twenty year old blogger and bargain hunter. He is a famous fashion photographer who lives in London and dreams of going to New York and making it big. Most of his portfolios consist of various models who are experimenting with clothing and style. And according to Tigerlilly, he is trying to find a style of his own.

Currently Tigerlilly shoots photos using the Canon 6d and previously he use the Canon 550d which had a wide range of lenses. Each photo taken by him depicts the fashion trends in UK an how it influences the common man and their style.

25. Christopher Brown (@christopherbrownphotos)


Being the best fashion photographer, Christopher Brown is also adventurous at heart. Throughout the fashion industry, Chris is known for his penchant for traveling and capturing the people in their environment. Also he has the talent to connect with both experienced and young brands to their respective audience with his visual storytelling.

His clients consist of Misa Los Angeles, The New York Times, Style In Go, Glasses.com, Tomboy KC, Elegant Magazine, Aldapa Apparel, Live Fast Magazine, Lublu Dresses, Refinery 29, UnLeash’d Magazine, Law Of Fashion, Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine, and C-Heads Magazine.

26. Evgeny Milkovich (@emilkovich)


Evgeny is a famous New York based fashion photographer. He did a course in photography from the University of KNU of Culture and Arts. In addition, he did a degree in fashion photo from the Kiev Fashion Industry.

His portfolio consist of model testing and snaps, lookbook, campaign, personal photo shoot, streer shooting, wedding and love story photo shoot, events, reportage, product, still life, and family shooting. His extensive passion for photography can be seen in his website as well as his Instagram account. The countless number of followers in thousands and the likes gives a clear image on his popularity and work.

27. Alexandre Eustache (@alexandreeustache)


Alexandre Eustache spent many years in specializing in portrait, photography and fitness. After studying art, he discovered his passion of images and photos. This began his interest to learn photography. He started to practice and taught himself to take photos. He spent three years in studying at a school of photography which was specialized in major Parisian art.

Alexandre got his CAP and after being encouraged by his teachers, he later obtained the highest degree of the Chamber of Trades, and the BTM. He spent some years in Australia working for two famous studios which included the ‘The Photo Studio’ in Sydney.

28. Kyle Goldie (@kylegoldie)


Known to be a passionate and awesome fashion photographer, Kyle is constantly on the go. He can be always found on the tiny streets, near to the beach. His passion for photography is what makes him one of the best photographers in Los Angeles.

Added to that, he has got various international clients and brands like A’QUA SWIM, Adidas, AMAZON, AVEDA, Adicora, BEACHCANDY, Beccan, BELUSSO, Bentevi, Kichu, LJEPOTICA, UMM, VOGUECOM, SLITZ, Totokaelo, Warner Brothers, Skyfish, SIS ARETAKI, SHAN, Rose Gonzales, OLA, Mila, MAYA and more. His portfolio consists of menswear, swimwear, studio work, beauty, and editorial fashion

29. Micah Bickham (@micahbickham)


Micah Bickham is a famous fashion photographer. Besides that he is also a creative director, graphical designer and digital photographer. His photography portfolio consists of various clients from all around the world and famous brands too.

He strives to make his clients happy through his work and is often considered as a loner. Sometimes he works along and sometimes he works with his close friends and associates. All in all, he loves making art and is filled with creative ideas. He strives to present photos which attract users and hold their interest.

30. Virgil Odell (@virgilodell)


Virgil Odell is a famous celebrity and fashion photographer. He is also the CEO of the Delmar Media Group, which is one of the most sought after media, photography, graphic and video companies in the world.

He has got various clients who are famous celebrities as well as brands like Chris Brown, Kelly Rowland, BMW, Nascar, President Barack Obama, BET Award Show, National Football League, NFL Draft, Stardom 101 Magazine, Visual Artistry Magazine, Ben The Style Guru Look Book, Strandz Hair Magazine, Spotsylvania Wine Festival, Bula Beverage Company, Tamir Rock, and more.

31. Brad Olson (@bradolsonphotography)


One of the interesting qualities of Brad Olson and his work is that his approach to photography begins with a fascination of light. Also he has a keen eye for beauty and a quirky sense of humor. His wide range of experience in fashion photography has included various international celebrities and brands as his clients.

Specializing in editorial, fashion and commercial photography, Brad brings in his experience from graphic design, video production, and music for creating a great visual style that is quite extraordinary and unique. In addition, Brad is a PhotoVogue artist, a Nikon Pro and represented by the FORD / Robert Black Agency.

32. Jeffrey Nelson (@jeffnelson1984)


Unlike his colleagues in the fashion photography industry, Jeffrey Nelson is one of the best fashion and headshot photographers. For more than ten years, Jeffrey has worked with various top level talent agencies, entertainment managers, and casting directors. He has got excellent understanding of what it requires to take not only the best and exceptional headshots but also the best fashion photos.

Plus, he has got a great understanding about the technical aspects of photography and how to make the actor get noticed. He uses the mixture of both studio and natural lighting for creating the best look of the models. The experience he has gained in headshot and fashion photography has helped him to work with various international clients and brands.

33. Jeff Segenreich (@jeffsegenreich)


Jeff Segenreich is a Brazilian fashion photographer living in São Paulo. He was born in Rio de Janeiro and is one of the best and famous fashion photographers in the world. His striking capture of various models in different poses is what makes him one of the interesting photographers.

Each of the pictures he takes, provides a deep understanding of the background and gives a clear view of the environment in which it is taken. His best is the photos of the beach shots taken at striking angles. Most of his images are in the black and white shade, which makes it strikingly attractive and unique.

