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Are you looking to turbocharge your brand’s exposure? Opt for the right follower package from iDigic and watch your business take off! When you buy real IG followers you add more visibility and credibility to your profile and get more engagement numbers without breaking a sweat.

News 16 July 2024:

Followers are working normal. Current Start-time: 0-10 minutes. Current delivery speed: 500+ followers per hour.
If you experience minor drops, don’t worry: we refill lost followers automatically, daily!

What's the difference between these packages?

How To Buy Real Instagram Followers

Get closer to your goals with active Instagram followers

Choose your Instagram followers package

There are a range of IG followers packages starting from High-Quality, Super-Quality and Premium to choose from on our website.

Enter your username

Enter your Instagram username on which you need the Instagram followers.

Complete payment

Choose from different payment modes through our secure payment gateway. Once your payment is verified, we will immediately begin to add IG followers to your account.

Buy Instagram Followers Quickly With iDigic


Instant Delivery Guaranteed

Watch your follower count rise in real time
With iDigic, get instant delivery that Instagram won’t detect as suspicious. Once we confirm your payment, we’ll immediately direct excited new followers to engage with your existing content.


Genuine Instagram Followers

Our packages might be cheap, but our followers aren’t.
We don’t make followers out of thin air, we direct real Instagram users to follow your account. Rest assured that with iDigic, you won’t get bots or empty profiles. We’ve never used them, and never will.

24 by 7-Customer-Support

24/7 Customer & Live Chat Support

Relax knowing that we always have your back.
Whenever there’s an issue with our products, a knowledgeable support staff is ready to fix it. Our mission at iDigic is to make your social media journey as smooth as possible. 



100% Customer Satisfaction

There’s a reason why we’re ranked as the best place to buy Instagram followers. Trust is hard to come by in our industry, so we focus on the customer experience to make sure you come back for more.
If you’re happy, we’re happy. Just look at our reviews.


Drop Guarantee

As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we have a 30-day follower refill guarantee. Any missing followers within that time, we’ll replace completely free.
Always get what you paid for.


Secure Payment Methods

We take your privacy seriously. 
No other platform or vendor offers the level of security like we do at iDigic. With our 256-bit security certificate, all payment transactions processed are entirely secure. No one else has access to your payment information. Not third parties. Not hackers. Not even us. 

Reasons to Buy Instagram Followers

Get more brand awareness

When you buy real followers on instagram, more people are interested in what your brand has to say. You can find great and affordable prices to increase your social proof count and engagement rate instantly. We understand the Instagram algorithm and know how to get you good followers.

Save time and money

To build up a good amount of social media followers takes a long time. The best thing to do if you want to save time and effort is to gain instagram followers from iDigic. You can grow your audience quickly and focus on other important aspects of your business when you get them cheap and affordable from us.

Beat bigger brands

The bigger brands in a niche might have a solid advantage and it is difficult to get ahead of them. But with the help of iDigic’s follower service you can easily surpass the branding efforts of your competitors. Unlike vendors who offer the delivery of followers with no social presence, we provide premium followers who are active users on the platform.

Become an influencer

Every niche has influencers, people who are the most popular and are authority figures owing to their exposure and knowledge. When you choose our packages, people will look up to your brand. This will mean more business and more organic followers on a regular basis. Ever wanted to become an influencer? Now you can, just a few clicks away!

Building trust

One of the most important aspects brands are chasing after is building trust with their target audience. Trust is invaluable and cannot be bought. However people associate trust with brands that have a large number of followers. Trust is something that can help you gain a lot of ground even in the most competitive of markets. Which seems more credible? A profile with 10 followers, or one that is followed by a larger number of people?

The iDigic Seal of Excellence: Why We’re the Best in the Game

Aside from our commitment to customer satisfaction, we’re always in pursuit of excellence.
The expert social media marketers behind iDigic are constantly studying, evolving, incorporating new trends into their arsenal. With experience as old as Instagram itself, we can help you can stand toe to toe with bigger brands when it comes to market share and credibility.

