These 11 tried-and-true methods will help you grow. This article is for you if you want to grow your Instagram following and obtain greater exposure for your posts. We’ll cover everything from hashtags and geotagging to hosting contests and engaging with other users.

Using these tactics can significantly increase the number of people who see your article. Wasting time? Boost your Instagram’s reach now!


Instagram Algorithms and Reach for Businesses

You know that social media can help you connect with customers and increase income. And one of the nicest aspects of social media is that it provides organic reach, which means you can increase your audience without spending a lot of money on advertising.

Increasing your Instagram following takes practice and skill, and the Instagram algorithm is a mystery. Your reach and presence on this platform can be increased if you put in the work. That organic reach makes social media powerful, important, and occasionally vexing. But it’s worth it to expand your company!

If you’re a business trying to boost your Instagram reach, you need to understand how the platform’s algorithm works. The algorithm chooses which posts to show each user based on a number of factors, including:

  • Your activity—the posts you like and interact with.
  • Relationship—your previous interactions with the account
  • Information about the posting account
  • Each post’s popularity and content are shared with others.

On all of these fronts, you may increase your post’s visibility. Develop user relationships, generate popular content, and increase your activities. With a little work, you can make sure the right people see your business on Instagram.

To increase your organic reach on social media, keep your content fresh and entertaining. Experiment with new materials, forms, and connections. Maintain a consistent publishing schedule. You can increase your organic reach and get more eyes on your content by following these tips. 


1. Make the most of Instagram’s post formats and create specifically for Instagram.

As a company, you should think about which social media channels would best promote your brand. Choosing where to focus your efforts might be challenging with so many possibilities available. You’re in luck if you’re considering using Instagram to expand your audience. The platform provides a range of post options for showcasing your goods or services.

  • Solo photo, photo carousels, and short video clips
  • Stories, including possibilities for AR lenses, polls, questions, links, shopping, and fundraising tags
  • Reels
  • Instagram TV 
  • Instagram Live video broadcasts, including shared streams
  • Guides, which are compilations of posts centered on a particular topic.
  • Products sold on Instagram


Potential fans may be lost if you simply use one or two instagram formats. Posting across multiple mediums ensures a consistent presence and a steady stream of content for potential fans.

Many small businesses only feed or prioritize stories. Some forms may be more appealing to your target demographic. Unused spectrum may result in missed opportunities or potential listeners.

Increasing your Instagram reach by using all available formats is critical to success. When you post on more than one platform, you reach more people and have more influence overall.

Instagram is a photo and video sharing app. So, if you want to grow your Instagram following, you need to generate engaging visuals. This may entail upgrading your camera or editing your photographs and videos to appear at their finest. But the effort will be worth it if it increases your Instagram audience.


an image depicting the appropriate sizes for images on various instagram formats

Img Src: Influencer Marketing Hub – “Instagram Ad Sizes for All Post Formats in 2022


2. Make accessibility a priority

The accessibility of your social media content should be a key focus. Simple actions to ensure your postings are accessible to all users, including those with vision or hearing impairments. In fact, if your material isn’t accessible, you may be losing up to 25% of your target audience. Accessible content increases reach and engagement on Instagram. Instagram has several automated features to help make your content more visible. You can make your material more accessible and inclusive for all users by taking easy measures like this.

  • You can enable IGTV autocaptions in 16 languages. (Note: You must manually add captions to stories and videos.)
  • Add alt text to your photos. “Alt text” is a snippet of text that describes images for those who are unable to see them. Instagram may also utilize it to inform the algorithm about the post’s content.
  • Check your color palette is color blindness friendly with a tool like Who Can Use.
  • You can also make sure your video tales are properly captioned and easy to read. 
  • And don’t forget to turn on Instagram Story Sharing so that users can easily share your content with their followers.


You can allow users to share your stories on their own feed or via direct message in your story settings. Brands that disable this option are missing out on a huge organic reach opportunity. Allowing people to re-share your stories empowers them to promote your brand and gain new fans and consumers. For brand protection, you can monitor shares, use watermarks and block bad community members individually.

By following these simple steps, you can help ensure that your material is accessible to everybody.


a step by step image on how to add alt text to your images

Img Src: Search Engine Journal: “Instagram Lets Users Add Alt Text to Photos


3. Experiment with new Instagram post times and frequency.

Finding out when your audience is most active will help you ensure that your material is seen by those most inclined to engage. For Instagram business profiles, Instagram Insights can show you when your followers are most engaged.

You can schedule Instagram posts ahead of time once you’ve discovered your ideal publishing times. Instagram’s algorithm supports new material, so publishing at different times might enhance organic reach. So don’t be hesitant to try new things – it could benefit your Instagram account.