34. Josh James (@joshjamesphoto)


Josh James is one of the best fashion photographers of Los Angeles whose line of work is published in various international magazines and advertisements. At the age of nine, Josh picked up his first 110 camera and after six years, he continued his passion by clicking about thousands of random pictures.

And along with the thousands of snaps he took, he had to tear through three to four more cameras and even the first SLR one which his uncle gave. He took his first official photography class while being a freshman at high school and later on signed up for all kinds of related courses which were offered until he graduated.

35. Pavel Denisenko (@paveldenisenko)


Pavel Denisenko is a New York based fashion photographer. Besides being a photographer, he is also the co-founder of the online magazine called Risk Magazine. His portfolio consists of various international brands and celebrities. Clearly his immense number of followers in his Instagram account shows the clear picture of his popularity and his photography skills.

Unlike other photographers, Pavel likes to use light colors and his photos shows how well he uses the lightings and the background. He makes the best use of the environment and surrounding objects to create a ravishing photo. This is what makes him different from his contemporaries.

36. Bella Howard (@bybellazine)


Bella Howard is a famous UK based fashion photographer residing in London. She has worked with some of the best and talented fashion and modeling agencies all around the world. Unlike her associates in the field of fashion photography, she has got a unique style and touch in taking photos.

Some of the major clients consist of various international magazines like British Vogue, Vogue Girl, Dazed and Confused, Vogue Girl Japan, I-D, Purple Magazine, Teen Vogue, Elle UK, Elle USA, T Magazine, Wall Street Journal, NME, Tank, Vice, Spin, and Clash. Even she has got international brands like ADIDAS, Holland, SONY, TOPSHOP, LULU FROST and more as her clients.

37. Matt Irwin (@mattirwinlondon)


Matt Irwin is one of the famous celebrity fashion UK photographer. His line of work consists of various unique landscape and fashion photography from all around the world. Most of his clients are the top celebrities like Pamela Anderson, George Clooney, and various international brands like ELLE Magazine, Glamour Magazine, and more.

The huge amount of followers in his Instagram account (which is about 67.9K followers) is the clear proof of how much interesting and unique his photos are. His social media accounts are filled with the amazing and unique snaps of various artist, fashion events and beautiful sceneries.

38. Jacob Erwin (@jake.jms)


Jacob Erwin is a famous fashion photographer. He has been fascinated with photography in his entire life. However, he never did anything important or significant about it until he decided to take out his camera. And seven months ago, he took out his first portrait and after that there was nothing to stop him from pursuing his passion.

From that time onwards, he has taken various interesting photos and portraits which not only attracts the viewers, but brings out the intensity in the photos. He is currently residing in St Louis and has not various brands and celebrities as his clients.

39. Emmanuel Rola (@emmanuel_rola_photography)


Emmanuel Rola is a famous fashion and wedding photographer. She is specialized in taking high-end photos, retouching the editorials, advertising campaigns, shooting catalogs and book launch, etc. She currently resides in Marbella, Spain.

Through her website, she offers extensive wedding photo sessions. This wedding photo session consist of photography as well as designing. Also, most of the photo session takes place in studios, exterior or a combined collection of all. As many lack the knowledge on how the retouch photographs can be delivered in digital format, Emmanuel does it with the team of experts who are always up with her round the clock.

40. Olesja Mueller (@olesjamueller)


Olesja Mueller is one of the famous advertising and fashion photographers who work for various studios in NYC and Los Angeles. Born in a tiny European country Latvia, she considers herself to be a workaholic. Her main passion is to photograph, direct and style her fashion editorials for various publications and bring out a huge amount of passion and spark in various ad shooting for brands like GOSSIP swimwear and True Religion.

Her real passion lies in photographing kids who love fashion. Currently she lives and breathes her craft and in the spare time when she is not shooting or editing, she spends time with her two adorable kids, two dogs and her loving husband.

41. Lara Jade (@larajadephotography)


Lara Jafe is a famous fashion photographer who currently lives in New York City. She was born and bought up in Staffordshire, England and at an early age, she discovered her passion for photography. Later on she moved to London to pursue fashion photography full time and then in 2011, she moved to NYC.

Through her ever-growing passion, Lara had the opportunity to go all around the world and share vision and experiences with international audiences. Influenced by various playful narratives, elegance and color, Lara enjoys a lot in telling stories with cinematic approach. Her inspiration is the elements of old masters in painting, untouched beauty and romance.

42. Mike Kus (@mikekus)


Mike Kus is one of the famous UK based designers who is specialized in UI/Web Design, Branding, Graphic Design, Photography and Illustration. His work is regularly published and featured in various design and fashion related publications. Also, he has got worldwide client rosters who are the major brand innovators and famous celebrities.

He is a regular speaker at tech and design conferences. Besides being a designer, Mike simply likes to travel and concentrate on his passion which is photography. He is one of the awesome fashion photographers who have about thousands of followers in Instagram. Mike has worked on various photography projects for various innovative brands like Land Rover, Burberry, O2, Red Bull and Northern Ireland Tourist Board.

43. Mal Sherlock (@fashion)


Mal Sherlock is one of the best fashion photographers who has cemented his position in the field of photography. Through UK, he is known for his unique style and craftsmanship in taking photos which are interactive and aesthetic.

Through his photos, he is able to narrate the effortless means and style of fashion. Also he is able to document the intimate and specific moments of each trendy fashion and style of the models and brands. Known to be quite fun to work with, he has done photo shoots for various top brands and international celebrities and sportsmen.