In the decade-long service we’ve provided to countless customers, iDigic has set a reputation for itself as being the best when it comes to growing an Instagram following. Ranked as the best in multiple third-party reviews, you can feel secure when getting Instagram followers, likes, and views from iDigic.

iDigic has been around for 9 years and we have a lot of satisfied customers who are willing to bet on us when it comes to Insta. If you’re looking for the best services to get fresh eyes on your content cheap, you’ve just found it! You can also buy Instagram likes from iDigic.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does buying followers work and help my Instagram account?

When it comes to a social media platform like Insta, the number of followers a brand has is considered proportional to how successful they are. These are accrued over a really long time. When you buy instant instagram followers from us, you are getting years worth of real people in one go. In a few clicks you can get real Insta followers rather than starting from scratch.

How quickly does my order come through?

Our packages are mostly delivered instantly or at least within the hour or rate of 500 followers per 30 mins. If you have any concerns, please refer to our customer service.

How safe is buying Instagram followers for our account?

Since we deliver real followers for free and paid, you are at no risk of being banned or facing other negative actions. We have had several instances of returning customers and they are extremely happy and secure with our exceptional service. Be wary of services who sell low quality followers (who will usually unfollow after a few days).

Can you buy real IG followers?

You sure can. Our Instagram follower service offers your profile to actual people. Real followers. Guaranteed instant delivery. With our Instagram services, buy required fast delivery of premium quality followers as needed.

How Many IG Followers Can I Buy?

The number of followers you purchase will be up to your discretion. You can buy as many or as few as you want. This is contingent upon your preference, however.

When I Buy Instagram Followers Or Likes, Do They Disappear Over Time?

Our followers and likes will remain on your account for as long as you want them to. We guarantee this for 30 days with a refill warranty.

What Is Your Refund Policy?

Due to our high quality services, an unfulfilled order is extremely rare. However, in the event that you do happen to experience an unsatisfactory purchase and would like a refund, we are happy to oblige. See our refund policy or discuss the possibilities with our support team

Do You Think That Having Many Followers Or Likes Will Attract Organic Followers And Likes?

Having a large number of followers and likes on your Instagram account may make it seem as though you are very well-known in social media. This will attract the attention of potential organic followers. So, definitely it is a yes!

What Should You Do If You Have Not Received Your Order?

99% of our orders are processed within 30 seconds of payment. When an order takes longer than usual to process, this could be due to your account being in private mode.
To make your profile public, go to the Settings option in your account and change the privacy setting from Private to Off. Once this is done, send us an email that your profile is public and we will review it within 24 hours.
In rare cases, there may be a delay due to a sudden change in our policy because of an Instagram update. However, we will ensure that you get the best services in no time.

If I No Longer Want The Followers And Likes I Purchased, Can They Be Removed From My Account?

Due to the fact that our followers are real and from genuine Instagram accounts, we cannot remove them from your account. But, you, as the owner of the Instagram account, may remove them manually.

Do you require my Instagram password?

Unlike most other service providers out there, we DO NOT require your password for our processes to work. This is because we do not manipulate your socials and make sure that your data remains private, and away from prying eyes.

Where can I buy active IG followers?

You’ve come to the right place, iDigic only sells genuine followers to our clients on our website. We make sure that your delivery begins as soon as payment is completed.

What do I do if my order for followers doesn’t come through?

Due to circumstances beyond our control, if you still haven’t received your services even after 24 hours, do let us know either through our live chat or email and we’ll get right on it. We are just a few clicks away.

Is it illegal to buy IG followers?

No, of course not. There is no law against paying for marketing services that boost your profile reach. Buy Instagram auto follower services with us, an expert provider, iDigic. With our Instagram services, in bulk today.

Why Did Some Of My Followers Unfollow Me?

In some cases, Instagram bans accounts that users flag as spam or fake. This may be a factor in your follower count dropping. Our representatives are available 24 hours a day to assist you with any issues or doubts you may have about our service. Feel free to contact us at any time of the day.