Posting frequency is important. Post regularly enough for the algorithm to notice you. Overdoing it can overwhelm your audience. I’d strive for one post every day and three stories per day. (Except when reporting from a live event.) It’s a one-off. Change the frequency to see what works for you and your audience. Plan ahead of time for testing post time and frequency.


4. Organize and curate user-generated content (USG)

Your Instagram audience will love user-generated content. Curating user material encourages viewers to interact and share your photographs or movies. Building relationships with users helps your content rank better in their feeds.

The Instagram algorithm ranks content based on user relationships; the stronger the relationship, the better the ranking. Instagram also makes sharing content easier than ever, especially with Instagram Stories. So pursuing user-generated content is worthwhile.

USG builds trust, people that trust your brand are more likely to follow you. But having a lot more followers makes you seem even more trustworthy – its a nice little cycle. If you’d like more infomation, check out our indepth guide here on how to get more instagram followers.




5. Look at Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are vital for two reasons.

  • The first benefit is that they show your company’s human side. Enroll in a contest or create original content. It’s a great way to promote your brand.
  • Second, Instagram Stories appear above the feed. As a result, you get more attention from your fans. Following you on Instagram can help your posts rank higher in their feeds. Don’t underestimate the power of Instagram Stories to build your business!


6. Instagram Live

Instagram Live is a terrific way to increase your reach. When you go live, your video shows at the top of the Stories feed. The “LIVE” logo next to your profile photo also encourages visitors to watch your video. You’ll receive even more views if you’re lucky enough to be online while no one else is. Going live is a great way to increase your Instagram reach.


7. Turn on Instagram branded content tags

As a business owner, you need to maximize your Instagram reach. Enable branded content tags in your account. This allows other businesses to tag you in their Instagram ads, perhaps increasing your organic views. Even if you don’t get a shout-out, you should enable this setting. A single branded content tag might generate thousands of new product views. Go to your Instagram settings and select the Business page. You can then allow all tags or manually approve them. You can also approve which businesses can tag you in their posts. This saves time if you frequently work with another firm.


8. Posts using location tags get more views

It’s no secret that social media may help promote businesses and products. On Instagram, using location tags is one of the best methods to increase reach. Location tags can help you engage with local content seekers and reach new audiences by appearing in Instagram’s featured content. Location tags can also help you increase interaction by making your posts more visible to those searching for relevant material. So, if you want to increase your Instagram reach, use location tags.

You can also purchase views to boost your video’s appearance in combination with these organic tips with our instant instagram views service from just $1.95


an image of a location tag


9. Increase the value of your content by using Instagram highlights

Instagram Stories are a terrific method to increase reach and engagement, but they only last for 24 hours. Instagram Highlights help with that. You can highlight any story to have it pinned to the top of your profile. This is an excellent approach to promoting your products, services, or brand. Highlights also stimulate long-term participation and sharing. So, if you want to maximize the value of your Instagram content, use Highlights.


10. Give your fans a reason to talk about your brand on social media

To increase your organic reach on Instagram, get other accounts to mention you or share your content.

  • Simply tagging other people in your posts can boost visibility.
  • Running Instagram contests with interesting prizes can help you gain more followers. To encourage others to do the same, reward people who mention you in posts by like, sharing, or commenting.
  • To reward people for their UGC (User-Generated Content) with likes, shares, and comments on posts that mention you.
  • Provide shareable content during holidays to give your supporters a reason to talk about your brand on social media.


11. Being a great Instagram user

Being a great Instagram user will organically increase your reach and exposure:

  • First, offer useful tidbits that your audience will enjoy. Whether it’s educational, inspirational, or entertaining, make sure it adds value to their day.
  • Second, respond swiftly to any feedback or queries. This demonstrates your interest in your followers’ opinions.
  • Finally, interact with other users’ postings and build relationships. By doing so, you’ll not only increase your personal reach but also make Instagram a more engaging platform for others.


The increase in organic reach will be worth the time spent developing these approaches.

If you want the tips to keep coming, we have another post here with another 10 tips on how to increase your reach on instagram!



Instagram followers are the best approach to increase organic reach. This means they can reach a much broader audience than you can. Responding in kind maximizes effect and gratitude. Follow their public profiles. Like their brand posts, Share their stories about your products.

Solicit feedback and keep the conversation going. Watch your direct messages. Social media is all about engagement. Everyone wants to be heard and noticed. Using these strategies can not only increase your Instagram reach, but also develop long-lasting relationships with your customers.

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