44. Thomas Lohr (@thomaslohrstudio)


Born in south of Germany in the early 80s, Thomas Lohr is one of the esteemed fashion photographers. After he finished his photo and graphic design studies, he went to New York in 2005. From there he went to London in 2010. Nowadays, he resides in London and frequently travels to Berlin and New York.

Thomas has got various clients who are international celebrities and brands like 3.1 Philipp Lim, AnOther, Bergdorf Goodman, Cos, Chloe, Dust, Dior, Fantastic Man, Hermes, Hugo Boss, Hussein Chalayan, i-D, Interview, Industrie, Lanvin, Kenzo, Love, Nina Ricci, Man About Town, Pop, Re-Edition and Tiffany & Co.

45. Jake Senfeld (@jakesenfeld)


ake Senfeld is an Atlanta native. He has been working in the field of fashion industry for the past 5 years. In 2010, he was introduced to this industry when he was discovered by a modeling scout while he was doing his degree in Florida. Within months, Jack’s modeling career sky-rocketed and he started to live abroad in Milan and traveled to new and foreign places.

While working on the other side of the lens, he gained good knowledge and understanding on how to utilize the steps to approach all the aspects of being a good photographer. He slowly gathered priceless information and inspirations from the European markets and cultivated a huge relationship with agencies and clients from Europe.

46. Aaron Fryson (@jaboyphotography)


Aaron Fryson is one of the best fashion photographers in the world. He often enjoys taking photos and the advent in digital photography further increased his interest of making photography as his hobby. According to him, there is nothing magical in capturing the moments in time forever.

As per most of his clients and friends, he is quite friendly, creative, artsy, spiritual, and determined. His biggest characteristic is working continuously for improving his skills in all kinds of photography. He likes to meet new people and enjoys getting to know a lot about his clients. His motto is that life should be fun and work has to be interesting.

47. Zuzana Breznanikova (@breznanikova.photography)


Zuzana Breznanikova is one of the London based commercial and editorial portraiture and fashion photographer who shoots photos of women and men. She is one of the best advertising and luxury fashion photographers who has photographed some of the best and luxurious brands like Harrods.

She is specialized in advertising, fashion and beauty shoots for menswear, womenwear, fragrance, jewelry, fashion accessories, etc. She has taken photos (fashion photography) for various magazines, advertising campaigns, advertorials, luxury fashion look books, social media and websites. In addition, she is a social media influencer and assists in promoting the brand of her clients on various social media websites.

48. Giuliano Bekor (@giulianobekor)


Being an internationally recognized photographer, Giuliano Bekor has got interesting portfolios that consist of working in the realms of fashion, celebrity, beauty, fine arts, advertisements, etc. As per Giuliano, his photography is quite unique and this is why it has been featured in various top publications all over the world. Even his clients consist of endless beautiful people from the fashion industry.

Besides the fashion industry, he has got clients from the ad world, celebrities, artists, producers, and more. Having 30 years of experience in the fashion industry, Giuliano Bekor has somehow perfected his craft to a great and exceptional level.

49. Fritz Yap (@fritzyap)


Fritz Yap is a famous fashion photographer living in Miami, Florida. He is specialized in Men’s Beauty, Fitness, Fashion, and Portrait. He likes to take snaps which are intriguing and holds the attention of the viewers. Fritz was born and raised in Iloilo City of Philippines.

Frankly, it can be surprising to know that Fritz Yap is a registered nurse by profession and was working as a Dialysis Nurse for many years. His passion has always been photography and he constantly works hard to make himself quite better at it. Besides fashion, he likes to do photo shoots for advertisements, beauty, editorial, commercials, and more.

50. Robert Wilde (@robertwilde1)


Robert Wilde is a famous photographer who was born and brought up in Vienna, Austria. He currently lives and works in Los Angeles. From the University of Vienna, he studied literature and philosophy, and has stayed and worked in Berlin and Paris.

Also he has traveled to China, Europe, and Japan. Plus, he has studied Italian, French, and Japanese. He has always been fascinated by the classic paintings, especially, the Renaissance, and the various painting from the mid-20th century.

In addition, he loves Jazz and opera aficionado. Even he likes to explore the various wildernesses and wilderness and landscape of the California.

51. Osha Waiters (@oshawaiters)


From an early age, Osha has been quite passionate about arts. Right from drawing and painting, her interest in photography took or you can say began when her mother gave her a Polaroid camera as she turned seven.

This was during her high Center of Photography, she learned well on using the film camera, developing and printing photographs. This simply pepped up her interest and lead to her joining a course for photography in her college. Her interest in photography lies in taking self-portraits school, that she took photography seriously and after being acceptable to take snaps courses at the International.

52. Sarah Krick (@sarah.krick)


Ever since Sarah Krick was young, photography has always been a major passion for her. During her childhood, she gained extreme interest in photography by taking the snaps of her friends and family. During her first year of high school, she joined a talent and marketing agency to harness her skills.

Slowly, she gained insights about what the industry is all about started to show her photos to various other photographers. Initially, she had taken photography as a hobby and this went to the next level when she started to take photography seriously and make it as a profession.

53. Rachel Manns (@rachel_manns)


Rachel Manns is a freelance UK based photographer who works with responsible brands to create a better world. Her major interest in photography lies in fashion and travel. She uses her camera to create a positive change in the world of fashion industry. This is done by producing quality work for conscious clients.

Overall, she has got 7 years of experience working with international and famous brands. Being a great travel enthusiastic, her entire website and Instagram account is filled with photos of mysterious and awesome places. Throughout her travel journey she captures the wonderful memories through her camera.