What Information Do I Need To Provide When I Buy Instagram Followers, Likes or Views?

To begin enjoying the benefits of our service, simply provide us with your Instagram username via our website and we will take care of the rest. Delivery starts within 30 seconds after payment, 24/7.

Which One Should I Buy, Likes Or Followers?

Likes and followers are both important indicators of social media engagement. Likes indicate that people have liked your post, whereas followers indicate that people have chosen to follow you. It’s important to have both in order to maximize your reach.

Why Should I Choose IDigic?

Kindly click here to learn more about us.

How To Buy Instagram Followers, Likes, and Views from IDigic?

For information on the packages, steps, and pricing for buying Instagram followers and likes from iDigic, please go to the links below.

Buy Instagram Followers

Buy Instagram Likes

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Starting a New Instagram Account Successfully: How Aspiring Influencers Begin

Countless people have reached fame, fortune, or freedom using Instagram as their platform–how can you do it too?

You do it by increasing credibility through “Social Proof”, the phenomenon where people tend to follow the majority. Buying active Instagram followers and having a high follower count makes people wonder about the content you create (like being curious why a long line is in front of a popular restaurant).
With more attention on your account, there’s more chances to showcase your talent, sell a product, or offer your service. But “buying followers “ doesn’t mean bot accounts with empty profiles, instead you want real people who use Instagram every day.


Buying Instagram Followers: How To Do It Safely

The answer is simple: don’t buy bots.

Buying followers isn’t new, everyone who’s serious about growing their online presence (even celebrities) have been doing it!
When you want an instant boost in followers safely, look for an agency that’s tried and tested to deliver results. Choose one that doesn’t need access to your credentials, only a username to guide people to your account. Think of these agencies as a road sign: they tell traffic what route to take for interesting and valuable content.

With a decade of experience, iDigic is one the safest and easiest agencies to buy active Instagram followers from. We guide new followers to your account discreetly, right after using one of our secure payment methods.
Using only your username (no other personal information needed), you can enjoy all the benefits of a high follower account on Instagram!
Whether you want bragging rights or better sponsorship deals, iDigic can get you there safely.


3 Dangers You Should Be Aware of When Buying Instagram Followers

Getting followers without working for them sounds pretty good when growing an online presence.
But, you should be aware of the dangers that can come along when buying Instagram followers.

Danger #1: Unethical Business Practices

Due to the nature of social media growth services, the industry attracts questionable players. A common business practice is taking advantage of workers in click farms–workers who are paid very little and work in unsafe conditions.

Danger #2: Obvious Bot Followers

Empty profiles or profiles impersonating real people are easily detected by users.
This can damage your reputation and can make it difficult to connect with users and potential customers.

Danger #3: Bots Violate Instagram’s Terms of Use

Instagram routinely deletes bots from their platform, and low-quality followers could be gone soon after buying them. And because it’s against Instagram’s terms of use, it may also put your account in danger if they catch you multiple times.

Avoid these dangers when choosing iDigic.

There’s many strategies to grow an Instagram following (some better than others), but if you want to guarantee followers that will engage with your content quickly and safely, iDigic is the place to find them.
We want you to focus on creating engaging content for your profile, so leave the followers to us!
Don’t worry about blank profiles, auto clickers, or followers gone overnight–all you’ll see are real, active Instagram followers. As a social media marketing strategy, you can even do this on a weekly basis to maintain an authentic looking growth curve.

And because we only direct active Instagram users to your account, it doesn’t violate any of Instagram’s terms of use.
iDigic is here to support your success on social media.


The iDigic Promise: Helping You Grow Your Social Media Presence

We want to help you grow in a way that’s sustainable and authentic, so we make sure all of our followers are just like any other user on Instagram–they have profile pictures, real bios, and a post history. This way, you can have the confidence that the people joining your community will engage with your content and help grow your Instagram presence.
iDigic is the place to go for real, active, Instagram followers.

No matter the budget, iDigic has a package that suits your needs.