54. Robi Rodriguez (@robirodriguez)


Robi Rodriguez is a famous street photographer. After studying film in LA, he went on to provide assistance to photographer Bob Richardson. Richardson was a photographer who was widely known and credited for bringing the edginess in street photography to the world of fashion.

Then two years later, Robi went solo and rose to become a prolific photographer on his own. To date he has put up his photo exhibitions at various places like London Art Fair, 20 Hoxton Square Projects. Even he has contributed to various publications like Art Review, The Gentlewoman, Another Magazine, Fantastic Man, Le Monde, and more.

55. Jessie Dee (@jessiedeexx)


Right from her early age, Jessie knew that she wanted to build things. This lead her to jump into the field of fashion world. So, with the help of her dog Little Buggie, she was able to conduct most of her work at her studio in the Downtoad Orlando.

She has got deep passion for makeup and has done various photo shoots in all genre like beauty, fashion, editorial, high definition, runway, TV, Weddings, Special events, business, as well as educational institutes. Her true and major interests lie in making people gorgeous and look perfect. She is recognized as the top three best photographers in North America.

56. Matthew Stansfield (@mattstansfieldphoto)


Matthew Stansfield is a famous fashion photographer who is specialized in youth culture, fashion and lifestyle for design and editorial, advertising clients in Manchester, London and rest of the World. He focus has always been to capture the best moments and what a brand signifies.

His clients consist of Umbro, Supra, Ellesse, Universal, Waitrose, FootAsylum, Boohoo, Michelin, Harvey Nichols, McArthur Glen, RBS, REALM, Lucille, Ma.Strum, Clark’s, Rare London, Westmont, Paprika, etc. He has done editorial photo shoots for CALEO, Arcadia Online, Beauty Rebel, Carbon Copy, Bambi, A-MAG, Disorder, His&Hers, L’Beaut, Supplementaire, and many more.

57. Alex Cordova (@alexcordovaphoto)


Alex Cordova is a famous fashion photographer who resides in Mexico City. What makes him one of the best photographers is his client focused approach. According to him, each of the image or photo needs to represent the client’s product and company. He feels that these are the integral part of the product marketing and branding

As per him, the models, assistants and others are the integral aspect of the creative process. Best images can only be created through dynamic feedback, and each member of the team has something to contribute. They work hard and create something together, which is quite fun to work for

58. Arthur Elgort (@arthurelgort)


Arthur was born on June 8th 1940 in New York City. He lived with his parents and two siblings and attended the Stuyvesant High School. When he reached college, he decided to learn painting from the Hunter College. Since the medium was quite lonely, he decided to try his hand at photography.

So, in 1971, he made his transition to photography and his debut was the first click in British Vogue. Using a single shoot and iconic picture, he was able to create not only a great sensation, but the permanent place in the world of fashion photography. His style of photography is quite relaxed and breathes a sense of fresh air especially in curated studio shoots and mannequin like models.

59. Mert Alas (@mertalas)


>Born in Turkey, Mert along with his partner Marcus are one of the best fashion photographers in the work. Their style and work is greatly influenced by the famous photographer Guy Bourdin. Both these high-profile photographers have pioneered the use of digital manipulation in their field.

Both Mert and Marcus met in England in the year 1994, after having worked for a brief period in various areas. Alas was working in the classic music while Piggott was into graphical designing. After some time Alas worked as a fashion photo modeler and Piggot was working as an assistant photographer. Both their collaboration has created a wonderful pictures which have been in the cover page of various magazines.

60. Marcus Piggott (@macpiggott)


One half of the high profile photography team, Marcus along with Mert has created astonishing photographs which depict the portrait of powerful and sophisticated women. They often feel that they are different from other photographers and they give a lot of attention to the appearance of the models. A lot of time is spent by them in the make-up and hairstyling of the models.

Initially, Piggot was working as an assistant photographer and Alas was a fashion photo model. After they worked together in the photography business for some months, they decided to create a team. And their first photo was published in the London fashion magazine called Dazed and Confused.

61. Nick Knight (@nick_knight)


Nick Knight is considered to be the world’s most visionary and influential photographer. Not only that, he is the director and founder of the award-winning fashion website SHOWstudio.com. As one of the best fashion photographer, he has consistently challenged the conventional notions of the beauty and is known for his groundbreaking creative collaboration along with some of the leading designers like John Galliano, Yohji Yamamoto, Alexander McQueen.

He has even done advertising campaigns for most of the leading and prestigious clients like Christian Dior, Swarovski, Tom Ford, Yves Saint Laurent, Calvin Klein, and more. In the year 2010, he was awarded OBE for his service in arts. He is the honorary professor of the University of Arts London and was awarded the honorary PHD by the same university.

62. Harley Weir (@harleyweir)


Harley Weir is a famous fashion photographer who is known to create masterpiece and the best photos in the fashion industry. Her work oscillates from the brazen glimpses of the various astonishing images of body wear and the ongoing obsession with youth. Each of the photo subsumes the various influence photographer have resulting in tender and washed-out fashion images.

Whether it is shooting a photo shoot of a red-headed family in high fashion threads, like she did in AW14 Magazine’s issue or turning the war reportage on its head in Jordan and Israel, the images Weir brings about an enigmatic magnetism which simply attracts the viewer.

63. Emma Summerton (@emmasummerton)


Emma Summerton is one of the biggest and best fashion photographers. She shoots for various publications like W and Vogue. She has even worked for brands like Prada, Miu Miu and even models like Gisele Bundchen, Karlie Kloss, Anja Rubik, Abbey Lee, Freja Beja Erichsen, and many more.

She is a photography fanatic who recently shot the River Island’s new campaign in the best and ever-stylish New York. Emma always stated that if she was not a photographer, then she would have been a painter. In addition, she has worked with various celebrities like Cate Blanchette, Kate Moss, etc.

64. Rosie Hardy (@georgiarosehardy)


Rosie Hardy is a world famous photographer living in Manchester, UK. For Rosie, photography was a normal hobby and in her wildest dream, she never thought that she would become a full-fledge photographer. All this was because of the USA based pop group Maroon 5. Somewhat four years ago, she was a normal teenager, who first took per personalized photo in order to impress her crush.

Later on during her college days, she began to take photography more seriously. Her inspiration was some of the famous photographers who did photo shoots for various international magazines, and she used to follow them on Flickr. One of the interesting characteristics of Rosie is she pre-produces her shoots, scouts the locations and explores the various kinds of styles.

65. Drew Xeron (@drewxeron)


Drew Xeron is one of the internationally recognized editorial filmmaker and photographers. He grew up outside of Washington, DC and in a strong Greek community. Being the youngest among the four, he had seen his dad build the largest auto repair shop in Maryland. This became an outlet for his burgeoning artistic talent and he took time for turning the scrap metal into throwing stars, rather than helping around in his family business.

Nevertheless, the value of hard work was instilled on him and he went on to do Business Administration. On a whim, he once picked up a camera, and his creative eye never allowed him to put it down. His passion for photography guided him to take stunning images of yoga and dance.

66. Ben Toms (@ben_toms)


Ben Toms is a famous fashion photographer from UK. Unlike other esteem photographers, Ben is a quietly prolific photographer behind some of the decade’s most norm-busting editorials. He has done the cover issue for various high-profile magazines.

Toms is known to lookout for the fresh faces, which can bring about the required uniqueness and zealousness in the given photo and to the viewer too. His style is always out of the books and he is one photographer who never likes to follow the mundane rules. Unlike other photographers he tries to go for unique photos which are attractive as well as different.

67. Matt Scutt (@mattscutt)


One thing about Matt Scutt is that besides being a good fashion photographer, he can be considered as a great instragrammer. He likes to take photo shots from different views and with regard to landscape photos; he is different from other photographers.

Often Matt says that he is not a fan of street or candid photography and that is why he lies to stick towards architecture or landmark photos. He takes most of his landscape photos from helicopter or from the Shard and brings about a different perspective in each of the photos that she shoots. No wonder, most of his photos are looking down, looking up, hanging off the bridge or from the middle of the river.

68. Jonathan Daniel Pryce (@garconjon)


Jonathan Daniel Pryce is a London based photographers who interest is in street and fashion photography. All his photos depict his journey in discovering the men’s style. In the year 2012, he won an award for the photographer of the year at the Scottish fashion awards. And in the same year, he started a personalized project for documenting the 100 Beards in 100 days.

In his project (which is a book) he has taken captured the various kinds of stylish beards that are attractive and macho. All the given photos are present in the website 100Beards.com. In late 2014, he started a new project based on his obsession with British manufacturing.

69. Luc Coiffait (@luccoiffait)


Luc Coiffait is one of the famous portrait and fashion photographers who live in London. He has done various photo shoots for celebrities, politicians, editorials, magazines and more. Some of the editorial photo shoots done by him are i-D, Ponystep, New York Magazine, Wonderland, Topman, Asos Magazine, GQ Japan, GQ China, Flaunt, Stories Collective, Volt, and more.

In addition, he has done photo shoot for commercial brands like Clarks, Mr Porter, Burberry, Carolina Hererra, The Kooples, Bentley Motors, Boodles, Sony Music, etc. Even he has done portrait photo shoot for various celebrities like Ashish, JW Anderson, Mia Goth, Simon Foxton, Charli XCX, Will Poulter, Aurora, Bombay Bicycle Club, and more.

70. Orin Fleurimont (@orinary)


Orin Fleurimont is a famous fashion photographer of New York. She has got a creative eye and this has helped her to capture stunning images of fashion events, yoga, exercise, dance, and more. Slowly, with the passage of time Orin was able to channel her passion and pain into the craft of photography.

And the long nights of shooting and hours of studying helped her to expand her abilities and knowledge in photography. One of the major advantages is her ability to capture the innate beauty which has helped her to get an international presence. Her work has been published in various publications and magazines.

71. CJ powell (@cjpowellphotographer)


CJ Powell is an Arizona based photographer who has been in the business of fashion photography for many years. He has shot for various global brands and in the year 2013 and 2014, he was nominated for the Spider Award.

Most of his work can be viewed in publications like InPrint, Zephyr, Tucson Lifestyle, Arizona Foothills Magazine, and more. Even most of his images have been published in ‘ The Best Photographer of 2012’ which is published by the Photographer’s Forum Magazine.

He firmly believes that the images represented by him show what kind of product the client or the company has. This is the integral aspect of the marketing of products and branding.

72. Aik Beng Chia (@aikbengchia)

In the world of Singapore fashion photography, Aik Beng Chia is known as ABC. He started photography in year 2008. All his gritty and vivid images focus on the day-to-day life of people on the streets of Singapore. Because of the innovative and different images captured by him, he has got huge number of followers in Instagram.

In addition, this huge fan following caught the attention of the UK newspaper, The Guardian. And this has resulted in him taking over the Guardian Travel Instagram account for publishing a three day special feature about Singapore which is seen from the view of a common man.