For as low as $2.95, we’ll direct 100 new followers to your account, along with a 30-day guarantee to make sure that you always get what you paid for. If the followers drop within 30 days, just contact our 24/7 support and they’ll gladly send more followers your way–for free!
If you want to get followers in bulk for your social media growth strategy, we have packages made to save you money.

For the low price of $12.95, get 1,000 new followers, directed to your account minutes after we confirm the order.
For an even bigger discount, it’s just $39.95 for 5,000 new followers that can’t wait to engage with the content you’ve been hard at work making.

Regardless of the package, the iDigic promise is that you only get active Instagram users–real users driving real engagement towards your page. We want to support your journey as an influencer, so we have other services too, like buying Instagram likes and views.
We’re here to take your Instagram game to the next level.


A Commitment to Service: Why iDigic is Consistently the Best

There are many companies who claim to “help” you get more Instagram followers, likes, and views–but few (maybe none) are on the same level as iDigic.
The difference between them and us is that we’re committed to getting you results, not just getting your money. We don’t want your profile inflated with just empty profiles and bots, we want it populated with real people building a thriving community, eager to see the next piece of content you put out.
We’ve made the entire process take as little time and effort on your part as possible, so you can spend your valuable time on planning and creating content.
And regardless of your size as a creator, we have a wide range of packages that can suit your needs and budget.

We know it’s a leap of faith to trust, especially in an industry like ours. To remove that friction, we want you to experience what we offer for completely free; because action speaks louder than words.


4 Reasons Buying Active Instagram Followers Should Be Part of Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

As a team of social media experts, we’ve spent years studying Instagram, and this is what we’ve learned:

Reason #1: More Brand Awareness

When people see a profile with a lot of followers, they are more likely to follow as well. This is because of the phenomenon called “Social Proof”, or more commonly known as “herd mentality.”
A high follower count is already proof that your profile has content worth following.

Reason #2: More Sales

Just like online reviews, a lot of Instagram followers can make your presence seem more trustworthy.
Potential customers feel safer shopping there because they believe many people have already tried and tested what you’re trying to sell.

Reason #3: More Credibility

Social media is a popularity contest.
Having more followers can let you fit in with other influencers and celebrities who have a certain standard for people they’re willing to work with. More opportunities to collaborate with others gives you more chances to widen your audience organically.

Reason #4: More Algorithm

The algorithm favors those with a large following, pushing the content to more people, especially if the followers are regularly engaging with the content.
It’s like an investment: buying real engagement lets you earn organic engagement over time.

an image of likes coming through

The Simple 3-Step Process to Buy Instagram Followers With iDigic

We made buying active followers an easy process, so you can go back to creating more engaging content for your new followers:

  • Step #1: Head over to our Buy Instagram Followers page
  • Step #2: Select a package, then tell us the username where we’ll direct your new followers to.
  • Step #3: Use one of our secure payment methods to close the sale.

That’s it!
In 3 simple steps, Instagram growth is on your way in a couple of minutes. If anything goes wrong (we doubt it will), we have 24/7 support ready to fix any problems.

iDigic Offers Following Active Instagram Followers Packages:
Buy 100 Instagram Followers
Buy 250 Instagram Followers
Buy 500 Instagram Followers
Buy 1000 Instagram Followers
Buy 2500 Instagram Followers
Buy 5000 Instagram Followers


The One Rule You Need To Know To Be Instagram Famous

Everyone thinks that a high follower count is all you need for a successful Instagram account, but that’s only partly true. Here’s what they’re not telling you:
They have to be real people.

Buying followers and getting bots is like shooting yourself in the foot. Bots don’t engage with your content, they’re just empty profiles with no activity–something that’s quite common in the industry of social media growth services. On the other hand, low-quality followers are also unlikely to engage with your content, meaning they don’t help you get more sales or reach a wider audience.
These kinds of profiles don’t contribute anything to your growth and are the first Instagram deletes when it notices them.

Real followers care about what you have to say.
These people are more likely to engage with your content, like, comment, or share, which leads to more organic growth (and sales!) down the line.