73. Amanda Wong (@beautifuladieu)

For Amanda Wong being a fashion photographer was a simple passion. According to her, it is difficult to explain on how she ended up being a photographer. Somewhat in the summer of 2011, she picked up her camera after four months of uninspiring and lack of motivation. Then she signed up for an account in modelmayhem and immediately she got a few emails and request.

This boosted her interest in photography and kick started her photography career. This was surprising for her as she thought her journey with photography ended after some personal problems crippled her life. But it turned opposite and increased her interest in taking mind-blowing and awesome pictures.

74. Andrea Chong (@dreachong)

Born and raised in Singapore, Andrea Chong is founder of the Digital Advertising Agency, DC Creative and a blogger. In addition to all these features in the cap, she is one of the best fashion photographers in Singapore. All her photos are posted in her blog.

Andrea started her blog in the year 2013 and this blog is an online collection of articles related to Andrea’s love for traveling and fashion. In addition, she is a literature undergraduate of the Nanyang Technological University. In her blog, she tries to combine her pursuit for creating quality reading contents along with her passion for photography.

75. Lenne Chai (@lenneigh)

Based in Singapore, Lenne Chai is a famous fashion photographer who is featured in various international as well as local publications like Elle Girl (Japan), NYLON Japan, Designare, Harper’s Bazaar Singapore, and SPUR (Japan).

She spends most of her time in Tokyo where she shoots commercially for various brands like Bang & Olufsen. In addition, Lenne has got immense opportunity of working with established models like Lily Cole and Chiharu Okunugi. Another interesting characteristic of Lenne which makes her a popular choice among fashion experts is that she creates all things with her own hands, like constructing props and sets for weaving stories for the situations in the photographs.

76. Jessa Maddocks (@jessakae)


Jessa is a young fashion photographer and influencer. She has got extensive experience in taking lifestyle, fashion and beauty photos. In addition, he is an avid traveler, who likes to gain experience and new ideas through her travels. She has got a relaxed approach while taking photos and this is what make her snapshot easy and a breath of fresh air.

Often she encourages her models to move freely in the frame and likes them to be lively and use less make-up. She often likes to enhance the natural lights which is a favorite among many people. Her signature personal style is to make her models comfortable and put them in ease.

77. Adam Katz Sinding (@le21eme)


Adam Katz is a self taught and self motivated fashion photographer living in Brooklyn, New York. He was born on 3rd May 1983 in San Francisco, CA and was raised in Tacoma, WA. His passion for photography has taken him many places like France, Italy, Russia, etc.

He inherited his first camera equipment after the death of his father. As year passed by, he evolved and found various sources for his inspiration which made him one of the best fashion photographers in the world. Unlike other photographers, Adam likes to capture and freeze those moments which are memorable and striking.

78. Joshua Woods (@joshuawoods)


Joshua Woods is one of the best and famous New York based photographer. He is known for his cinematic and ethereal imagery of beauty, fashion, and portrait that gives a robust and visual appeal which can be sometimes sophisticated, witty, stylish, etc. By using his signature method of coloring and editing, his artistic way provides a feeling of timeless value which somewhat stays fresh, modern and unique.

Joshua does various photo shoots for fashion, portrait, and editorial projects which is for both domestic and abroad. His clients consist of Nike, Calvin Klein, Kenneth Cole, Tommy Hilfiger and The Guardian.

79. Jason Jean (@citizencouture)

Born and raised in New York City, Jason Jean is one of the best photographers and creative as well as social media consultants. His passion is to travel, interact with people and develop images whenever possible. He is also the founder of the Citizen Couture, a famous online fashion magazine.

Jason believes in capturing the artistic value of each brand and celebrities. No wonder he has got various brands and celebrities as his clients like Sportmaster, Raynaud Erquis, SELA, Gioia Di Mama, Jacot, Ostin, CHE, My Couture, Nylon Magazine, Urban Outfitters, Formula X, Popsugar, Sephora, Smashbox Cosmetics, Sephora, and many more.

80. Tamu McPherson (@tamumcpherson)


Tamu was born in Jamaica and when she was six years old, she moved to New York. Even though she studied Literature and Rhetoric from Binghamton University and even got a JD/MBA, her heart and passion was in fashion and photography. After her marriage, she moved to Milan and started her career as a fashion photographer.

Her first assignment was a street styled photo shoot for Glamour.it in 2006. After that she started writing feature pieces for the Vogue Pelle and then later on became the contributor at Elle Italia. Later on she launched her own website called All the Pretty Birds in November 2008.

81. Alexi Lubomirski (@alexilubomirskiphoto)


Alexi Lubomirski was born in England. His father was Polish and mother Peruvian. Right at the age of seven, he went to Botswana along with his mother and his stepfather. At the age of 11, his step father gave him his first camera which instigated his passion for photography. During his teenage years, while studying at Oxford, he spent all his free time doing various odd jobs like gardening, waitering, and bartending so that he could save money for traveling.

His interest in photography was further cemented while traveling to Peru during the college vacations. Currently, he is the high profile favorite photographer for various celebrities like Natalie Portman, Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow, and many more.

82. Ruven Afanador (@ruvenafanador)


Ruven Afanador is one of the internationally renowned photographers of limitless imagination, profound and powerful sense of self. All his work is distinguished by the opulent classicism which is nuanced by the irreverent point of views. Most of the time, his idiosyncratic and visual language is informed and dominated by the fierce emotion and the lavish style of the Latin American heritage.

Ruven was born in Colombia and at the age of fourteen he moved to US and attended a school in Midwest. While studying art, he got passionate about photography and later on decided to make it as his life passion.

83. Yelena Yemchuk (@yemchuk)


Yelena Yemchuk is one of the best fashion photographers whose output is immediately recognizable regardless of the kind of medium. She has got a unique vision and possess a dark romanticism and surrealistic whimsy which is unique and of her own.

Yelena was born in Kiev and when she was eleven, she migrated to United States along with her parents. She studied at the Parsons School of Design in New York and Art Center in Pasadena. All her photographs and artistic work has appeared in various magazines like New Yorker, ANEW, Another Magazine, Dazed and Confused and Italian, Japanese and British Vogue, and many more.

84. Sebastian Faena (@sebastian_faena)


Sebastian Faena is a famous fashion photographer and a film director. He has photographed various high-profile celebrities and models like Celine Dion, Cindy Crawford, Mila Jovovich, Sky Ferreira, Ashley Olsen, Lady Gaga, Kate Upton and many more.

Faena has worked with Katie Grand, Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele, Miuccia Prada, and Carine Roitfeld. He has done photo shoots for various ad campaigns like Blumarine, BCBG Max Azria, Georg Jensen, Sam Edelman. Also he has done photo covers for V, Pop, Vogue, Turkey and other six international versions of the Harper’s Bazaar. Most of his editorials have been publicized for having controversial themes.

85. Nathaniel Goldberg (@nathanielgoldberg)


Nathaniel Goldberg was born and bought by a French father and Dominican mother. From the age of fifteen, he decided to pursue a career in fashion photography and within couple of years he moved to New York for pursuing his dream. Somewhere in the mid-nineties, he began his full-fledge career of being a fashion photographer.

Most of his images can be seen in noted and famous magazines like Vogue China, British Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and GQ. Some of his advertising portfolios are for various iconic brands like Hermes, DKNY, Giorgio Armani, Fendi, Chanel, Klein, Calvin, and Escada. His interest in photography has taken him to all parts of the world.

86. Carter Smith (@carterbedloesmith)


The best thing about Carter Smith’s portrait and fashion photography is the disarming charm. Smith has taken photos for various campaigns like Clarins, Vera Wang, and Tiffany & Co. Even his editorials have been published in L’Uomo Vogue, British Vogue, GQ and Allure.

An interesting aspect is Smith has developed a keen sense for filmmaking in various projects related to Tiffany & Co, Louis Vuitton, Lancome, Tommy Hilfiger Fragrance, and many more. In addition, he has directed music videos and his short film projects are represented by A White Label Product. The first feature length film of Smith called ‘The Ruins’ which was adapted from the novel by Scott Smith was released in 2008.

87. Scott Schuman (@thesartorialist)

Scott Schuman is a famous blogger and fashion photographer. He is also the founder of the website The Sartorialist which he had created as a two way dialogue about the world of fashion and what kind of relationship it has with the daily life.

Besides writing and editing for the blog, Schuman work has been featured in various international magazines like Vogue Italia, GQ, Vogue Paris and Interview. For the GQ, Schuman shot and edited his own page for about three years.

In addition, Schuman has appeared in various national ad campaigns for Verizon and the Gap. Even he has collaborated with Kiehl’s on particular campaign and commissioned products related to Father’s Day.

88. Ellen von Unwerth (@ellenvonunwerth)


Ellen von Unwerth is a famous director and fashion photographer who is specialized in erotic femininity. Before moving behind the camera, she has worked as a fashion model for ten years and currently makes editorial, advertising and fashion photographs.

She found fame when she first photographed Claudia Schiffer. Many of her works have been published in top magazines like Vanity Fair, Vogue, The Face, Interview, Arena, Twill, I-D, and L’Uomo. In addition, she has published many books related to photography. In 1991, she won the first prize at the International Festival of Fashion Photography. Ellen has directed various web and commercial films for top and famous brands like Equinox, Clinique, Revlon, and other which featured international celebrities.

89. Jonathan Leder (@jonathan_leder)


Jonanthan Leder is an American photographer who is living in New York. Besides being a famous fashion photographer, Leder is a famous publisher and director. He was born and raised on the upper east side of Manhattan. Later on he attended the prestigious Collegiate School and by the age of 15, he started working in the dark rooms and began his passion for photography.

Subsequently, in 1992, Leder attended the Parson’s School of Design in Paris and later on attended the Florence Academy of Art in Italy from 1994-1996, where he studied classical painting and art history. In his photography, Leder uses less or no artificial lighting, and all his photos are completely analog and minimal retouching.

90. Candice Lake (@candicelake)


Australian born Candice Lake is a famous London based photographer, designer, blogger and contributing style editor for Vogue. She was studying for law in Sydney before she was discovered as a model. Later on she relocated to New York and appeared in various international campaigns for Versace and Ralph Lauren.

For improving her passion and love for photography, she undertook a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons.1) course. The graduate show that she did was featured in Vogue and it was later on exhibited in the Australian Centre of Photography. In 2015, she was named as the global ambassador of TRESemmé, and in the same year she started her own fashion label.

91. Phil Oh (@mrstreetpeeper)


Phil Oh is one of Internet’s first street styling photographers. He grew in Chicago and later on moved to New York in the late 90’s (1998). After graduating, he spent a year and half after school, backpacking all around the world on a budget of $10 per day. Since he had studied history, he wanted to visit the places which he had studied about.

Also the job market was not so attracting and he was constantly waitering tables or bartending or running parties. His first experience in fashion or fashion photography came from reading a fashion magazine which was filled with street-style present in the magazine Fruits book.

92. Yvan Rodic (@facehunter)


Yuvan Rodic is a Swiss street style and fashion photographer. He is also known as FaceHunter and he travels all around the world photographing people at various fashion events and cultural events. In February 2006, he started posting his pictures and snaps online.