3 Mistakes People Do When Buying Instagram Followers

If you’re planning to boost your presence on Instagram and buy followers, make sure to choose an agency that delivers real people with active profiles. If not, these mistakes (that are very obvious to other users) will happen to you:

Mistake #1: Very Low (or Very High) Engagement

If an account can’t get 1% of their followers to like or comment, it’s a telling sign that they’ve bought followers from a questionable source.
A good engagement rate for small creators is around 5%, and for bigger ones, around 3%. Conversely, seeing 50% or more is abnormally high (unless a certain post went viral), and is another obvious sign of a botted account.

Mistake #2: Consistency

Some posts are more popular than others, or sometimes timing can also make a difference. But if an account consistently can’t get 1% of their followers to show any interest in their content, it most likely means the profiles are inactive or bots.

Mistake #3: Follower Growth

When looking at an account’s growth over time, the follower count should look like a hill: a slow rise as the account ages.
Random spikes in growth (like gaining thousands of followers in a day) is a dead giveaway of buying followers.

Avoid These Mistakes By Buying From iDigic

When investing money to grow your Instagram business, make sure you’re using that money wisely.
At iDigic, we only provide you with real followers. Active accounts that post regularly and will engage in your content. We guide these followers to you in a way that mimics organic growth and engagement, so that you avoid these 3 rookie mistakes when buying followers.
Bots and fake followers are common in social media growth services–don’t waste your time and money!


Why High Follower Counts Matter: The Impact of Credibility

If there are two people selling the exact same thing online, but one person has 1,000 positive reviews and the other only has 50 positive reviews, who would you buy from? Exactly.
You automatically trust the person with more reviews, even if they’re selling the exact same thing. Why?
Because many people have already tried it and were happy–it’s supported by a lot of people. This support signals credibility to other potential buyers, making them more likely to buy from you as well. Having a lot of followers work the same way, it shows credibility in your ability to deliver quality content on Instagram, signaling to people that your content is valuable and worth following.

It’s not just about having a large number beside your name, it’s what that number represents in terms of your credibility.
The higher the number, the more likely people will trust the content on your profile.


A High Follower Count Isn’t Everything: Content Is Still King

Yes, it’s true that a larger following is more attractive, but it’s not that simple.
Content is still king.
Even with thousands of followers, it’s unlikely for collaborations and sponsorships to happen if the profile only has 3 posts. There’s just not enough activity to work with, and brands don’t have an idea if your style of content is a good fit with them.

Focus on creating, and then supplement that with a conservative approach when using our services. Remember, what the Instagram algorithm is looking for is engagement, so there has to be enough content for your new followers to engage with.

With enough content to chew on, the people exposed to your profile can engage with both new and old content, leading to even more exposure and more leads (and more sales!).
If you already have the content but need more engagement, you can also buy Instagram views and likes from us to boost your credibility even more.


3 Quick Tips When Buying Instagram Followers

At iDigic, we’ve made the whole process quick and easy for you, but there are some tips we want you to know before buying your first batch of active followers:

Tip #1: Make sure that they’re coming from a trusted source.

When iDigic powers your social media presence, you can be confident that the followers that you receive will not be from bot accounts. What you’re looking for are real people who will engage with your content and possibly share it with others, not bots that don’t have any Instagram activity.

Tip #2: Buy in bulk.

Buying active Instagram accounts one at a time can be expensive, not to mention the hassle. Getting them in bulk lets you focus on creating more content instead, making sure that once the new followers arrive, they have content to engage with.
When choosing iDigic, we offer discounts for users that want to avoid the headache and buy in bulk!

Tip #3: Decide what type of followers you want before buying them.

Choose those with interests related to the content you create, or from the demographic your business wants to serve. But, always aim to grow organically, and buy real active followers with iDigic.


It’s Important To Be Conservative When Buying Followers, Here’s Why:

For big budgets, it’s tempting to buy a lot of followers all at once, but that might not be a good idea.
When growing a social media presence, it’s best when it’s organic (or looks organic). A large number of followers out of nowhere can raise red flags and cause Instagram to look into it. If Instagram deems the new followers as bots, they could disappear just as fast as they came.
It’s better to be safe than sorry.