He has even contributed to various brands like Esprit, Armani, and Volvo. In addition, to taking photos and writing blogs, he has written various books related to fashion photography. Two of the major books written by him are FaceHunter (which was published in the year 2010) and A Year In The Life of FaceHunter (which was published and sold in the year 2013).

93. Soren Jepsen (@thelocals)


Soren Jepsen is a famous fashion photographer and blogger. Since 2007, he has been running a street style blog called ‘The Locals’. This blog tells all about the various kinds of fashions on the street of major cities all around the world.

In addition, each season during the fashion weeks, he is the resident street photographer for VOGUE.DE. He spends most of his time running the street blog as well as shooting stories and editorials for various clients such as Elle, Style.com, GQ, Cover, Refinery29 and Vogue. No doubt, for Soren, street style is a passion and he has seen various genres which evolve from portrait of regular folks on the street to fashion week visitors and ones who wear fancy outfits for the season.

94. NimaBenati (@nimabenati)


Nima was born in 1992 and she is considered to be one of the emerging photographers to work in the fashion industry since 2010. Right from her childhood, she has been attracted by glossy magazines and it was four years ago when she discovered her passion to capture all the things related to the fantasy world.

Even though she is young, her images are like dreamlike journey through the various colors. All this is because of the camera through which she is able to achieve her dreams and make her world perfect. So far, she has already taken campaigns for famous brands and achieved the most important covers of various magazines.

95. George Favios (@georgefavios)


Being a professional photographer, George Favios’s career has progressed fast and this has been received well in many of the chosen markets. His main focus has been on beauty and advertising shoots, and he is a frequent traveler too.

Currently, George works as a freelancer and likes to deal with clients directly. Through this he wants to achieve and understand what they expect and think. He has traveled to many places for photo shoots like New York, Mexico, Los Angeles, Spain, South Africa, Indonesia, Germany, India, Hong Kong, Greece and more. His background in marketing and business has easily helped in getting extensive clients and even maintaining them.

96. Mario Testino (@mariotestino)


Mario Testino is considered to be one of the most influential portrait and fashion photographers of the century. All his photographs have been published in various international magazines like Vanity Fair, Vogue, and V Magazine. In addition, he has contributed a lot to the success of various leading beauty and fashion houses, thereby creating emblematic images for various brands like Versace, Gucci, Burberry, Chanel, Micheal Kors, Lancome, and Estee Lauder.

Besides his 35-year practice as photographer, Testino has created a body of work, since being a creative director, museum founder, guest editor, collaborator, art collector and entrepreneur. As per the request of his clients, in 2007, he has provided full creative direction services and formed the MARIOTESTINO+ which is a growing team of individuals who support the dreams of Testino to be able to realize the breadth of creative output.

97. Garance Doré (@garancedore)


Garance Doré is a famous fashion photographer as well as a blogger. She started her own blog in the 2006 and used it for communicating with others in the fashion community. Garance has collaborated for various fashion shows and runaway projects of famous designers and brands.

Throughout her experience and exposure as a fashion photographer, she harnessed her skills in photography and got eminent celebrities as her client. In addition, in her blog, she has given a glimpse of her life, on how she started photograph, the first job, she had, her first photo shoot with Cindy Crawford, and more. Currently Garance lives in New York where she is continuing her passion for photography.

98. Youngjun Koo (@youngjunkoo)


One of the emerging talents in the field of fashion photography, Youngjun is someone to watch out for. This 26 year old came to US two years ago and within a short sting caught up with the English language. Besides that, he has done photo shoot with everyone right from Anna (Dello Russo and Wintour) to Marc Jacobs and Aline Weber. He has got his own website- I’M KOO which he regularly updates with his photos and his work.

Some of his major works can be seen in the NY Magazine. Most people would easily get surprised speaking to him as in such a young age, he has got immense knowledge in fashion. Somewhat you can say that he is a powerhouse in street fashion photography and it is clear with the precise and crisp photos that he takes.

99. Emily Soto (@emilysoto)


Emily Soto is a famous photographer who lives in New York City with her husband. An interesting characteristic of Soto is that each image captured by her emanates with a romantic and distinct visionary style which is characterized by the perennial stream of artistically adept, emotively captivating and giving and assisting fellow photographers.

All these are easily achieved and taught in her workshop, where she tries to harness the skills and confidence of individuals who can pursue and fulfill their own photographic aspirations. Soto had established her workshop in the year 2010 and she has been continuously training her team and made them into a professional photographers and make-up artist.

100. Pierre Debusschere (@pierredebusschere)


Pierre Debusschere is a famous Belgian photographer, director and curator. He uses innovative techniques for creating high impact visuals. In the year 2009, he started the 254FOREST, which is a creative studio that works in the realm of art, film, photography and music.

Initally, in the year 2008, Pierre Debusschere worked for Dazed & Confused. After that he was invited to work with Nicola Formichetti on an acclaimed digital and content application for Vogue Hommes Japan and Dior Homme, which was considered to be the best kind of magazine. In addition, he did editorial photo shoots for clients like V Man, V Magazine, Vogue Hommes Japan, Dazed & Confused, AnOther Magazine, Nowness and Document.

Winding Up

There is no doubt that Instagram has redefined and revolutionized the fashion industry. Somehow it has made the once ‘exclusive’ and ‘high profile’ fashion industry accessible to the general public. Furthermore, it has created avenues for brands to create identity, create community engagement, and generate the best returns beyond one’s imagination.