This is why it’s best to find agencies that know what they’re doing. Instead of a one-size-fits-all delivery style, smarter agencies offer gradual delivery, aimed at mimicking what organic growth looks like. Repeat purchases of small batches is also a strategy to imitate organic growth.
But, if your Instagram account has been around for months or years, it’s not as risky to suddenly see an influx of new people compared to a fresh account.

Keep in mind, even if a gradual delivery is employed when buying bots or low-quality followers, at the end of the day, they’re still bots that won’t contribute any engagement to your account. Also, be careful of agencies that don’t offer any after sales support. If they provide only bot followers, it’s possible that their support team are bots as well.
Don’t give in to impulse buying, always make sure to weigh the pros and cons of every decision.


Buy Instagram Followers With Confidence, Buy at iDigic

There are only 3 things we’ll ask from you before your new followers start arriving:

  • Your Instagram username
  • Your email address (for the receipt)
  • Payment details

That’s all.
There’s nothing to sign up for, no recurring fees, and no personal information.
We’ll never ask for your Instagram login details, and you should never give them to anyone you don’t trust. We want you to shop with us without feeling that your account is in danger, so you can keep on making content without worry!

iDigic is the best place to get real Instagram followers.
With our 256-bit security certificate, you can be confident that your credit and debit card information is safe. We also don’t require any third party app involvement, so you can be sure that your purchase is confidential.

We’ve streamlined the whole process of getting real Instagram followers for the busy content creator. So go ahead and order now, you won’t be disappointed.
Thanks for choosing iDigic!

a baby photo attracting instagram followers

Why Buying Real Instagram Followers Can Take Time

Time is valuable, and many aspiring influencers want to see immediate results when spending money, but that’s not the case when buying followers.

Most agencies will guarantee that your new followers will start to appear within 24-72 hours after your payment is confirmed, but what happens when you buy a lot of followers and they all appear within 24 hours? Your account is in danger of being inspected by Instagram moderators.
Quality social media growth services also consider the safety of your account.

These growth services would build your account gradually, maybe via focused engagement or through automated systems, and these processes can take time.

A iDigic, we want to protect your account from the unwanted attention of Instagram moderators, which is why we gradually add the followers over time. Once your order is confirmed, the followers will arrive instantly, but at a gradual pace–at least 500 new followers every hour.
At iDigic, we promise to support you as you grow your social media presence.
But, as with most good things, they take time.
Be patient.

When To Buy Followers to Supplement Your Instagram Growth

It’s discouraging to grind making content, but get no engagement.
By partnering with iDigic, you can continue making the content you love, and get the engagement you deserve! If you’re:

  • …just starting out on Instagram.
  • …struggling to get people to look at your content.
  • …experiencing great growth and want to keep it going.

Maybe trying out a new social media marketing strategy is what you need to get your account going!
There are many strategies to spark the growth of your online presence, and the key is finding one that is on-brand for you. Memes, cross-promoting on other platforms, capitalizing on viral trends, there are various ways to reach your target audience.

And when you want to buy followers to make these strategies more effective, iDigic can help with that final push for long-term organic growth.
Get real followers, get a real audience, get real successful on Instagram.


Beware of Scammers When Buying Instagram Followers

Because paying for growth on social media platforms is an unregulated industry, it attracts shady figures that only want to take your money.
The industry is full of agencies that promise “high-quality” Instagram followers but fail to deliver on that promise, or instead send bot accounts that only destroys credibility when noticed by users or potential business partners. There’s also a chance of not getting the amount of followers you paid for, with no help from support for refills or a refund.

When buying from agencies that promise Instagram followers, you could be risking the safety of your account and wasting your money for a service that’s only interested in having access to your credit card.
At iDigic, we guarantee active followers, discreet and safe delivery, and real engagement to make your profile a success.
Focus on what you do best: making content. Let us do the rest.


A Checklist on How to Avoid Scammers When Buying Instagram Followers: 5 Things You Should Do

Scammers prey on the uninformed, and as much as we want you to get your followers from us, we know that’s not always going to happen.
When Googling “buy Instagram followers”, you never know which one offers bots, and which to trust to get real followers for organic growth. By taking time to vet if your seller is legit, it’ll save you time and money when growing your online presence.

Always do your due diligence to avoid getting scammed.
So here’s 5 things you should do when not buying from iDigic:

#1: Check Seller History of Service

Make sure the agency has a track record of providing exceptional service in social media growth. The longer an agency has been in business, the more reliable their service will be, with a long list of satisfied customers.

Prioritize established players in the industry, and find evidence that they’re true to their word.

#2: Be Careful of Giving Out Your Personal Information

Be vigilant when dealing with businesses online, especially in unregulated industries like social media growth services.

You might think that buying Instagram followers will save you a lot of headache and stress of growing your online presence, but you might be setting yourself up for more problems in the future.
Unsecure sites can take your credit card information, inflate your account with useless bots that will tank your engagement metrics, and can use your personal information for other shady purposes.
Always be careful when doing online transactions, and stay away from companies that ask for your password. Trustworthy figures like iDigic will never ask for your login credentials.
Take the time to get to know the company you plan on doing business with, so you can make sure there aren’t any hidden problems waiting for you in the future.

#3: Check Their Reviews

Skim the reviews and look for repeated issues, this might mean that the company isn’t taking any measures to fix their problems. This is a clear sign to stay away.
Pay attention to the names and messages, and try to notice any patterns in how the reviews are written. Everything can be bought these days–even “authentic” reviews.

#4: Gather Information From a Variety of Sources

Information is readily available to us, there’s no reason not to use them wisely.
Get a sense of common industry trends, prices, and practices so you know what to expect when dealing with legitimate service providers.

Stay one step ahead of suspicious figures by being informed, this way you can avoid the tricks they use to scam people of their hard earned money.
So take advantage of the internet and educate yourself on where to buy real Instagram followers.

#5: Inspect the Company Website

Doesn’t matter how often we say it, we still judge a book by its cover.
Going over the company website can tell you how much effort they’re willing to put in their business. Aside from the fancy pictures and layout, look into their About Us page or read the descriptions of their product/service offerings. Getting an idea of how the company represents itself in public can tell you what you need to know if you want to do business with them.

While an attractive website doesn’t always mean a good customer experience (because con artists can pay for attractive websites too), the professionalism still inspires confidence in the buyer.
There are also imposters posing as trusted sellers in the industry, so try to avoid clicking on sponsored ads on Google. Make sure you’re typing out the website yourself to avoid getting redirected to phishing sites.

We’ve been a victim of this ourselves, as plenty of other agencies posing as iDigic, trying to ride on the reputation we’ve built over the years.
It might seem like a waste of time looking for the flaws of a company, but the payoff is security and peace of mind–something that’s surely worth your time.


Safely Grow Your Instagram Presence With Real Followers and Real Engagement

Instagram is silently waging a war against bots and fake followers, making it dangerous for both buyers and sellers to use them.
But for iDigic, it’s business as usual.
Thing is, we don’t use bots. In fact, we never have!
We pride ourselves in providing only real followers and real engagement, directing current Instagram users to your account. They won’t get banned, because they’re just real people who are paid to use Instagram.

With iDigic, you buy real, active Instagram followers, people eager to engage with your content and join your growing audience. This strategy lets you get more attention without taking up your time on self-promotion, freeing you up to focus on producing even more content.
It doesn’t matter how often Instagram updates their Terms of Use, their Community Guidelines, or their security settings, it won’t affect us and it won’t affect your account if it’s powered by iDigic.
Our team of social media experts have years of experience, and we understand the importance of expanding your reach in a way that’s on-brand. When you buy from iDigic, you buy from a team that’s committed to providing the best results for your social media growth.
We want to make a difference for you.